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Social Networking Still Booming

Updated on March 1, 2012

Whatever Happened to Atari???

2012 Update: This Hub is like that scene at the beginning of "Blade Runner" (1982) set in the future (2019) where the camera pans to an advertisement for Atari - oops. Hey, if you remember Atari and want to know what happened to it. You can check it out at "The Rise and Fall of Atari".

Social Network Is Still Booming

Ywuie is a social networking website that can make you residual income by building a downline and sharing in ad revenue. Myspace makes $20,000,000 a month and shares nothing with its members.

Yuwie has grown from 30,000 members when I joined in late August to 170,000 members. Yuwie averages 3,300 members a day! Get in on the ground floor now and become eligible to join Yuwie Pro Manager for free. Yuwie Manager is a Friend Adder, Referral Duplicator, and Page Hit Promotor.

Yuwie pays you for every view of your profile, blog, picture or other content that you and your downline makes and that any Yuwie member makes to your profile and the profiles of your downline. Some members are getting over 1 Million page hits a month!

Yuwie Members Can Earn from 10 Levels of Referrals

But without the powerful patent-pending referral duplication system, PRO Manager's Yuwie Builder..."Is this realistic?"....Possibly, but with Pro, it is Absolutely!!!! (see attached charts). Once you join, you will be directed to actual members and will be able to view their downlines and earnings.

View the video below or click the link above to view the video in full. Once you join, you will be directed to members who are getting over 1 Millions hits a month to their profiles!

Yuwie Pays You


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