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Reduce Energy Usage-Save Money

Updated on May 7, 2020

Perks of Saving Energy

  • Lowers overall expenses saving money
  • Environmentally friendly
  • More Family Time
  • Simpler Lifestyle

close the door
close the door | Source

Increase Savings

Energy saved is money saved proving that less can be more. The difference that you save on the bills can be put into savings or invested to earn you money.

Vacations, new clothes, school supplies and a variety of other things can be purchased with the money saved to ensure needs and a few wants are met.

Saving Cents With Simple Changes

Cooking- Unless you are using an open fire it takes electricity to cook.

  • Match the burner size to the pot.
  • Use lids when cooking to keep heat in.
  • Use a timer so you leave the door to the oven closed. (It's not necessary to look every two seconds, turn on the light)
  • Bake multiple items at once
  • Grilling allows you to save money while enjoying the outdoors.
  • Turn off appliances when you finish using them (you can go a step farther and unplug them to put them away)
  • Thermos for coffee
  • Microwave
  • Crockpot
  • Roaster
  • Air Fryer

In the winter however the additional heat from the oven can lend a hand in allowing the thermostat to be turned down a few notches.


Phantom Energy Usage

Unplug- An empty outlet is not costing you money, just put plastic covers over it to prevent children from sticking things in it. Items such as cell phones, television, stereos, anything with a remote control is on even when it is off. Unplug it or use a power strip that can be turned off when the items are not in use

Simple Changes to Habits

It is also a nice perk to the environment when daily energy consumption is reduced. There are thousands of dollars wasted each year from lack of energy conservation.

Simple Energy Saving Habits

Closing Doors- The outside has its own climate control, leave the thermostat's comfort creation strictly to the inside. The doors leading to outside are not the only ones that need to be closed, when attempting to heat or cool specific areas with space heaters or window units the doors to the rooms you do not wish to feel the benefits should be closed.

  • service central heating and cooling units regularly to ensure they run properly and prevent costly repairs
  • close the doors and windows when the unit is on
  • adjust the thermostat up or down a few degrees and dress for the weather
  • change filters regularly
  • turn the unit off and open the windows or build a fire (the comfort level could surprise you)
  • opening curtains on the sunny side of the home during the day will help to heat the home in winter

The refrigerator and freezer can not properly do their jobs if you stand with the door open for long periods of time. Get what you need and get out of it. Allowing hot items to cool before placing them in the freezer or refrigerator will assist in keeping energy usage down as well.


Energy Saving Tips for the Laundry

  • Wash in cold water on the shortest cycle
  • Energy saving setting on the dryer
  • Washing full loads helps reduce the amount of times you run the machine
  • Skip the Dryer. Whether in the washing machine or done by hand hanging clothes out to dry in the sun saves a great deal of energy and money each year. Items can be hung inside as well as outside even without a drying rack with a little creativity.

Heating Water Takes Electricity

Laundry- Washing only full loads in the coldest water setting will save money on heating the water. Adjusting water levels and using a cold rinse even if you have no choice but to use a hot (try warm instead) wash cycle will save you energy.

Taking a trip back in time to hand wash some laundry will mean the majority of energy exerted came from you. This will require you to have water for washing, and water for rinsing set aside. There will possibly be the need for more water than you would have used in the machine to rinse the soap out of your clothing. (Use less soap when washing a few items in the sink.)

Want really hot water for your clothes? Boil a pot on the stove. You'll be pleasantly surprised with the laundry, once you can put your hands in the water that is.

Reducing shower time and letting the water be a little colder will save energy required to heat the water. Do not leave the water running while you do dishes. Making sure leaky pipes and faucets are fixed will lower energy usage and bills, especially when a private well is utilized.

Turning the lights off when you leave the room for an extended period of time and using motion sensors for outdoor lights will reduce the amount of energy used as well.



Pocket the Savings

The money that you save will be visible as utility bills decrease. Take the difference and save it for maintaining the items around the home that use energy. Insulation, roofing and windows can all be up kept with the savings. Additional insulation can go a long way to keeping a home the correct temperature to keep you comfortable.

Put the money saved on energy usage into a savings account and let it earn interest for you. You will be surprised how much you can save in a year when you actively attempt to reduce your energy usage.

Fun Ways to Save

How Do You Relax and Save Energy?

See results

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2011 Laurie Childree


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