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The best 6 survey sites that pay over $1000 by Christmas

Updated on February 27, 2016

Spending money, without spending "hard" earned money

Being a mom with 2 kids I have experienced the headache of fastly approaching birthdays and holidays. It always comes around when I have an unexpected bill or car expense. I decided that the only way I am going to pay for presents is by the gift cards I have earned off of survey sites. This way, I know I have that extra income, and I won't have to worry about spending any extra money. This is one of the easiest ways to make money without selling your things or breaking a sweat.

There are many sites out there, some provide easy cash, where others take more time and patience. What ever type of cash or gift cards you are trying to earn will depend on which sites you sign up for.

I highly recommend signing up for all of the sites at once, that way you have a continuous source of income. It is best to create a new email address to sign up for these. You will want to receive the survey available emails that you will get. Some of the payment options on the websites are gift cards, paypal, donations, or by check. If you follow my guide, you will sure find yourself to some quick holiday cash and may even be able to provide a Christmas for free!

Survey websites

There are different types of sites out there. Some are survey only, meaning you can only do surveys to earn and redeem points. This however, isn't a bad thing, as those types of sites are in my top 3. Below is the following survey sites I have joined and participated in. I will list them in the order of preference as I do have favorites. The fastest one to pay out was #1.

  1. OpinionOutpost: This is a great online survey site. I have been able to complete the most surveys on this site as well as redeem a $5.00 gift card to the quickest. When you sign up, you need to make sure you verify your email. Once verified, you can start taking surveys. You can redeem your points with as little as 30 points ($3.00) and you usually get between 5-30 for each survey. The gift cards are issued via email. I was able to get to 50 points (worth $5.00) in 2 days. You can easily make almost $1,000.00 off this site alone by Christmas time and be able to have a free Christmas.
  2. ProOpinion: This one is my second favorite. It is similar to the first, however the point system is a little different. The payout starts out at 1000 points ($10.00 redeemable for Paypal,, or you can donate to the American Red Cross.) In my first day I acquired 690 points with less than an hour of work. Same as above the gift cards are issued via email. If you combine this site with the first, you're sure to find yourself a way to make all your household purchases, without actually spending a dime.
  3. YouGov: This is a different site compared to most. You are actually doing surveys on politics and political views. This site does not offer as many surveys as other sites, but it is worth the time when they are available. This site also goes on a point system, allowing you to redeem points for merchandise and gift cards. They offer a large selection of stores you can redeem your gift cards for such as Foot Locker, K-mart and Gamestop to name a few.
  4. Harris Poll Online: This site is a survey only website. You sign up and just wait for a survey invite to come in your email. The website is pretty basic, you can only see and redeem your points (called HIpoints, 1 $25.00 gift card is 3,125 HIpoints.) This is the only site that you cannot just click around and start the surveys, you do have to click on the email link to access them. I get the fewest surveys from this site, and after using it for about a month I have been able to cash out 3 times. I have found that I can click on take survey multiple times from one email until it tells you there are none available. This has allowed me to take addition surveys, instead of just one per email.

I feel that with these 4 websites alone, you can make that extra money. These websites except YouGov gives you a sweepstake entry for every non-qualifying survey. I have not won one yet, but I have only been surveying for 2 months. I have accumulated 147 entries for one sweepstakes alone. It's easy and all it takes is a few hours of your time a week. Can't find the time? You can do these on your phone or tablet on the go as well. If your interested in making money with more than just surveys, below I included survey sites that offer cash for doing "extras" with membership perks.

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Survey sites with earning extras

I'm not going to lie, surveys can get boring. After filling out the same answers several times it can get a little irritating. I figured if I rotate the sites I do every day, it won't be as boring. I do not spend a whole lot of time on one website. This also keeps things new and exciting moving to the next. The websites in this category do have some cool perks since you can do more than just surveys.

  1. Toluna: This is a survey site that offers several different features. You can easily earn points for signing up and completing new tasks, earning you points just for telling them about yourself. This info is used to match you to surveys. This site also offers free product testing and voting for products. Their reward system offers several different ways to redeem points, such as gift cards, "gifties" (instant win games to win big), or entering in sweepstakes. Combine this with the other surveys and you should have quite a bit saved up by Christmas time.
  2. Vindale Research: This website is much like the other survey sites except this one shows actual cash money as payment. You earn $6.00 just for signing up and completing the first few profile set ups. You can get paid by Paypal or check on this one. It includes studies and panels that you can do to earn extra cash on top of the surveys.

These are the best survey sites out there that I recommend. They all provide means to make extra money when you can't earn it elsewhere. Sometimes we need that extra money without having to look for a second or third job. I am currently signed up on all these websites and using them daily. If you spend at least 2 hours a day on all of these sites you can easily earn an extra $1000-$2000 a year. It can pay for your regular merchandise purchases or for special occasions and holidays.

Survey site tips and tricks

Ever wonder how some people are so successful making a lot of money on survey sites? Follow these tips and you will be on your way to making that extra money too.

  1. Do not create multiple accounts with these sites. They will void your earnings if they find you are using multiple email addresses or have multiple accounts. It's hard enough keeping track of one website, let alone multiple accounts on one. Keep things simple and increase your earnings by using several different websites instead of just one.
  2. Delete your cookies often. At times, you may be disqualified for a survey because you may have already completed it, or it's in a category of a survey you have completed. Deleting your cookies on a regular basis, or after every survey will qualify you for more surveys.
  3. Stay organized! Write down every website you sign up for. You will want to keep a log of your earnings from these websites. I like to keep a journal of when I received points on which site and so on. That way I know where to start first thing and I always start with the survey site that will pay out the soonest (according to my acquired points/cash.) Organization is key to earning the most money for your time spent.
  4. Don't give up! I see this a lot lately, someone tries something without putting in some effort and then says its too hard. It's really not. Many things are hard to us when it's new, but that's okay because you eventually get used to it. Once you get used to doing surveys it gets easier. Giving up isn't going to make the situation any better.

I plan to do this every year because I know my family deserves that extra special something. My job income is enough to support us for our everyday needs, but not enough to truly save what I want for the best presents. I have found that this is really the easiest way to make that extra cash you need for those holidays or special occasions.

If you have any questions or would like additional survey sites or tips, please comment below!


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      2 years ago

      Nice review Heather. Thanks!


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