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Saying You Don't Have Time Equals Lost of Money

Updated on May 25, 2013

The famous line I just don't have time is costing people all over the world. Ever thought if you budgeted your time a little better it would keep money in your pocket? We are always fast to think of the old times when you could take a quarter to the movies pay admission, get a popcorn, and soda. Well during our grandparents time that was still a lot of money because there parents weren't making very much working. Right now it cost close to $25 get all three done depending on when and where you go. For our grandchildren it may cost more than that and they will think man our grandparents had the life. How much money are you or your family spending monthly on non needed items? I have some tips to keep some money in your pocket.

Cook More

I am short on time or I am to tired to cook. Let's order pizza or get McDonald's. Don't get me wrong the Pizza Hut in my town has the $10 pizza book deal which includes pizza, bread sticks, and cinnamon sticks. What is actually is just $10? It can be nothing if only spent every now and then, but if you spent $10 2-3 times a week. That is 20-30 dollars. Now that amount of money can equal one, two, or more home cooked meals. My mother and I used to hit up fast food restaurants for lunch each day we worked and sometimes even on our days off. We spend about 11-12 dollars each trip. On days that we worked that was 55-60 dollars a week. Then including off days that makes 77-84 dollars a week. We then realized that if we shopped right then with that amount of money we could have lunch and dinner for over a week. Now don't get me wrong I work in fast food and know that your business keeps me employed, but I can't help but wonder why you didn't go to the store when your spending 30-50 dollars with me. A lady the other spent $8.99 for only 96oz of coffee. She could have made it cheaper. Make a little more time in your life to cook more at home and pack lunches. You can even plan out the dinner meals for a week. That way you know what you need to buy when you go to the store. This will also prepare you mentally on what you will have to cook each day. I have friends that depending on what they are going to make they prepare it early and put it in the fridge or with soups they freeze it. I know you don't want to do it everyday but even if you only do it once a week or twice that does at least save you let's say $12 a week.

*If you choose to freeze precooked meals make sure to follow food safety procedures to keep from getting sick.

Fast Vs. Home Cooked

Do you prefer fast food over home cooked meals?

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Borrow More and Buy Less

A lot of people got the new Kindle Fire for Christmas. I am even wanting one myself. I have the app on my phone and computer. Now owning one of these made the cost of some of your books go down. Great!!! Did you realized that now your buying more books since you don't have to find places to store them. Not so great. Then realize after reading a book you hated it what a waste of money. The public library can be your best friend and also so can your friends who own a kindle. Some libraries participate where you can borrow books electronically. Go to local library website to find out more. I found the selection to be a bit small, but I did find a book that I wanted to read. Also don't forget about going to library to checkout an actual book. Yes I know that is why you got the kindle so you wouldn't have to carry a book, but you can borrow it and then see if you like it. If you loved it and feel you need it then you can add it to your kindle library. It is a way not to waste money. Do you know you can lend and borrow books with your friends who have kindles? Well you can. It is good idea if you go ahead and invest sometime into learning what books your friends have as well. This can save you money as well. If you spend a lot of time online there is no reason to not to look into this. You can also check to see what books your library has online.

Update: I bought a Kindle Fire HD in September and love it. I paid the $80 for the year to get Amazon Prime and I can borrow one free book monthly that is on the prime list. I can also watch movies that is on the prime list instantly on my Kindle. I found an online Library for my State and I borrow books from that site that I can read on my kindle regularly. The most I have spent out of my pocket after purchasing this was the $80 and for Christmas a friend got me a $25 gift card. Other than a couple of purchases with that I try to just read free books.

Just start budgeting your time better it will save you money in the end.


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