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Watches Made from Recycled Materials are Fashionable and Economical

Updated on January 1, 2013

Eco Friendly Watch

I went to Shopko one day to look for a new watch. I saw all of the different watches that were for sale, then I saw some watches that were packaged in small boxes that had grass seed cards placed in them. The watches looked so cute and colorful, so I bought one. The watches are called, "Sprout" and they are friendly to be environment and they are made out of bio-degradeable materials. The lens of the watches are made from mineral crystal, which is a natural created substance. The battery in the watch contains no mercury, is non-toxic and lead-free, which is good for the people and the earth.

I like the watch I got, because it was pretty with a blue, red, and bamboo face with black numbers with silver hands. The dial is made of bamboo, a very sustainable material that should last a life-time. Most of the watch and the package itself, are made from recycled materials that are good for the environment and has a low-impact on the earth. The case and buckle are made from corn which will last a life-time, but in a compost the case and buckle will degrade in about three years. The watch may contain minute amounts of inorganic materials needed tor the hands, crown and movement.


Sprout is the first in Eco-friendly time pieces, and it says on the packaging that the "Sprout" watch comes in. It is a nice watch that is Eco-friendly, good for the earth and the environment. The watch and the box are made mostly ( 80 %) out of bamboo, corn resin, organic cotton for the straps, and recycled materials, which are all bio-degradeable. The box the watch comes in has a grass seed card with easy instructions on how to grow your own mini grass garden. You just have to be sure that you do not throw the box away first.

To learn more about "Sprout" and it's design strategies go to:

Sprout Website

I visited the "Sprout" website that was listed on the packaging that the watch came in. I saw different styles of watches that were really pretty. The costs of the watches are Eco-friendly as it says on the packaging the watch comes in. When I bought my "Sprout" watch, the box contained one watch and one grass seed card, but I have not tried the grass seed card yet. The watches I saw on the website were both attractive and affordable. Some of the watches had pretty designs. All of the watches are attractive. "Sprout" watches make great gifts for anyone, for men, women and children. The watches are very unique, and would make great gifts for family, and friends alike.

Earth Friendly Watches

Sprout watches are earth friendly and biodegradable. They are colorful and have many designs to choose from. They are economical. The watches are fashionable and attractive.


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