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Shoppers Optimum

Updated on October 17, 2015
Shoppers Drugmart
Shoppers Drugmart

Shoppers Optimum Program

The Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum program is one of the best customer loyalty programs that is available. With Shoppers coupons you can save money when you originally make your purchases. With Shoppers rewards you can get free stuff just for buying the products that you normally would.

If you know when to shop, how to get extra bonus offers, and to take advantage of these offers then you can gain a lot of points quickly. The more points you get the more free stuff you can get.

Shoppers Drug Mart can be an expensive place to shop if you aren't paying attention. However you can also shop there without spending more than you normally would, or even get products cheaper than you would pay somewhere else.

I have learned a lot during my time shopping at Shoppers Drugmart so I am going to give you advice so that you too can gain points quickly, with less out of pocket expense. Then you can use those points to get up to $220 worth of free stuff.

Take Advantage of Shoppers Offers

There are a couple of offers that are seen frequently in a Shoppers Drug Mart flyer: the 20x the points when you spend $50 and 18,500 points when you spend $75. To get the best bang for your buck these are the weekends you want to shop there.

You normally only get 10 points for every $1 you spend. So $50 and $75 would be worth 500 and 750 points. On those special weeks you are going to earn 10,000 and 18,500 instead. If you save your purchases for when these events are on you will gain Shoppers Optimum points much more quickly.

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Shoppers Drug Mart Personal Offers

One of the lesser known advantages of the Optimum points program is the personal offers that you can receive. If you go to the Shoppers Optimum website you can sign up to get personal offers that will arrive weekly in your email. You than load these offers onto your Optimum card.

These can have some phenomenal deals in them. One of my favorites was when they had Tide on sale on Saturday and Sunday that week for $4.99 and they sent me a coupon in my email for $3 off for Tide. I was able use that coupon and get a bottle of Tide for $1.99.

Other offers are things such as receive 8,000 points when you spend $30 or more on food & snacks. The best part is these can be combined with a 20x the points or 18,500 points events, so you can earn even more quickly.

How Buying Gift Cards Can Earn You Optimum Points

Another thing to take advantage of is gaining points by buying gift cards. There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. Buy Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Cards anytime and you can earn regular value when buy them ($50 card = 500 points). Plus you still get the points when you then spend it.
  2. In November they have another special gift card offer. They dollar value and limits have changed over the years. This year it was buy $200 worth of gift cards and get 8,000 points. It used to be unlimited, but now you are limited to 3 transactions (24,000 total).

Shoppers Optimum Credit Card

The Shoppers Optimum Credit Card is another way to get free stuff even faster. You will get an additional 15 points for every $1 spent at Shoppers Drug mart and 5 points when you shop anywhere else.

Plus you will get 15,000 points with the first purchase on your card. Another bonus is there is no annual fee.

Standard Value of Shoppers Optimum Points

Points Required
Dollar Value

Get More For Your Points

The table above is what is the standard dollar value for the points that you collect. However the smart consumer will wait for a spend your points event or get your points back event. These will allow you to get more bang for your buck.

During the spend your points events 50,000 points equals $100 ($15 more than usual) and 95,000 points equals $200 to $220 ($30 to $50 more than usual).

The get your points back is the best offer that you get. That is when you redeem 95,000 points it is still only worth $170, but they will give you back 30,000 points. So you really only redeemed 65,000 to get $170 worth of free stuff.

Best Shoppers Optimum Redemption Deal

Points Spent
Money To Spend
Points it Cost to Get $1
95,000 (regular)
95000 (spend event)
95000 (super spend event)
65000 (points back)
This chart shows the best deal is redeeming at the highest level and they give you 30,000 back. Then you are only using 382 points to get $1 worth of free stuff.
Shopper's Optimum Program Spend Your Points My $100 of Free Stuff
Shopper's Optimum Program Spend Your Points My $100 of Free Stuff

Shoppers Rewards - Get Free Stuff

The photo above is of the $100 worth of products that I got for free (I only had to pay the tax). I have also cashed in my Optimum points to get an underwater camera, video games and accessories.

You can also use your points to get a serious price reduction on big ticket items like video game consoles, televisions and DSLR Cameras. I did this to get a Canon T5 DSLR camera that would cost around $400 (when it is on sale), for around $200 including the tax.

One of the great things about this program is that they tend to have spend your points events right before all the major holidays. This gives you a chance to pick up gifts, treats or decorations for the holidays for free.

Any Other Shoppers Optimum Tips or Advice?

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