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Stock Market Activities for Kids

Updated on February 23, 2016
How young is too young to teach stock market activities for kids? That's for you to decide.
How young is too young to teach stock market activities for kids? That's for you to decide. | Source

Explaining the Stock Market to Kids

Teaching kids about the stock market and how these seemingly complex systems actually work may be easier than you might think. There are a number of great children's stock market games on the Internet. Each of these sites is different and each has its own emphasis on specific details. One thing they all have in common is teaching kids about investing, money and the stock market.

If stocks and investing seem too complicated for you, then I suggest you try some of these online stock market activities for kids. You will find easy-to-understand explanations of some very complicated things like P/E ratios, dividends and determining a stocks potential future value. You can even use virtual money to try out your new-found talents without risking a single dollar. Once you have mastered the basics of the stock market, I suggest getting your kids in on the learning process.

Did you know Warren Buffet began his stock investing career at the young age of 11 years?


Take a look at what these kids are doing at Pritzker Elementary School in Chicago. These bright, young kids are not only learning how to invest - they're learning math, financial responsibility, technical analysis and the basics of how to handle money. These stock market activities for kids are giving them life-long skills with money and investing.


• Stock Market Game for Kids Online

Designed for use in a teacher/student classroom environment, this online stock market simulation game gives kids the chance to invest $100,000 (USD) in a virtual online stock portfolio. Kids think they are playing a game when they are actually learning valuable techniques to help them make sound investments.

The game also teaches kids the fundamentals of good money management - something many kids need today in these economic times. This online investing game tracheas kids specifically about saving, investing, communication, cooperation, research and making good decisions.

The Teacher's Center includes sections on playing the market, great stock market crashes, money and banking, how stock owners are owners of a business and how to understand investment portfolios.

In the Student's Center, kids can learn more about various stock market activities available, use a college savings calculator, discover the different types of investments, learn the basics of Wall Street or how to take control of their own personal finances.


• Young Money Stock Market Game

This online stock market simulation for kids is free and helps kids learn more about trading in the actual stock market. Kids can participate in an online community of other investors to learn the ins-and-outs of trading on Wall Street. Kids start with $1,000,000 in virtual money to invest in a real-time trading simulation.

There are also several contests that teach kids various aspects of investing and money management. Young investors just starting out can practice actual stock market trading, compete with their friends or other investors and even win real money.

Young Money provides an online, live market simulation for kids with features like tracking a the individual performance of a stock, access to real stock quotes, stock listings by industry and sector, stock symbol look-up and the opportunity to compete against other players.

There is also a good online library of articles and other information to help kids understand the basics of the stock market, investing, mutual funds and other general financial topics.


• Value Stock Guide: The Stock Market Game

In this online stock market simulation for kids designed for use in the classroom, young investors are given $100,000 in virtual money. Kids then invest this virtual money and create a virtual online investment portfolio. Kids think they're playing a game when they are actually learning more about money, economics and other financial topics.

This program teaches kids about good decision-making, critical thinking, how to conduct independent research, effective communication skills, planning for savings and investing. Using actual Internet research and real news updates, kids learn the basic fundamentals of how to successfully invest and make money in the stock market.

In the classroom, kids work in teams to compete and build the best-performing investment portfolios. Through this process, kids learn about organization, leadership, negotiation and working with others.




Teaching Kids the Stock Market

The makers of these and other stock market games for kids online realize that they are not just teaching kids how to invest. These games teach kids the value of money, how to set aside money for savings, making sound investment decisions and financial decisions that will affect them for the rest of their lives. I only wish my parents would have spent more time teaching me to handle money when I was younger.

Teaching kids the stock market provides a skill that they can use throughout the remainder of life. A skill that will assist them in planning for college, buying that first house and providing financial support for their own kids - and even for their own retirement many years from now.

Just as an example: If my parents had invested $1,000 (USD) in Warren Buffet's portfolio back in 1959 and re-invested all the dividends - that small, initial investment would be worth over $25,000,000 today. I think that says all that needs to be said in support of online stock market activities that teach kids how to invest.


Teaching kids the stock market involves both risk and reward.
Teaching kids the stock market involves both risk and reward. | Source

The Stock Market is Not a Kid's Game

There is real risk here if real money is invested. As a parent or guardian, you should make certain a child understands this completely. You also need to remember that just because you do well in a simulated, online stock market, that does not mean you will do as well when you actually invest real money in the real stock market.

When your own money is used for investing, there is a completely different feel about the stock market.

Real money can have strange effects on your decision making abilities - especially when it comes to investing. Learn all you can before investing real money. It might be wise to consult a professional broker before you invest anything. Whatever you decide for you and your kids, remain calm and be careful.



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    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 5 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      Thanks for pointing these things out. It would behoove all adults to learn more about money and investing!