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Stock Market Astrology

Updated on November 19, 2010
George the other "W"
George the other "W"
Stock Market Astrology
Stock Market Astrology

Siva Baba- Stock "Swami"

Stock Market Astrology

Firstly an astrology synopsis to the recent September '08 Wall Street meltdown:

The Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 1, 2008, Leo the House ruler 5th House of stock trading, gamboling, games, sports and speculation, had a major role in this Wall Street meltdown. As a trigger, this Eclipse will not complete its cycle until six months later in late January ’09. This meltdown could melt us down to the core if we're not careful! The Solar Eclipse of the Sun by the Moon is in effect, a “Shutting of the Door” on anything Leo, which is exactly what happened!

The next eclipses will be around the Inauguration Day '09. There will be a NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in the sign AQUARIUS on January 26, 2009 and a FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on February 9, 2009 in the sign VIRGO. The United States of America, b. July 4, 1776 has it's NATAL MOON in AQUARIUS Generally it is importat to know that "What Begins at the New Moon, ends or has culminated at the FULL MOON." And eclipses just magnify it to the extreme!

On January 26, 2009 there will be a Solar Eclipse in the sign Aquarius and on February 9, 2009 will be the bookend Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Leo. NASDAQ has the natal Sun here in Aquarius conjuncts it’s natal Aquarius Mercury, Mercury rules trading. And NASDAQ also has the natal moon in Leo. Be aware of ANOTHER ROLLERCOASTER RIDE!!! NASDAQ’s birthdate Feb. 8, 1975 and is right smack in the middle of this lunar eclipse on the 9th. Hopefully this ain’t “THE BIG ONE!” Perhaps chaos caused by the shifting importance of projects and priorities. Industrious yet unreliable actions. Furious activity producing negligible results. Upheaval and transformation. are Ford, GM and Chrysler doomed?????!!



STOCK MARKET ASTROLOGY is just one aspect under the umbrella of Financial Astrology. Financial Astrology has been used in modern times over 100 years and is broken down into the obvious financial instruments that we see today. As also a shrewd businessman, the multi-talented, Walt Disney, an Aquarius, used astrology to pick the best times for launching his multi-million-dollar entertainment projects. So in theory an individual investor can pick the best time, based on astrology, to do the same if they are equipped with proper information.

The legendary stock and commodities trader W. D. Gann put astrological principles to work when he made astonishingly accurate market forecasts months, and sometimes years, in advance. Billionaire J. P. Morgan consulted with astrologer Evangeline Adams in timing some of his most important business and investment moves. Adams noted, "J. Pierpont Morgan, the world's biggest financier, drove the world before him because he had astrology behind him." In fact, it was J. P. Morgan who said, "Millionaires don't use astrology; billionaires do!"

So to begin with the basics, EVERY THING has a birthday, people, places and things. And with astrology for people and pets, and similarly with stock trading corporations as well. Company’s birthdays are the date, month, day, year, and time of day of Incorporation. However, there is also another date that may cause confusion and may or may not be more important in studying a corporation’s stock destiny. This date is the IPO, the Initial Public Offering of a company in question.

The Incorporation date, or the INC. date, and the IPO date should both be studied and astrologically charted with natal charts. The INC. natal chart will represent the company’s birthday and the company’s personality throughout its life. The IPO natal chart will represent the Public’s invitation to the party! Or the public’s relationship to the company stock of that particular day and as it finger prints the stock giving it a future character trait as it matures. In this way, the most important factor throughout all types of astrological aspects is the moon. Lunar effects on the public, emotionally and logically are reactionary trigger mechanisms. A myriad of other lunar influences are many and are the Full Moons, Lunar Eclipses, New Moons, Solar Eclipses (which are New Moon based), Void of Course moons, the 4th House (which is generically ruled by the moon via Cancer), the actual Cancer natal House determined by the Ascendant, the actual natal Lunar placement House and the actual Lunar sign (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc.). The planet Uranus in all its categories, as I mentioned Lunaristically, represents the IPO in a different perspective. And that is its “NEWNESS.” The “Cutting Edge,” it’s crispness, freshness and zeal. The “party” or IPO is the stock’s 1st birthday and in it’s natal chart can reveal the future of a stock’s public responses to it. Of course the other planets, the Houses and the Aspects can create a multitude of possibilities as well. The company’s personality traits are not only revealed singularly as an INC. thing but the IPO colors in the grays. In natal astrology, some company’s traits can be similarly like a person’s. Examples of these are; are; “good or bad public relations-an advertising 3rd House and planets; legal problems or successes- a Jupiter direct or retrograde transit or natal placement in the 7th House; good or bad speculation- a 5th House thing; profits or losses- 2nd House; and other people’s money, insurance, inheritance and taxes- 8th House.

