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Sometimes you got to fall first before success

Updated on February 22, 2015

You define your own success

Sometimes you hit that brick wall, fall down, but rise back up.

Recently a transition happened in my life again and I felt and said to myself, "Here I go again".

A few weeks ago, my job shut down and it was a shock and it didn't just affect me, it affected quite a few co-workers that worked with me.

It is just one of those things, where you think you have job security and then all of the sudden the job is no longer there, but not anything you did, it just happens.

I know many people this has happened throughout their lifetime and it is seriously like you are running as fast as you can. Then all of the sudden you hit a brick wall and you land smack dab on you butt.

It is like your being stung when a job or company shuts down and you feel like your in a zombie state.

I actually went through a full range of emotions. I was stunned, I was in shock, I was mad, I cried and basically walked around like a zombie.

But I think our human spirit can guide us even when we feel the most lost.

In my own personal life, I have been lucky and blessed to have a circle of people who have already reached their own success and they have taken time out to talk to me about their success.

Nothing is being handed to me, but the people who have made their own success and mark in this world what is really good about these people?

These successful people seem to be quite comfortable in which they are seriously non-judgmental towards me, they don't put me down, but offer me great solid advice.

I think if you want to become success basically along the way you going to probably fail at many things, until you finally find that "one" thing that is going to work for you.

I have found that one thing that is working well for me to turn something into a business where it it something that I am striving for to not only just "survive" in this world but to "thrive".

Right now I know I will be hired for a new job, and keep a job in which I am glad with my a business that I am growing, I can say that I wasn't just handed anything but actually worked for it.

There is a good feeling to say that I worked for things in life.

In fact saying that I actually worked for things in life not only is that a good feeling but it helps to boost self-esteem and to help you to live with honor.

When building something from the ground up, it is a nice feeling to say that I am doing this and I am very pleased about it.

I do have to thank a lot of people that have taken the time to talk to me, because I wish to be just like these successful people.

I love the attitude of these successful people, because they are very comfortable with themselves and this is very freeing way about themselves.

I think because I keep asking the universe to have very successful people come into my life, maybe that is something I need to keep asking.

I think it is how I need to keep changing my thinking.

I can not let others unhappiness bring me down, because they do not like that I like what I am doing with my life.

I know that people get unhappy because they regret that they stopped taking chances in life, so they must feel unhappy with the risk takers in life who advance and become successful.

I just decided I got to keep going and not be one of those people who will stop taking chances.

Sometimes I think people's hearts dies a little bit inside because they probably feel it is too late for them and they can not handle when people are doing well and reach success.

The best thing I learned in life, if people are indeed jealous of my progress in which I been networking like crazy with people on the phone this week then I pay them no mind so I will keep going.

I learned that successful people pay no attention to the small minded people and that is why they became successful.

They kept going and let nothing stop them.

People who are successful follow their own "rules" and make up the rules as they go.

I think it is good to make your own rules up and that helps you to stand out.

I think when there are people who are willing to share their stories with you, it helps out a lot.

I think for my own success it just takes work and keeping working and not giving up.

Once again, we can hit that brick wall and yeah it hurts.

So we fall down, we fail and that is probably a good thing. The reason why I think it is good is because then the good things in life that happens for us makes us cherish those good things even more so.

We can look to others and their success but when it comes down to it, we are the ones that will make our own success a "success story" for ourselves.

As human beings we make mistakes so it helps us to learn and grow.

Maybe it is better to keep growing and learning because then that will help us to feel alive.

I can not tell people how to follow their way, it is just I know what works for myself.

I hope others will continue to follow a path on their own success and make their own success story.

Sometimes we just have to do things on our own because that makes us stronger and know that when we have to, we can survive on our own.

We also can see when the chips are down, we find out who are the real people that are also still there for us.

I learned all about that. I am glad that I did because I know those that weren't around for me at certain times in my life when I hit that brick wall and "fell" I certainly will not want them there when I have my own success and success story.


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