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Stock Tweets With Stocktwits

Updated on September 7, 2011
Dow Jones Crash
Dow Jones Crash

Share Stock Talk In Real Time

Stocktwits is an social networking site where real investors, in real time, with real ideas tweet about stocks and the world market today.

Yes there is even a iPhone app, Android and Blackberry apps for quick easy launch of the site.

When compared to a similar site would it would be closely related to that of Twitter. With Stocktwits, users twit or tweet about daily stock trading ideas and share links to charts and news articles related to the exchange market.

Adding relevant tags or hash tags using the dollar sign and the symbol of the stock help to find other stock followers who may be watching or twiting about that stock.

An example would be for Apple stock you would type the symbol $AAPL somewhere in the text signifying you were talking about the stock Apple.

Another feature like most sites is setting up a profile page. Here you can add information about your trading experience or how you gained knowledge about trading stocks or options.

The novice traders are welcome and the only requirement is following a few simple rules when conversing with fellow stock analysts.

You can also choose to follow others called friends if you are interested in following the twits by that user. You can also unfollow anyone if so desired.

Customize Page Layout

They offer many different settings and options for page layout or searching for a particular Chart, Equities, Forex, Options, Futures or to see what is trending for the real time stream.

There is a daily top trend ticker with trending ticker symbols so that one can go to it and review any twits they may have missed about the trending symbol or symbols.

The user can set up watch lists which allows you to track what people are saying about your favorite symbols and you can add more than one list.

Signing up with is free but they do however offer premium services. The network is continually growing, so by visiting the site or signing up to review the current community would be the best choice. This way you can see how the twiting of symbols and information is shared.


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