The INC. natal chart will hint at what the company manufactures or does for others. It will indicate its strengths and weaknesses. Show its overall financial picture as a company and its overall future destiny. Even though the IPO’s natal chart should reveal the stock’s performance on that first particular day, it will continue to suggest the stock’s trading personality and characteristics throughout the company’s lifetime. And as the natal INC.’s chart encompasses all aspects of the company, in an analogy, the IPO is just the company’s stock activity. The INC. chart is the overall picture and the IPO chart, again, is the precise financial element, the company stock.

Astrology is a symbolic language, and certain planets are associated with luck and money, and others are associated with losses and setbacks. The same thing applies with the different aspects of astrology. For example, the lucky money planets traditionally are Venus and Jupiter. If you combine these planets in a favorable aspect with the planet Pluto, for example, then you have the potential for big luck and money. The planet Pluto is associated with big money and power. You combine Venus or Jupiter in a favorable aspect with the planet Uranus, and it can bring sudden and unexpected luck and money. The planet Uranus is connected with surprises among other things.

The Sun is also treated as a benefic planet and is very important for speculators, as it is the natural ruler of the sign Leo and the 5th house of speculation in astrology. The Sun also corresponds to the person in charge or whom the spotlight is shining on. The Sun represents the Ego, your true self filled with inspiration, creativity, and vitality. Stressful aspects to or from the Sun can bring disharmony with one’s inner or outer being, and cause the Ego to become out of balance. A well-balanced person is always humble and keeps things in proper perspective. An over-inflated ego can be one of the biggest causes for loss in the business of speculation.

Mercury is the communication planet that governs the conscious thinking process. It is also considered a neutral planet and thus takes on the shadings of the other planets in aspect. Transits to or from Mercury can indicate how well you are communicating and reasoning. For example, Mercury in stressful aspect to Jupiter or Neptune can bring foolishness and poor judgment calls. And Mercury retrograde, a three-week period that occurs three times a year, is a notoriously bad luck, pain-in-the-bleep! In challenging aspect to Saturn, can bring pessimism and disagreements. In harmonious aspect to Uranus, can bring flashes of intuition and quick reasoning and understanding.

Mars and Saturn, the Malefics

Mars and Saturn, traditionally are considered the malefic, and can bring losses and setbacks. Mars can also be a big trigger and timer for positive things depending on the planets involved in the aspect. Stressful transits to or from Saturn can bring hard lessons and setbacks. It is equally important to understand when not to take a risk as well as the best times to do so. If you proceed forward with a hard aspect involving Saturn, it is like attempting to drive through an intersection when the light is red! Saturn is the stop sign or red light that is really there to protect you. This can frustrate a lot of people that want instant gratification or want things now. Patience, another saturnine word, is necessary when you are going through this kind of cycle to avoid unnecessary losses or setbacks.

Astrology + Discipline = $

The lower octave of Neptune is a planet associated with delusions, disappointment, and addictive forms of behavior. In fact, if someone was born with Neptune forming stressful aspects, they can have an addictive personality, and can easily break the rules and discipline necessary to win in the long run. Like I mentioned earlier, astrology won’t help someone unless they can use it in a disciplined way. Obsessive and compulsive people will always break the rules because of fantasy, (Neptune), which always leads to disappointment. The higher octave of Neptune however can bring inspiration and faith that is always helpful once a good system for winning is in place.

The Moon is the fastest moving planet, (we treat it as a planet because we are looking at things geocentrically from the earth’s perspective). The Moon represents our moods and feelings at any given moment and is also an important timer for when things can occur in our lives. Favorable aspects from the Moon in your chart during the day are usually associated with winning or feelings of wellbeing. But full moons can be over emotional and trigger unwise speculative actions. Lunar Eclipses too are a more intensified, a magnified full moon, which produces extra emotional power and baggage that is suddenly shut down and turned off. The Solar Eclipse which encompassing the monthly New Moon is a beginning of a cycle that culminates at the full moon. Theses two eclipses usually only two weeks apart can cause havoc in the financial arena depending on which Houses they are associated with.

The Houses

The houses in astrology concerning stock issues correspond to the different areas of a company’s life. Here are some of the houses as examples. The 5th house is the house of speculation, games, and competitions. The 10th house corresponds to ones public image, status and success. The 12th house is the house of secrets and ones private life. Frequently I have observed that the 12th house can block energy and bring frustration and disappointment when speculating. The 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 11th houses are considered your money houses and are an important element in winning or making money.

Solar Zodiac Signs based on a company’s natal INC. date:


Caterpillar (CAT), General Electric (GE), Apple Inc. (APPL)


IBM, Proctor & Gamble (PG)


American Express (AXP), Sears (S)


Boeing (BA), 3M (MMM)


Alcoa (AA), Exxon (XON)


DuPont (DD), Goodyear Tires (GT), Google Inc. (GOOG)


General Motors (GM), Disney (DIS)


Eastman Kodak (EK), Union Carbide (UK)


J.P. Morgan (JPM), Woolworth (Z)


Westinghouse (WX)


Chevron (CHV)


AT&T (ATT), McDonalds (MCD)

*Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) First incorporated in 1981 in Washington D.C. but reincorporated in Delaware in 1986 and then again reincorporated in Delaware on September 22, 1993. This last date represents Microsoft’s most recent natal INC. date as a VIRGO/LIBRA cusp.

