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THE GARAGE SALES by jerry carman

Updated on February 26, 2016

If you like to look for potential treasures that are usable and desirable whether you call them garage sales, yard sales, red tag sales, rummage sales, or in some cases church jumbo sales. This second hand represents an excellent means of recyling someone elses treasure. Finding a new treasure will let you hang onto your hard earned money. Someone elses trash is someone elses treasure. Stopping at a garage sale every couple of weeks might not produce the things on your shopping list.The garage sale is all about the quality of the item that is selling. The more sales you visit the more chances you will find something worth while. I make the garage sale rout one Sunday every month. The best time to go is late Spring and early fall. Some people wait in their cars for the garage sale to open. If you love to shop at garage sales they can be addicting. Try not to make any mistakes when you go to these garage sales Have a game plan on you all the time. Then walk around hoping to see something you like to take home with you.


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