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Make your Home Energy Efficient

Updated on November 12, 2020
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I am interesting in decorating homes, in energy efficiency, in the environment and ways to shop and save money when buying expensive items.

source electricas
source electricas

Energy Efficient

There are many ways to make your home more energy efficient by using energy efficient appliances, being conscious of the thermostat and turning off lights and TV's when no one is in the room.

Using less water is easy with the new shower heads and sink faucets. You can also use less water by being conscious of the usage when brushing your teeth. Weatherproofing your home will also conserve on the heat and air conditioning bills. Also, Energy Star is a government backed program that is designed to help home owners and businesses protect the environment by using Energy Star rated appliances.


Tips to Start the Day

Start saving money before 9 AM in the morning. There are several tips where you can save money in your typical morning routine without changing the quality of your day.

First, when you first arise and brush your teeth, don’t let the water run the whole time. When you shower do so quickly to use less water.

Drink your coffee and eat your breakfast at home. You can buy a coffee pot with a timer and make it the night before so it is hot when you wake up. You can still have bagels and fruit at home for breakfast but save up to $10.00 per day.

Pack your lunch after supper the night before and take it for your lunch. This is a big money saver. Besides saving money it takes less time to eat, so you can take a walk or just chat with a co-worker.

Try to carpool to work if you have coworkers who live in the area or take the bus as that will save gas.



There are many ways to save money when shopping for your home. Programmable Thermostats are a worthwhile investment and will save you money when they are used properly. By turning your thermostat back 10-15 degrees for eight hours at a stretch (at night while you sleep or while you're at work), you can reduce your heating bill substantially (by approximately 10% per year).

In the summer keep your house warmer when you are not home. You want to purchase the type of thermostat that is right for your schedule. If your schedule changes frequently you want to purchase the 7 day model where you can set different schedules for different days of the week. If you have a consistently routine schedule the 5 + 2 model will work well for you as the 5 workdays won’t change and you can change the weekend schedule to fit your needs. There is also a 5-1-1 model where each weekend day can be set differently.

Washer and Dryer

If you are going to replace your washer and dryer, be sure to check out the front loading ones. You save about $135 annually on your energy bill, and they also use less water, which is another savings.

The detergent you purchase is made especially for the front loader, but it takes much less per load. Use cold water as often as possible.

More Ways for You to Cut Back

Change your furnace filters monthly unless you are buying the high quality filters that state change every three months. Look for a sale and stock up on filters at that time as the sales on filters are infrequent.

Make sure your house is sealed up, particularly around the windows. Invest in caulk and weather stripping to plug these drafts. A properly sealed home can improve energy efficiency by 20% annually according to the Alliance to Save Energy. Insulation materials are also eligible for the 30% energy efficiency federal tax credit, up to $1500.

Buy new CFL light bulbs. Switching one incandescent for a fluorescent (CFL) bulb saves $35 in energy costs over the projected 10-year life of the bulb. Not only do CFL lights use less energy than conventional bulbs, but they also generate less heat.

Turn lights off when you’re not in a room. Turn off any heat producing appliance as soon as you are through using it.

In the summer run dishwashers and dryers in the evening, which will help keep the house cool and vice versa for the winter months.

Also, in the summer use your fans as the breeze makes you feel cooler. Don’t run them if no one is in the room.

Sears - Energy Efficient Washer and Dryer
Sears - Energy Efficient Washer and Dryer

Energy Efficient Dishwashers

Purchasing a new dishwasher you will also find that they are energy savers but be sure and check the Energy Guide on the machine you are considering for purchase. One feature that makes a dishwasher more energy efficient is a booster heater. This booster heater will increase your water to 140°, which is recommended for cleaning.

The new washers also have more cycle selections, so you can run a small load with less water and energy consumption. Some people think it is cheaper to wash dishes by hand but that is not true as they end up using a lot more hot water.

Refrigerators & Stoves

When buying refrigerators or stoves you also want to look for the most energy efficient models. Although they cost more, think of a refrigerator running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and your energy savings will quickly make up for the price difference.

As for stoves, gas stoves are more energy efficient than electric but you may not be set up for gas. As for electric stoves, the most energy-efficient are induction elements which transfer electromagnetic energy directly to the pan, leaving the cook-top itself relatively cool. They use less than half the energy standard coil elements use.

Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

Buying New Water Facuets

Water saving faucets are another worthwhile investment and there is a large variety on the market. For the shower there is a dual setting shower head faucet that offers water saving comfort spray and a high-volume spray. This is just one example of available faucets. There are faucet you can also install that filter out the chemicals which will save you money is you are buying bottled water.

source heaterforless - Insulating Hot Water
source heaterforless - Insulating Hot Water

Tips to save money with your hot water heater

Unless your water heater's storage tank already has a high R-value of insulation (at least R-24), adding insulation to it can reduce standby heat losses by 25%–45%. This will save you around 4%–9% in water heating costs. You can also probably insulate your electric hot water heater yourself. It is more difficult to insulate a gas hot water heater and it is probably better to get a qualified plumber or heating contractor to do this job.

You can also insulate your hot water pipes which will increase the water temperature from 2-4° which will allow you to set your thermostat at a lower setting.

If you have to buy a new hot water heater you should choose one that will provide enough hot water for your family and one that will be more energy efficient. There are several types of hot water heaters to choose from and will want to do your homework to decide which one fits your needs. Size, cost, energy efficiency, fuel type are just a few of the considerations.

Solar Panels

If you plan to live in your home for the next several years you might consider solar panels. They can cut your electric bill up to 98%. However, the initial purchase of the panels is expensive, which is why I mention living in your home for several years to recoup your investment. It is something that would increase the values of your home also.

If you have a swimming pool you want to heat a couple of solar panels as this will definitely be a savings for you.

How to build a Solar Panel from Solar Cells DIY


Another idea is to hire an HVAC inspector for an annual check that your home heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is operating at peak efficiency. If you have a leaking heat duck in the attic that you don’t know about is can be reducing your energy efficiency by up to 20%.

As you can see from this hub there are numerous purchases you can make which will ultimately cut your cost of energy and water consumption. Green products are being used more commonly now and people are much more aware that using energy efficient products in their homes is important for the future.


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