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Great Part Time Work - REAL JOBS!

Updated on May 17, 2013

Event Marketing and Promotional Work

As a mother and business owner in the promotions industry; I am sharing this resource for stay at home moms or college students. If you are looking for extra work on the weekends, part time or to supplement your income; this is a terrific way to earn legitimate money. This is not a scam. It is not MLM marketing, selling cosmetics or working from home. This is a serious industry most people don't know about or haven't stumbled upon but is a terrific way to make good solid income. I know many people who work promotions full time for a living. It all depends on your flexibility and how much money you are interested in earning. Many of these events take place on the weekends so if you have a job already and need part time work it's great.

What is Event Marketing and Promotions?

Have you ever seen people at the state fairs handing out free stuff or asking you to sign up to win a free prize promoting something? Most likely that is a promotion. Ever gone to the grocery store and someone was set up with a table asking you to either sample something or showing you a demonstration? This is also a promotion. The staff who work these events are called "Brand Ambassadors" and are just that...promoting a brand. There are many different types of events and promotions which I will list.

Standard Event Marketing: Typically at any type of event you will have companies who hire you to promote their products. This can be anything from signing people up, getting them to participate in some activity or simpling handing out freebies to drive brand awareness. These usually take place at events such as: fairs, festivals, bars, nightclubs, malls, sporting events, concerts, etc. Many times the hiring companies are looking for very specific demographics depending on the brand. For example; a nightclub promotion promoting an alcoholic beverage would be looking for young attractive college age females potentially to wear sexier outfits. Whereas a Starbucks promotion is looking for an average person to hand out samples of coffee. A sports promotion for ESPN would be looking for sporty, athletic individuals. They all vary but the one bottom line is they do prefer generally a more clean cut individual ie: no facial piercings, highly obtrusive visible tattoos, etc. Pay for this type of work depends on the agency but the average is between $15-$20/hr. To promote alcohol or tobacco events the pay is usually much higher like $20-$35/hr.

In Store Demonstrations: In Store demonstrations are just that...demonstrators hired by a brand to work at a local retailer. There are many more of these than you would think and this is the area where many moms (even grandma's) tend to enjoy working. You don't have the fuss of dealing with a large event staff or young college age staff. You generally work these events by yourself on a per assignment basis. These can range from demonstrating a type of coffee maker, to handing out coupons, to sampling food, to showcasing beauty products. These events take place at many retailers such as drug stores, grocery stores, mass retailers like Wal-Mart and Target and event department stores. Pay again depends on the job and the agency but is usually between $12-18/hr. Sometimes you will be asked to bring your own card table in order to set up the demonstration or else they will send you one. Mystery shopping can also fall into this category although it takes more work and pays much less.

Mobile Marketing Tours: These are similar to your standard event marketing but basically are designed to travel the country. Most agencies will hire staff locally to work in each market. Some mobile marketing tours travel to various malls across the country, sporting events, or even a fair circuit. Otherwise they are simply traveling to major markets and it is cheaper to hire a team to manage and drive to each event rather than fly and ship everything in. Sometimes these events will include a crazy decked out vehicle ie: the Weiner Mobile, Hershey Kiss Mobile or even Kellogg's has a Tonymobile. While getting hired to actually travel is more difficult as it takes time to build a resume and manage events and then tour...the staff are locally hired. Pay is similar to standard event marketing events.

Tradeshows and Conventions: This is another great place for Mom's to work as for many tradeshows or conventions the clients are looking for a more sophisticated, articulate, professional individual. Because you may be interacting on a more personal level with consumers and clients it is a better choice in demographic to go with a more savvy and reliable individual. There are so many different types of these events it is difficult to list them all. There are home and garden shows where you may be working at a booth for Home Depot helping hand out information on lawn mowers to Bridal Shows where you may be handing out goody bags to bride to be's. Pay for tradeshows is a little higher and usually ranges from $20-$35/hr.

Misc. There are many other types of events such as clients who hire costume characters to dress up in costume and then a guide to assist them and guide them around, etc. They pay around $25/hr. to be a costume because it is hot and hard work. There are also guerilla marketing events where you are showing up at a meeting spot ie: a college campus. And handing out something..freebies, etc. but could get kicked off. Pay for this is standard $15-$20/hr.

HOW TO GET PROMO JOBS: There are three ways to get hired for these event (or 3 types of companies rather). There is an Agency. This is a staffing agency which specializes in event marketing and promotions. They do not organize or put together any aspects of the event other than staffing. They are usually hired by an Event Markeing Company or Advertising Agency however these days many marketing companies are hiring direct and skipping the Agencies altogether. The third would be the brand The Coca -Cola company decides to put together their own event, not hire a marketing company and handle the staffing themselves. They would probably post on standard job sites.

Here is a short list of agencies I know are reputable and pay fairly well:

Eventpro Strategies

Encore Nationwide

Talent Pool, Inc

PS Stearns - mostly on the east coast

National Event Staffing

I have included some sites below as well which are a great resource for finding jobs in this field. They all have job boards with specific instructions on how to apply. Another good place is on Craigslist under the events section of the job site. Most promotions are posted here. These are not standard jobs where you send a resume and wait for an interview. Much of the process is done through email or you sign up for each Agencies database and they will email you jobs you may be interested in working and you simply apply. Everyone will expect you to submit a resume and recent photos of yourself. Because these companies are hiring on a national level and don't have the opportunity to meet you they need photos to make sure they are pairing the correct person with the correct type of work. For example if you are a 60 year old female, you most likely wouldn't want them to book you for a Miller Beer Promotion at a local nightclub. Many people are turned off by the whole picture thing but again, for any events they are usually looking for clean cut people and want to make sure you are just that. Many times the Agencies clients ask them to submit the photos and resumes for review before they decide to book anyone. Make sure when you send a photo that it portrays you as friendly and professional.

Job Sites:,, craigslist (under the events section),,

Finally, if you do land a job working a promotion make sure you show up, follow instructions, get your timesheet/paperwork filled out in a timely manner and wear the proper attire (they will usually ask you to wear something like khaki or black pants and tennis shoes or comfy black shoes and will give you a branded shirt.) If you don't show up or you are late you can get black listed in the industry pretty fast. Reliable staff can be hard to find but generally once you prove yourself as hard working and reliable you will work more and more.


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    • dagny roth profile imageAUTHOR

      dagny roth 

      7 years ago from Neverland

      Thanks Ben! You would be surprised how many guys work in this fact I worked a promo not long ago for XBox which was super fun and of course attracted lots of boys!

      If it were up to me I would def. choose you as the go to for the Rabbit job LOL! Thanks again for the comment!


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