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Should the Groom Save for the Wedding?

Updated on October 27, 2014

More than just show up?

The typical male probably doesn’t spend too much time thinking about the future cost of his wedding as he grows up. No dreaming of dresses, picking the perfect song, or loving a location. If anything, he figures that his role on the big day will simply be to show up after his bride has done all of the work. But there is more to the wedding for the groom than just being there, and most of it involves money in some way or another.

There are two main expenses for the groom - the ring and the honeymoon - and by planning ahead he can ensure that both are up to the couple’s expectations. There are also other ways that the groom can help out, depending on the financial situation of the couple and their families. It all depends on what type of wedding you are planning, and what aspects of the wedding are your priorities. And every couple is different!

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The Ring

The engagement ring and wedding ring are the first major expense for the wedding. The groom is often on his own to select and purchase the ring, although in some cases the bride will want to give some input. Some brides prefer to be surprised and let the groom select the ring he thinks she would most want. Other brides have dreamed about a specific ring for years, and will be open about what their expectations are for the groom.

Ring prices can vary from $100 or so up to several thousand dollars, so it is important to know your budget and know that you can increase that budget by planning ahead. Simply saving $20 a month during your college years will leave you with nearly $1,000 in cash to purchase the ring. That will buy a decent wedding set for the average couple, and if your (or your bride’s) dream ring is more than that, just adjust the amount you save (or find someone else!)

There is also the option of financing the ring, but in most cases it is best to find the ring that fits your current budget. There will be opportunities in the future for upgrades, as you celebrate special milestones and occasions together, and a ring that is paid for up front will usually mean much more to a girl than a ring that she has to pay for the first few years of her marriage!

Take a cruise!

The Honeymoon

The second major expense for the groom is the honeymoon. This is often coupled with the planning of the event, and with a bit of effort your honeymoon can be as memorable as it deserves to be. For some couples, it may be a simple weekend getaway with plans for a more elaborate trip later on, while others go all out and spend a week or more traveling the world. It's important to pick something you will both enjoy, and something that will help create special memories for the two of you as a couple.

One suggestion is to pick a place that you can return to throughout your marriage to rekindle the romance. Of course, if the opportunity exists to do one of those once-in-a-lifetime, why not take it?

Whatever you decide, remember again to set a budget and save in advance. Following the same pattern you did for the ring (those four college years), and increasing the amount to $50 a month will give you a $2,500 honeymoon you will never forget! Better yet, save some of that summer money you made in high school and earn interest while you are at it.

If it’s too late to start saving, use travel resources to get the biggest bang for the buck that you are able to spend. Search the Internet for travel deals and discounts, and consider discovering a location a bit closer to home, but one you've never really explored. What really matters is being able to spend that quality time together right at the beginning of your marriage to establish a strong connection that will only continue to grow throughout your life together!

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Enjoy your big day!

With a little bit of planning, you will be able to enjoy all of the special moments leading up to and including the wedding, without the stress of debt to bring you down!


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