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Start Blog; Make Money

Updated on July 12, 2014

There are people that have the gift to form words into art. They are writers, yes. However, not all writers can create materials that can move people. These creations even go as far as influencing people in their decision-making. Few writers have this ability of getting the readers’ attention.

There are many factors. It can be their charm. It can be their wit. It can be as simple as excellent writing skills and technique. It can also be as complex as the ability of the said writers to introduce innovative ideas and influence people to embrace them.

If you are one of these writers (perhaps your peers say you are or you just know this in yourself), how do you use this extraordinary gift? You might be a novelist. Maybe your profession is more on the corporate side. You might be in advertising or maybe public relations. You might be one of those people behind the catchy taglines of brands or services. Perhaps you are in academic writing and pour your knowledge into academic journals.

These are all great ways to practice your writing skills. However, you can still do all that with a blog. You can write at your own pace, without a boss or superior telling you what to do. Best of all, you can earn money through this. When you look at it the ordinary way, blogs only seem like avenues for writing as a hobby or even amateur writing. However, when you look at it in a professional and entrepreneurial point of view, you will realize that there is indeed a great potential in making money out of blogs. So, how do you do this? You can start by taking it one step at a time.

Step 1: Make A Good Blog

Here you are. Of course, step 1 is the creation of the blog itself. However, you can’t just get a domain and blog about random stuff. You need a plan. Your mantra while drafting your plan should be, “Start blog; make money. Start blog; make money.” Repeat that over and over inside your head (or even aloud if you feel like it), and think about an interest, expertise, or hobby that is interesting enough to attract a steady following. Is it photography? Maybe you have always wanted to write about food. Maybe you are a jet-setter, and you want to share your travels with the world. There are many interesting topics out there. However, you have to choose a central topic that you are interested in. That way, you can enjoy during the writing process as well. With this first step, you are on your way to start a blog and make money.

Step 2: Choose A Niche

To start a blog and make money at the same time, you have to pick a niche for the central topic you have chosen. Now, what is a niche? It is like a category for your blog. If you compare it to people it will be like a clique. Identifying your niche is easy. You just have to think of a group where your blog can belong. For example, if you like to take photos or photographs in general, then photography is your niche. If you like drawing or crafts, then your niche is arts and crafts.

There are many like you who want to start a blog and make money. So, if you are unsure about what niche is best for your blog, you can check popular websites like Tumblr and WordPress and browse through their categories. This is still the early stages of your goal to start a blog and make money, but you must give this much thought because this can help with your marketing later on.

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Step 3: Create Content

This third step in your goal to start your blog and make money is one of the most important process you have to make. To start a blog and make money, you have to cater your content to your target readers. It is true that you are your own boss with blogging. However, you still have to satisfy the people you write for. In this case, it is safe to say that your readers are your bosses. Write your content in the best way that you know how, and at the same time, make sure that your readers can relate to your posts. That is one of the most important things to consider when you start a blog to make money.

Step 4: Build Your Audience

You need a steady following in order for your blog to reach audiences. However, you can’t start a blog and make money by convincing your friends and acquaintances to visit your blog every day. That is also a good idea, but it is not good enough. While you work on improving your content so you can start a great blog and make money, make it a point to conduct a market research as well. You should take this seriously because this can greatly help in expanding your following. Research about your target readers. Know their interests. Know the kinds of content they want to read. Think of it as a chef asking his customers on what they want to eat. This way you can start a blog expansion to make money.

Key Point To Remember!

Writing a blog is a long term strategy. You will not be able to write a blog post and then make money from it the next day. Creating and making money from a blog takes a long time, in most cases it takes years to get to a respectable level. However once you achieve the income level you need, life is sweet!

Step 5: Be Active With Your Blog Engagement

Your goal is to start a blog and make money. Part of the methods in making that happen is to keep your readers engaged. Your vision to start a blog and make money will not happen if your readers feel ignored. One very effective way to keep your readers engaged is to connect with them through social media. You can create fan pages on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. This way, you can keep your readers happy and be assured that you are indeed on your way to start a profitable blog and make money.

Step 6: Build Traffic

Now, that you have built a large following, it is time to analyze your blog’s traffic. When you are confident that its traffic is large enough, you can then start your plan to start a profitable blog and make money out of it. This task requires a marketing point of view. Think about ways to promote your blog advertisers. To start a profitable blog and make money, you have to attract brands and services too. Of course, you have to focus on brands that are directly related to your blog’s topic. Else, your goal to start a blog to make money might lead to the dismay of your readers.


Step 7: Place An Ad Space

Do you remember your mantra? It is,”Start blog; make money. Start blog; make money.” Well, by placing an ad space on your blog, you can be a step closer to making that money. These ad spaces often cater to pay-per-click advertising. This means that you make money every time a reader clicks on the one of the banner ads featured in your blog. Interesting, right? Advertising still has a big role in achieving your goal, which is to start a profitable blog and make money.

Step 8: Advertise Products And Services In Your Posts

Attracting advertisers to place banner ads on your blog is not the only way to start a profitable blog and make money. There is another option. You can partner with brands or services that are directly related to your niche. Then, create posts that strategically include or mention their products or services. That way, you can start a lucrative blog, make money, and still deliver interesting content to your readers. This is a preferable way to start a popular blog to make money. You can advertise and, at the same time, add content to your blog.

Step 9: introduce Your Own Merchandise

When your blog is popular enough, you can introduce merchandise, unique to your blog. Your goal has always been to start a blog and make money. Well, now that your blog is already popular, it can finally generate money on its own. With your own merchandise, you are also introducing your blog as another brand. This should be the way you think if you want to earn more. You start a blog, make money by attracting advertisers, and make a brand of your own. This plan is achievable. However, you need to be dedicated to your original plan to start a blog first then make money later on.

Step 10: Continually Promote Your Blog And Merchandise To Your Social Media Fan Pages

When you have finally achieved your goal, you can finally lessen your obsession with the mantra you have created to get you this far. Your repeated motto of “start blog; make money” has finally borne fruit. However, it does not mean you should stop thinking that way. You should focus on the continued improvement of your content and merchandise so that your readers stay happy and contented with your blog. You will never know. Perhaps your highly influential blog will inspire a few others to start a blog to make money as well.


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    • Philip Borrowman profile imageAUTHOR

      Philip Borrowman 

      4 years ago from Aviemore

      Very kind of you! Thank you. All the best!

    • Maci Magee profile image

      Jamacia Magee 

      4 years ago from Decatur, GA

      This article has been very helpful to me. I decided to add it to my 'Favorites' bar to refer to as I begin my journey of creating a blog. Thanks for the info!

    • Mrinfo10 profile image

      Josh Robert 

      4 years ago from PA

      Great article! Keeps the reader motivated, but sets realistic expectations.


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