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Setting Residual Income Goals

Updated on April 3, 2011

I guess I should set some goals so that I can determine if I am getting any results or not.  Next I am going to have to figure how I am going to accomplish them, as that is at least half of attaining your goals.

Seeing as I am just starting, I don’t expect a lot this first month.  One or two sales would be awesome to start out.  I think I am going to focus more on getting traffic and visitors to my sites.  I know that if I were to follow Darren Rowse’s challenge “31 Days to a Better Blog” I should have this down, but I just cannot commit at this point to it.  I know, I really do need to do it.

I have downloaded a spreadsheet from the Challenge I was going to do in March to keep track of traffic, so I am going to use that to see how my traffic is increasing or decreasing.  Hopefully it will be doing the former.  Regardless, if I do not see what it is doing, I will not know if I am having any luck or not with improving it.

I would also like to see my Adsense traffic increase this month.  Currently I have Adsense on two out of three of my blogs.  I did have it on a third but that site apparently did not fit in with Google’s approved sites and they disabled my stream going to that site, and I have removed it from the site myself now.  But I do have Adsense on Hubpages so hopefully this challenge will help with that. 

Another thing that I can do is promote my articles more, not just from here, but the ones I have up on other sites to increase the residual that I make from them.  My Suite101 income took a drastic hit with the changes to the algorithm but I also have not been promoting those articles to get the income.

Summary after my babbling:

  •  At least double my traffic
  •  Make at least one affiliate sale
  •  Increase in Adsense revenue

Tomorrow I will need to investigate more of the Affiliate options I am looking into.  It is currently 10 pm where I live and as a result, it is almost my bedtime.  I work a day job and they don’t like it when you show up late due to sleeping in. 


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    • SKCandles profile image

      SKCandles 6 years ago from Canada

      Agreed with you on the Google shakeup. I need to re-evaluate as things are not on the same path they were.

    • cmahan profile image

      Chrystal Mahan 6 years ago from Michigan

      This is something I need to sit down and do. I had goals for my residual at the beginning of the year. I was pushing forward and was doing OK. Then, somehow, and I blame my college, I fell off that path. I need to really figure it out. I think the whole Google shake up made me step back from it for a little while,too. But it seems the dust is settling a little bit now.