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Straight Talk

Updated on July 21, 2016

What is Straight Talk?

Straight talk is a phone company that provides different phone services via Walmart Stores like phone and Sim card shopping, cheaper straight worldwide phone calls, texts through a prepaid wireless program known as; TracFone Wireless, high-speed data bundles among others.

This is a registered trademark Company of TracFone Wireless, data bundles among others. The company has all the rights reserved to own all its products. Service marks are also used to confirm its solely ownership.

Straight Talk


Straight Talk Services

This is a company that offers all those services mentioned above, and this greatly helps in saving money. Most of its business is availed digitally, and anyone can freely access, identify and select the good or service required and lastly choose the best payment method which is mostly provided by bill pay methods. One is allowed to make orders and wait for the good or service to be delivered. Walmarts have also been useful to this business. Anyone near any of them can easily seek advise and help.

This company has made it easy for countries that do not use English as their native language to also use this program by allowing selection of the language one finds comfortable using, and these mostly include Asian and Europe languages. Examples of the most common services include; Straight Talk Phones, Straight Talk Wireless, Watch Straight Talk among others.

At low speeds of 2G, the performance of certain data applications, like streaming video or audio might be affected. Thus, high-speed is the most prefferable. The company is always keen on providing consistent, high-speed data bundle that would allow users enjoy the services with no complaints.

This is done based on the comparison of the common cost of the 45 dollars Services offered and the average fees and tax of the sales when shopped in a Walmart and the average of the total monthly cost reported by the best carriers’ post-paid clients on a service contract of lets say, 2-years being an individual plan with limitless talk/ phone calls, high-speed data bundles, and a specific amount of texts depending on your subscription. Plan costs include all fees, overage charges and taxes. One should always try and work within the limits provided so as to avoid overage or additional costs.

What one can buy on Straight Talk

The company provides different brands of phones available for shopping at lower prices and also gives the direction in one's area where the ones are to be found thus making shopping easy and fast. Phone's spare parts and phones' repair shops are also advertised through this site. It also offers unlimited worldwide phone calls and texts through a prepaid service called TracFone Wireless.

This company is well known to offer high-speed data bundles, for instance. Currently, all the active customers get the first data bundles of 5GB at a high speed. This is done to keep them intact and also award their loyalty to the company. The phone's Sim cards are also available at lower prices for different great networks depending on one's wish. One can also find different songs by searching them accordingly. It has also helped find trailers or full movies. Examples of Product price ranges; galaxy ace ranges from $ 19.9-29, i-inc Retailers $ 3-5 among others.

Discounts offered by Straighttalk with Coupons Company.

The company offers discounts to its customers by first looking at the latest prices and greatly reducing the values. The prices always reduce as time goes meaning, one can get the goods at a lower price as the time goes as compared to previously.


This company allows different payment methods; one can pay online via a Straight Talk card which is also amongest the transaction methods allowed at the Walmart Stores. Lastly, an auto-refill method may also be used where one links the company with his/her bank and the money are directly transferred to pay the bill after any purchase made.

Customer Services.

One can contact the Straight Talk support through 800-876-5753 though there are currently 11 different contacts available, one has to choose the best based on the turnaround time not forgetting the posted results by different users.

Please try Straight Talk and you will find it the best phone company for saving your money.


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