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Frugal Living Pays!

Updated on July 1, 2013

I Love Frugal Living!

Ways That I Save!

Frugal living is awesome! I love saving money and I want to share with you how I live frugal everyday!

Just two weeks ago I went in a department store and purchased a earring and necklace set. The set was originally eighteen dollars. The store had a sale on the set that was eight dollars off. I had a ten dollar discount card I received in the mail. The only thing I ended up having to pay was the tax on a very nice not so cheap necklace set.

The first places I look when shopping are the clearance racks. I try to almost never pay regular price for anything. My daughter bought a nice shirt from a department store last Christmas for one dollar on clearance. These are just a couple examples of some of the great deals we receive everyday.

I Keep My Eyes On The Sales Papers and Clip Coupons.

I keep my eyes on the sales papers, and try not to go to the store without a coupon. The papers are loaded with deals just like the one I just received. Sometimes family members and friends that don’t use coupons actually give me coupons from their sales papers. I am also a member of a coupon exchange group. This way I can swap coupons with other frugal people just like me. I almost never throw away a coupon unless I feel that it is one that hardly anyone will want to use.

I Love Dining Out With My Rewards Cards.

Restaurants have great deals on meals for seniors. Make sure you ask up front about those discounts. Do your research and use the resources that are available to you. Use all opportunities that are available to you especially when rewards cards are offered. Sometimes restaurants and stores will scan or punch these cards every time you visit their store. The more you use your rewards cards the more you save. Filling out a short form with your name and address on it is usually required before stores will give you a card. Taking the time to fill out these short forms will save you money in the future.

I enjoy Creating A Stockpile And Making My Own Gifts.

Another great way that I save is to stock up when I find things on sale. If I see that a store has a great deal on soap, I will buy as many as I am able to buy at that time. Also I’ve learned that buying in bulk cuts cost. A case of diapers is usually cheaper than a small bag or a large bottle of shampoo is usually cheaper than a small bottle. Stores like Sams and BJ’s are good places to buy in bulk. They even take coupons. Around the holidays and for birthdays my family and I enjoy making gifts from inexpensive supplies we buy new but from yard or garage sales. We hand make things such as crocheted items, hats, jewelry, and purses.

Somebodies Else's Trash Is Somebodies Else's Treasure.

I enjoy purchasing quality used items at yard sales, thrift stores, flea markets, and consignment stores. Consignment stores will even pay you for your new or used items. I buy most of my children’s books from yard sales. Consignments stores are great because even though items are mostly used, they are like new in condition.

Online Shopping Pays!

I do a lot of shopping online or from mail order because I find that some things can be much cheaper. I purchase my checks, vitamins, and business cards online. Just remember to make sure that you are dealing with reputable companies since your credit or debit card will be used to avoid dealing with any scams that we know exist. I try using companies that friends or family members refer to me. Look for businesses that are listed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

There are many ways to save money. From clipping coupons, to buying everything on sale, to using rewards cards. However you choose to save money, remember that a penny saved is a penny earned and frugal living couldn't be easier!

Learning To Be Frugal

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    • VictoriaSheffield profile image

      Author Victoria Sheffield 4 years ago from Georgia

      You are absolutely right! Thanks for commenting!

    • cygnetbrown profile image

      Cygnet Brown 4 years ago from Springfield, Missouri

      This is a great article, Victoria. Its amazing how when taking a step into frugality leads you to the next and how freeing it can be! As you indicate here, frugality does not have to mean living without. It simply means getting the best deal for your time and investment.

    • VictoriaSheffield profile image

      Author Victoria Sheffield 4 years ago from Georgia


    • Elias Zanetti profile image

      Elias Zanetti 4 years ago from Athens, Greece

      As you mention there are many ways to live on a budget, save money and find/buy all you need in a much better price. Nice tips and interesting hub!

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      I prefer buying what I want the standard of life is costly every where and one should live life to the fullest, that is because of how i was raised, only buy something when we can afford or and buy the best to last.