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Internet Money Scam And Ajay Ahuja

Updated on March 26, 2018

Scammed By Ajay Ahuja

Have you been scammed by Ajay Ahuja? If you have - join the club! There are numerous complaints on various websites and online forums regarding self proclaimed millionaire and rogue (as the media describes him) property sourcing agent Ajay Ahuja.

I was scammed or ripped off by Ajay. Many, many others have been scammed by Ajay. I wrote a separate hubpage about my own costly Ajay experience - you can read all about that on one of my other hubpages - My US Property Nightmare.

CLICK to see Ajay Ahuja's Bad Landlord Report
CLICK to see Ajay Ahuja's Bad Landlord Report
Ajay Ahuja - Rogue Property Sourcer
Ajay Ahuja - Rogue Property Sourcer
Removed from Ahuja website - why?
Removed from Ahuja website - why?
Ajay victim Eddy - back in 2007
Ajay victim Eddy - back in 2007

Ajay Ahuja - Bad Landlord

Ajay Ahuja is not just a rogue UK property sourcing agent currently being successfully sued by many of his victims. He is also a bad landlord. After reading the following damning report about Ajay Ahuja I can only wish you the best of British luck if you are unfortunate enough to be one of his hundreds of tenants;

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has successfully prosecuted landlord Ajay Ahuja who managed 193 properties for failing to provide one of his tenants with a gas safety certificate.

Hiding The Truth

Crooks, conmen, scammers, ripoff merchants, swindlers, fraudsters and their kind can only continue to harm others by hiding, by being devious, altering the truth (lying) and so on. This only works for so long. Eventually they are exposed for what they really are and must face the consequences.

Many people have noticed that Ajay (or one of his Ahuja Group staff) quickly removes all negative comments made on his own Ahuja Group websites and forums. So there's a real need for pages like these to help expose what Ajay wants to keep hidden.

Click the blue image above, for instance, to see a post to the Ahuja Group website site by someone else currently losing a great deal of money and desperate for help. It was taken down a few hours later - why??? (But not before I copied it for the world to see... by their deeds shall ye know them.)

You can also see here another post from a victim of Ajay from 2007. Obviously if I had known Ajay Ahuja was swindling people back then I would not have trusted him and would not have lost so much money because of him.

"Any publicity is good publicity" (Ajay Ahuja). And WHERE ARE all these happy clients?
"Any publicity is good publicity" (Ajay Ahuja). And WHERE ARE all these happy clients?
Action Fraud - New Helpline!
Action Fraud - New Helpline!

Ajay Helped Me Make Money - Not!

So far, I have not seen or heard of anyone singing Ajay's praises - except of course Ajay himself. If you have been helped by Ajay then your comments are welcome below. I do not expect many!

UPDATE - This hubpage has been online for many, many months now. Not one single comment from a "happy" Ajay customer. As for the poll, Ajay himself is probably the only person clicking the positive vote!

Another Video Exposing Ajay

If you have not yet seen a video exposing Ajay Ahuja as a scammer then you're in for a treat. In one of them he only responded when they began to tow his Mercedes away - again!

Read Ajay's response to that video (see purple image above).

1. Note Ajay's complete lack of what judges call contrition. He actually claims this damning video evidence against him is good publicity.

2. Please note any comments below from even one of Ajay's 500 "happy" clients. (If you are a happy Ajay client I will not delete your comments). (Still waiting!)

Ajay Victim Support

I hope this page offers some help and support to the ever growing number of financially distressed Ajay victims.

If you are an Ajay Ahuja victim, or If you have any suggestions you're most welcome to comment below.

2010 - Ajay continues losing in court. Well done everyone!!!
2010 - Ajay continues losing in court. Well done everyone!!!

Have you (or someone you heard about) benefited thanks to Ajay?

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