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Muslims in India

Updated on November 22, 2011

History of Islamic Investment in India

If we look at India, after independence in 1947, Indian subcontinent was divided into three separate countries. India is born on 15th August 1947. Pakistan on 14th August 1947 and Pakistan was again divided into two countries, east Pakistan became Bangaladesh in 1971. These two countries Pakistan and Bangladesh are Muslim majority countries and India has sustantial Muslim as first minirity of India.

Before British it was muslim rule across India. Muslims were rich and ruling class. Over the night everything changed. Muslim lost more than 360 states which were part of Indian Subcontinent and also their landlord ship. With land ceilings act for agriculture huge land holdings are ceased by Government and given it to land less labours.

This is start of journey for Indian Muslim. A long and painful history of deniel of rights and justice in secular and democratic country.

Indian Muslims were in dominent in Businesses, specially they were known for their art and craftmanship. Leather Industry was one of the key industry dominated by muslims, slowly and slowly, muslims were there but only as labour or contractor on the raw leather businesses.

Second important industry wastextile which has become center for muslims labour and ownership has transfered to the traders who are non muslim. The suply chain in all industry is dominated by Trader community who rule it as they wanted.

Carpet is another industry where substantial muslim presence was there, with compition and change of technology it is dying slowly and slowly.

Gems and Jewellery was one of key industry where muslim craftman ship was known, there are no more muslim presence. Copper and metal articles were the known centers of muslim domination from Muradabad and Aligarh. But this was gone. Saharanpur was know for its wooden craft, so is Banaras for its Saree and Textile.

There are many local centers of different art and craft across India dominated by muslims. Today these centers are agony and symbol of poverty in India. They are destroyed and no were to go.

Indian government established Sachhar Committee to analyse the present status of India muslim and how their status is. This report was clear picture of Indian Muslims Present status. Then again Government set up Ranganath Mishra Committe to see how status of Indian Muslims can be improved and it gave its report. Unfortunately government did nothing to improve the condition of Indian Muslims.

If we look at present status then it will be long journey for Indian Muslim to develop themselves.

Culture of India Muslim

Tipu Sultan Palace Bangalore
Tipu Sultan Palace Bangalore
Agra Fort
Agra Fort
Sea Link Mumbai
Sea Link Mumbai
Char Minar Hyderabad
Char Minar Hyderabad
Gate Way of India
Gate Way of India
Taj Mhal
Taj Mhal
Jama Masjid Delhi
Jama Masjid Delhi
Lal Kila Delhi
Lal Kila Delhi
Qutub Minar Delhi
Qutub Minar Delhi

Muslim History in India's Cities

Delhi - Delhi is the present capital of India. But Delhi was capital of India during many centuries rule of Muslim. Muslims rules India from Delhi. 1857 was the year when Delhi saw blood everywhere when first revolution under the leadership of Bahadurshah Jafar the last King of Mughal Empire against British empire failed, his sons many more myrtered on streets of Delhi. Delhi become red with this blood. Bahadurshah Jafar himself arrested and sent to Rangoon where he died in custody.

Kolkata - Kolkata or Calcutta was first capaital of British. This is the first major state to come under british rule. Before it was ruled by Muslim. Still in Kolkata or Calcutta along with West Bengal has substantial muslim population.

Mumbai - This is first plural India. This was business town and never a capital of ruler. It become business capital of India during British Empire. Mubai has substantial muslim population.

Hyderabad - Hyderbad was ruled by Nizam till 1947, police action by Indian military took this state. It has muslim majority in old city and overall a majority muslim city. Huderabad has become new IT destination and export center for India's IT industry. With new airport and IT hubs it is growing fast.

Lucknow and Kanpur- These are two north Indian cities ruled and dominated by Muslims and highly neglected and underdeveloped.

Banglore. - Bangalore is known for IT industry of India. Very important IT and knowledge center of India. Preveiously silk center of India. Bangalore was ruled by Tipu Sultan.

Kerala in general has very high population of muslim. A peaceful state with highest education percentage and literacy.

Aasam a state always in dispute for its population but remain a state of substantial muslim.

India Song

Mother India

My Destiny India


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    • profile image 5 years ago


    • ZIa Ahmed khan profile image

      Dr. Zia Ahmed 5 years ago from Kuwait

      @Abhaque Supanjang - this is true, it is becoming more and more difficult day by day for minority Muslims across the world.

    • Abhaque Supanjang profile image

      Abhaque Supanjang 5 years ago from Kumango - Batusangkar - Sumatera Barat - Indonesia

      There's only one thing that I want to say, Zia dealing with the destiny of Muslims in the country in where they are the minority; they are treated so badly like criminals by the authority or they are put aside considered unexisted -- or the worse one they are terrored and said to be terrorists -- no matter how ther have done their best for the development of the country or the government where they set up.

      The contradiction can be seen in the country where non-Muslims are the minority; all of them treated so friendly and brotherly by the muslims / authority.