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Savvy spending for scrimpers

Updated on March 23, 2013

Super savvy scrimping.

Here in the UK, we have a TV series called 'Super scrimpers' (it is available on '4OD' if you are interested). The series features everyday folk giving tips on reusing, reducing & mending stuff to save cash.

I thought I would share some of my tips for making the most of every penny.

The multi-points trick.

In the UK we have many loyalty schemes up and running, from 'Nectar' and 'Clubcard' to 'Texaco Star rewards'. We also have credit/debit cards that give you cashback or loyalty points. By combining cards and schemes it is possible to earn up to 3 lots of points/rewards at once.

In order to maximise your points collecting, it is worth noting who gives what. So here is a list based on retailer.

  • The Co-operative Society (national one) Divi payout based on points earned per £ spent.
  • Local Co-Op. Same as above, but on a local basis.
  • BP - Nectar points
  • Texaco - Star Rewards
  • Shell - Drivers Club
  • Tesco - Clubcard ( also earn Clubcard points with Tescoc Credit card)
  • Sainsburys - Nectar Points ( also earn points with Sainsburys Credit card)
  • Santander - Cash back on spending (% varies on whether you are spending on fuel, food or utilities).

By combining cards, you can earn 2 or more points.

  • Shell - Drivers Club + C/card from list above
  • Texaco (own station) - Star rewards + C/C from list above
  • Texaco (as part of Co-Op superstore) - Co-Op divi card + Star Rewards + C/C from list above

And so-on. By making use of a loyalty card AND a cash-back/loyalty points Credit Card, you can boost your earnings quite nicely. One thing you do need to remember to do though and that is whatever the bill comes to, transfer the amount to your credit card as soon as you get home to avoid interest charges.

When using loyalty schemes, it is up to you if you want to stick with one loyalty scheme or whether you want to spread your collecting across multiple rewards.

Eating out.

With the cost of eating-out going up, here are a few tips.

  1. If you have ordered a flatbread with your meal, then try slicing the top off the bottom. That way, you get 2 slices of flatbread for the price of 1.
  2. when buying fish & chips to take out, just buy 1 large portion of chips & 2 pieces of fish. You will have enough chips for two people.
  3. If you are the designated driver, ask for tap water to drink with your food. Bars & eateries have to provide this for free in the UK.

Make it yourself.

One thing I have noticed about Hubpages are the large number of really useful hints & tips. For instance, I found THIS Hub on making cider from apple juice by 'Paraglider'. I have yet to try it out, but certainly plan to.


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