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The Ordinary Man's Indispensable Guide to Making Money Online

Updated on August 18, 2012

If anyone is at liberty to say that money cannot be made on the Internet, then it must be me! I began my online business campaign in late 2007, but for many months following I did not earn a dime. It was as though I was destined to meet with certain disappointment despite how hard I tried, but I persisted nonetheless.

First principle is to convince oneself that there is money waiting to be made on the Internet. There are various opportunities to fit every person's tastes or interests. You can get paid to blog, to post in forums, to click on ads, to upload files, to sign up, to survey, to promote, to advertise, to watch videos, to play games, to make friends (to socially bookmark), to read emails, to rewrite articles etc. etc.

For sure I am not able to use all these make money opportunities, but I use the very best of them and I am well content at this time (What with my 4th MBBS Exams around the corner!<chuckles>)

In this article, I will give a brief overview of these make money opportunities and add more as time goes on.

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First, Get a HubPages Account

Let's begin with the Google Adsense Program: I will not enter into the details of Adsense since this has already been covered by fellow hubber Rebecca E on her many Adsense hubs. but I will say nonetheless that it is not absolutely necessary that you own a site or a blog. In fact, I advise against it. For now! Sign up with Hubpages. It is 100% free! The real advantage here is that Hubpages gives your articles




This is due in large part to Hubpages Google page rank of 6 and a membership running well over hundreds of thousands! Besides, if you open a blog, you wouldn't know the first thing about SEO, and so your blogs will take their place in the back of beyond, never to be discovered by a surfing visitor! So, take the easy way out and sign up with Hubpages!

The other way to earn money on HubPages is to sign up for the Amazon Affiliate. It is not a sure-as-hell way to earn, but let us hope that if you write about ISPs your readers will have the need for a 3G HSDPA Modem or even an Apple iPad and so make a purchase. You typically earn a lot of money for each big transaction that is completed. Do read Sunforged's detailed article on the Amazon Affiliate.


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    • profile image

      Lyndall 3 years ago

      It's a real plersuae to find someone who can think like that

    • profile image

      Champ 3 years ago

      This article acehived exactly what I wanted it to achieve.

    • Sirwilly profile image

      Ezeh Izuchukwu 'Sirwar' Williams 6 years ago from Enugu, Nigeria

      You're welcome, Charles.

    • profile image

      Charles 6 years ago

      Thanks u all