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Saving Money on Your Clothing Needs by Bargain Shopping and More

Updated on October 18, 2011

Ideas for Saving Money on Clothes

You can do so much to save money for your clothing needs. Many people are cutting back in so many areas to save money and are trying to get more for every dollar they spend. You can cut back in a lot of areas, but clothing is one of those absolute needs in life and you can't fore-go that. Still, you can take good care of the clothes you have, and maximize what you do in the future.

* One of the best tips I ever heard was to shop for styles that have longer lasting value, the classics. Styles come and go, but you can go a bit more classy and still be stylish. You can definitely add fun accessories over the years to change your look. Usually though, you don't regret buying the classic pieces when you do buy. You can tell this is true of you if you have a few favorite pieces in your wardrobe that you go to again and again, that are versatile, nice and classic in style.

* Taking care of your clothes makes them last longer, and the need to buy more is put off. Extending the life of your clothes can be very simple. Wash them in the coldest setting recommended, or that you are comfortable with, which happens to save on electric bills for the water heater too. Then hang those clothes to dry on plastic hangers or wherever they can dry without hurting furniture or getting in the way. Your clothes will last a lot longer than before if you have never done this before.

*Shop the sales at your favorite stores. Keep an eye out on the advertisements, in mail and online or on television. Use store coupons and deals .

* Get a debit, credit, or checking account that has rewards connected to it. You can get some cards to spend money in some of your favorite stores this way, and its virtually free really! You were going to do whatever banking you were going to do anyway, assuming you are being careful. Use those rewards to treat yourself to something nice and new, even if not on sale.

More tips for getting the best bargain on your clothes

*  After purchasing, think about saving your nicer clothes and shoes for occasions where you really want or need to wear those. I have been guilty of running out into my garden to do just a little bit of this and that, to find I got my nicer shoes out in the dirt or mud!  Not a good idea, even if I got them for a great deal.  Save nicer clothes for nicer occasions, and play or working clothes for those occasions.  It makes your wardrobe stretch and you save money.

*  Pay attention to the care labels on your clothing, and care for them accordingly.  You may hurt your clothes without even realizing it, if you don't read the manufacturer's labels. 

*  Shop for great bargains at consignment or thrift stores.  More people than ever are doing this now, if you haven't noticed.  They sometimes have some nice things, if you don't mind shopping like this.  I know because my friend had on the cutest brand new top, but she got it at goodwill.  Original tags on it, and I really liked it.  Someone else didn't need it.  Lots of next to new clothes and jeans, etc. 

*  When shopping, think about what you already own and find things to go with those items.  You can save on an outfit this way, and maximize what you have and leave more money in the wallet or bank for other things.

*  If you are on a trend of buying lots of sale or clearance items, and don't hardly ever get things that are nice or of quality, consider changing this habit.  Sometimes the nicer clothes will last so much longer anyway.  This is kind of in keeping with an earlier point, of buying nice classic styles.  They really do go far.

*   Go through and get rid of clothing you don't want or need anymore.  Pass on what you have too to others, this helps your community actually!  Its a little something, but its something!  Take these clothes to donate, and get the form of receipt they offer, sometimes a card or a sheet of paper, to record on the next years taxes.  OR, consider going to consignment, and if they can use your clothes, you can make a little or get a credit for other things you need more.   Make someone else's day why helping yourself out.


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