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Does Florida Expect You To Pay Taxes On Your Transient Rental Income? (aka That Bedroom You're Renting To Your Roommates

Updated on January 10, 2016

Transient Rental Income: The rental of a place where people typically sleep (homes, apartments, a room in a home or apartment, hotel room, the love shack, etc. – and this includes subleases too!)

This type of rental is subject to Sales and Use Tax by FDOR and Transient Rental Tax/Local Option Tax/Tourist Development Tax/whatever else they may want to call it tax by your county tax collector. So yes, you’ll have to charge two separate taxes for your rental.

Some county tax collectors allow you to submit both taxes to FDOR but a large majority do not – your tax collector should let you know when you register with them. And yes, you have to do two separate tax registrations (one with FDOR and one with your county tax collector’s office).

The good news: If you have a signed, bona fide written lease for longer than six months straight (no month to month lease), then you don’t have to worry about registering with FDOR and taxing your rent. If you have documentation that you’re renting to a full-time student ‘enrolled in an institution offering postsecondary education’, then you don’t have to deal with FDOR either. But I would double check with your county tax collector about their requirements to be on the safe side.

For RV and Mobile Home Park owners, if more than 50% of your tenants have been there for three months straight – good news, no having to collect taxes anymore for those rentals. File Form DR-72-2 to request an exemption.

For everyone else that couldn’t be exempted – sucks, sorry but you guys have to ante up. Submit a DR-1 to get registered, get with your county about their registration requirements and may the taxation begin!

For more info about taxing transient rentals aka sleeping accommodations, you can review FDOR’s brochure here.


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