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Updated on December 17, 2009

If you asked me, do I want to retire? I can give you a straight answer of a simple yes. This is freedom, the last chapter of our lives free from the burden of responsibilities in the office, giving as relief from pressures of our work. This is the time that working in a company has to end upon reaching age of 60. A time to rest and time to enjoy.

I have seen many retirees enjoying the remaining days of their life in derby, in competitive sports, in religious gathering. They became active in church activities. Some of them was with their children and grandchildren find time in the beach together.  He had that peace of mind and relax expression in his face while talking to his son. A peaceful environment, the rustling waves of the sea, the heat of the sun, the cold winds that surround them.

Retiring is one way of putting life in order. This is the time that you can do whatever you want to do with with your life. This is the break time from the life you are accustomed to have, the occupied mind, tiredness of the body, pressured feeling, stressful environment. But even then, you enjoyed every minute of your time in your little world, the cubicle of your office, desk and your computer. The tiredness of your body did not stopped you to smile at the end of your day's work while your family is waiting for you to go home early. The delicious food on the table is waiting, a refreshing drink after the meal, the beautiful TV program to ease the tiredness. Then come a time for your bed rest. You slept soundly forgetting all that happened during the day. What they only heard was your loud snoring in every corner of your house.

When you reached the age of 60, you begin to wonder what will happen to you after your retirement. It worries you. You give time to take a look for yourself what you will do when you retire. There was an excitement thinking your life will be free from worries.

You worked several years, raised your family and have a stable income. You have many accomplishments during your term of office. You became successful in your career. You are happy and satisfied. But it does not end there. There is still another life ahead of you after the retirement, a life of being a retiree, a time to take rest, a time to enjoy. How you can handle this challenge?

-First and foremost you must save. If you already have enough savings, start investing. Do a reasonable spending. But if you don't have any then do the preparation. Start early to give time for you to build up savings.

-Continue your good health and vitality. It can prevent you from medical bills when the time come. It has been recommended that you will keep an ideal weight with regular exercise.

-Have that positive outlook in life. Avoid being stressed and you will live longer.

-During your retirement continue your growth and development. Just don't end there. Do something to be occupied. Reading books and magazines is most helpful. If you are interested in writing then do these as a hobby, you feel that you are not bored. Just do something you like and enjoy it.

-Explore other means to achieve a sense of accomplishment.

-Don't despair leaving your job. Don't ignore your feeling about aging. Accept it. There's nothing you can do there. This is your test and this now your life.

-Stay active and calm. Relax. Look for a better past time. If you knew how to play scrabble it's much better because your mind become alert while playing.

This is now time for you to prepare. Plan ahead. And keep the most out of it.


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