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Basic Online Investing Tips, Avoid Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket

Updated on December 16, 2020

Basic Online Stock Investing

Almost everyone wants to invest in some type of stocks or bonds. There are some children in elementary school that invest in stocks, and they are doing really well, due to them obtaining the necessary knowledge and experience. With any type of investing it would require having strategies and knowledge. It's better to invest for a long period of time, and time will make up for any short-term loss. To get some security in your investments, share your investment chances throughout many investments. The more you diversify stocks, the less any one stock can harm you in a meltdown. You can create a personal "diversified" portfolio. It's like having growing seeds that you spread out into the field to grow different things in many areas, instead of throwing all your seeds in one area. Buy stock when prices are falling and not when they are rising, this is "dollar-cost averaging."

Diversify Your Stock Investments

Another way to diversify is "asset allocation." For beginner investors you would need to know the basics for: Bonds, Charts, Choosing a Broker, DRIP & DSPP Plans, Investment Clubs, Mutual Funds, Options, and Stocks.

We all know that it's possible to live comfortably, when investing in good stock. You have to be serious about investing and get basic knowledge about it. Also never invest in anything that you don't understand. Investing would require having patience, common sense, a mentor, self-motivation, unexpected mistakes, caution, and a manager or advisor. To live comfortably in your future, you would need to educate yourself now. It is not hard to do, actually it is easy, and children are investing everyday as they learn the basics of stock investing. Taking a class at your local college could be a great way to start, along with self-help books on stock investing.

An individual do not have to be on Wall Street to invest in stock. Investing online line is becoming more popular.

A List of Online Investors

  • Scottrade
  • Industry Average
  • TD Ameritrade
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Charles Schwab
  • Vanguard
  • E*trade

Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket - Diversify Stocks
Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket - Diversify Stocks

Basic Online Stock Investing

There are numerous ways to invest, but we will talk about just a few ways of investing. I will outline a list of ideas for you to invest in, they are:

  1. Life insurance account - this is great for security to handle a death financially, or cash-out before a death
  2. Common stock - it represents your percentage of owned shares in a company/business.
  3. Keogh plan - a special type of IRA that doubles as a pension plan for a self-employed person.
  4. Certificate of deposit, CD - a special deposit made at certain banks. Interest is paid on the deposit until the CD matures, and then you get the money you originally deposited and also the paid added interest.
  5. Mutual funds - investors spread the money out into stocks, bonds, and other good sources of investments. Instead of managing your money yourself, a professional has the responsibility of managing your money for investment purposes.
  6. Money market funds - a certain type of mutual fund that invests in very short-term bonds. But pays more interest than a savings account.

Display Convention Used in Stock Information

  • Price- Green, denotes price higher than previous close
  • Price- Red, denotes price lower than previous close
  • Price- Yellow, denotes price unchanged
  • Stock- White, Main Board stock
  • Stock- Light, blue Second Board stock
  • Stock- Gold, MESDAQ stock
  • Stock- Red, Suspended Stock
  • Stock- Red background, Stock in PN4 condition

Basic Investing Tips

You can invest in large companies or invest in small companies, this is explained in more detail in Julie Stav - stocks book. Investing in; stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, or other types of investments, will definitely help make for a better secured future for you and your family. Long-term investing creates generational wealth for the future of your dependents.

Basic Investing Tips
Basic Investing Tips

Should I Invest at My Age?

It's never too late to invest in anything, due to there being shareholders and beneficiaries to share the wealth with you. If I invest in something and I don't get to enjoy the benefits of it, it's alright with me. It will be a blessing for my descendants to continue on what I invested, and they can happily reap the rewards of my portfolio of investing.

Investing Poll

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