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Sin Stocks

Updated on October 8, 2009


Sin Stocks Good or Bad, They Can Make You Money
Sin Stocks Good or Bad, They Can Make You Money

Sin Stocks Good Or Not?

People are looking for other avenues to invest there hard earned money or gift money.  So the next step outside of normal stocks are sin stocks-i.e. gambling, alcohol, tobacco type of stocks.

Sin stocks are not every investor's cup of tea. Sin stocks are a part of the market that it would be wise to consider when the economy is expected become very slow. But with all stocks some are good to invest in all year round.  The reality is that even through hard times, people continue to pay for their cigarettes, drink cocktails and other taboo things.

There's not enough space here to sort through a range of these stocks, but one of the factors you'll want to look at is a company's international presence. Emerging markets present tremendous growth opportunities for many of these companies. Also, know that generally these businesses benefit from high profit margins. Trust me the cost to manufacture some of the sin products is less than what they are actually charging for. Mu

tual fund investors may be interested in various Vice funds that are available. Vice funds concentrate on various sin stocks.This will allow you to diversify, so you don't have to do too much research on each and every company that has these sin products.

So like with anything, research and study what works best for you, but even the President of the United States smokes. It is here to stay unfortunately, so you might as well make a profit from it.


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