Solar Zodiac Signs based on a company’s natal IPO date:


Eastman Kodak, Exxon, J.P. Morgan


American Express, Westinghouse, Google Inc.


DuPont, GE, Woolworth


Chevron, McDonald’s


Goodyear Tire


Boeing, Proctor & Gamble


Coke (KO)


Disney, Texaco


Caterpillar, General Motors, Apple Inc.






Union Carbide, Microsoft Corp.

Planets and types of companies they rule + Investment Styles.


Precious Metals, Blue Chip, Industry Leaders


Household Products, Healthcare, Restaurants, Trend Following


Telecommunications, Media, Transportations,


Apparel, Cosmetics, Recreation, Retailers, Bonds


Sports, Defense, Steel, Industrial Machinery, Hot Stocks, Deals, Options, Startups


Banking, Brokerage & Financial Services, Legal, Growth Investing


Real Estate, Agriculture, Straight Arrow, Value Investing, Shorting


Astrology, Computers, Technology, Aerospace, Nuclear Power, Electronics, IPO, keyword “New”


Entertainment, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, FossilFuels, Story Stocks, Rumor Plays, Venture Capital


Mineral Resources, Mergers and Acquisitions, Turn Around Candidates, Insider Trading

Trading with the Signs.

ARIES- Startups


GEMINI- Trading

CANCER- Real Estate

LEO- Large Caps

VIRGO- Technical Analysis

LIBRA- Relationship Investing

SCORPIO- Hostile Takeovers

SAGITTARIUS- International

CAPRICORN- Blue Chips, Savings

AQUARIUS- Contrarians

PISCES- SRI: Socially Responsible

NASDAQ Natal Chart
NASDAQ Natal Chart
NYSE Natal Chart
NYSE Natal Chart
USA, July 4, 1776
USA, July 4, 1776


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      What a pleasure to find someone who idieenfits the issues so clearly

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      That's the pefcert insight in a thread like this.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Check-out the S&P (Standard & Poor's) Index for a particular stock at the library or online They publish information about stocks and bonds.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

    • profile image

      Dipti Prasad 

      7 years ago


      Paulie you have indepth knowledge on financial astrology. This article is indeed a great research.. sometimes it seems how a 6000 year old mystery predicts future based on calculations...unbelivable...real mystery..Questions like why and how will continue...paulie i have been an ardent advocate, student and a learner...since a decade...but my knowledge is only 10% coz i dont have a teacher. This article about specualtion and astrology is wonderful, i am really curious to know is it good to delve more into stock trading if my natal sun (5th house lord) is in 8th house(investement)...My birth time is 3.28 PM, place : Berhampur,India, day : 27th Sep 1981. I think i have a strong stellium in 8th house with 5 planets, due to which perhaps i was able to author 2 books and regularly write for a website 3rd house of communication is higly emphasised through a yod. Can you plesae have look on my natal chart

    • PaulieWalnuts profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Chicago

      Check-out the S&P (Standard & Poor's) Index for a particular stock at the library or online They publish information about stocks and bonds.

    • profile image

      Stephen Ludowici 

      8 years ago

      I am looking for incorporation dates for US stocks. I have been able to get all of the Australian Stock exchange dates by hand but the US appears to be no so straight forward and is obviously a lot more than 2000 stocks.

      I would very much appreciate any help you can give me in pointing me in the right direction.


    • profile image

      Ray L. 

      8 years ago

      Excellent idea. I just thought of it last night and thought I would research on the subject to see if there is any study been done on it thanks.

      Ray Larson

    • PaulieWalnuts profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Chicago

      Hi Subirkrdatta,

      What is Ashwarya Bacchan's birthday? Perhaps the general direction of her married life can be determined.

    • profile image

      rajan bhatia 

      10 years ago

      excellent, it was a pleasure reading up ur hub..pls do try to explain what to look in cstars/harts for day to day analysis of stock markets.i am from new delhi india .

    • PaulieWalnuts profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Chicago

      Yes it is interesting isn't it? With a Natal picture or a chart you really are able to unlock a company's mystery, personality, strengths, weaknesses and potential. Astrology is 6,000 years old which makes it an esoteric "blue chip!"

    • Lori Osterberg profile image

      Lori Osterberg 

      10 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      Very interesting hub - I've never read much on connecting astrology with investing, so it gave me something to think about. I love the quote by J. P. Morgan who said, "Millionaires don't use astrology; billionaires do!" After reading the article on billionaires in Forbes yesterday, it's definitely something to think about. Thanks.


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