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TVI Express Scam Lies Exposed: is an international illegal pyramid scheme, hotel list all in around India

Updated on June 27, 2018


TVI Express has claimed or promised a lot of things, but so far it has fulfilled very little of what it had promised. In this article, we will study the lies TVI Express itself and its distributors told, what the truth really are, and what lead them to lie.

Regus only offers virtual office at the Uxbridge location!
Regus only offers virtual office at the Uxbridge location!
UK Company records: TVI Services dissolved 08-MAR-2011
UK Company records: TVI Services dissolved 08-MAR-2011

Where is TVI Express?

One of the most persistent questions about TVI Express is just where exactly it is located.

WHY DOES IT MATTER: If you have a question, where do you go to ask? If you have a legal dispute, which jurisdiction do you sue in? Are they acting larger than they are, and thus, being deceptive?

THEY SAY: TVI Express itself claims to be headquartered in London, UK. It even uses a London UK area code as their primary contact number. It claims to also have office in Cyprus (island off Turkey), and India. It displayed a 55 Bryanston st. London address for most of 2009 then changed to the Cyprus address. Later a new address that claims to be in Heathrow, UK was published.

TRUTH #1: TVI Express used to display an address of Marble Arch Tower, 55 Bryanston Street, London, UK. address. The problem is, the building is way too big to house ONLY TVI Express. Further more, people have called the front desk and found no mention of TVI Express. However, that was their registered address, as proven by Google Maps. In fact, according to Google Maps, it is still there.

If you plug in just the address into Google Maps, you'll find MORE THAN A DOZEN businesses at that EXACT SAME ADDRESS. No room number, no floor number, no nothing. And the only way they can be sharing that exact same address is they are all virtual offices.If they occupy a room, they would have a room number. If they have a floor, a floor number. Thus, the only reasonable explanation is those are virtual offices.

So what is a virtual office? A virtual office is a way to get an address at a place you could not hope to afford the rent. If you have seen the picture from the link above of Marble Arch Tower, you would be impressed, right? So business sprung up in various cities offering to get you an address at a prestigious location, such as Marble Arch Tower, and will forward your mail and phone received there to anywhere you want in the world. With VOIP, you can be physically anywhere in the world, and still answer phone calls as if you are in London, UK.

Here's a REAL address in that building look like:

20th Floor Marble Arch Tower
55 Bryanston Street
London W1H 7AA

Notice "20th Floor"? That makes far more sense, as it's a small portion of the building.

TVI Express's address, and a bunch of other companies, just point to the front door. This, plus the tenant list of the building has never shown TVI Express (or any other similar name), leads one to believe that the Marble Arch Tower address was merely a virtual office.

TRUTH #2: if you analyze the new Heathrow address given on the TVI Express website with a similar process, you'll find something very surprising... That address is INVALID! Google Maps gave the address as located in Uxbridge, NOT Heathrow (though it is near Heathrow) And it's almost 20 miles from London.

Furthermore, this address has the exact same problem: it points to a building, not a room or a floor in the building. Furthermore, Google Maps ALSO shows over a dozen different businesses at that exact same address, no room number, no floor number, no nothing. Again, this location appears to be a virtual office.

Which begs the question: if they are NOT in London, can they still claim to be "headquartered" in London? If their office "near" London is a virtual office, then why are they lying about "headquartered in London", and just WHERE is TVI Express headquartered in?

TRUTH #3: The Cyprus address at Limasool has the same problem as the two UK addresses. It has at least three different companies at that exact location. Plug the address into Google and see for yourself.I found at least three companies at that exact same address: a Forex trading company, an on-line casino, and a technical writing firm.

Apparently, the Cyprus office is a virtual office as well. That leaves the only real office in India.

TRUTH #4: A reading of Cyprus law and company registrars in Europe show that Cyprus has long allowed what's known as "offshore companies". Basically a company can pay an agent to register the company in Cyprus, and thus, become a Cyprus company, without having any officer ever set foot in Cyprus, and it does not need to operate in Cyprus, or even sell to any citizens of Cyprus. Why? Cyprus has one of the lowest business tax rates in the European Union, and one of the laxest business laws in the E.U. as well.

While this is completely legitimate, it is highly suspicious. Can you claim to be headquartered in London UK, if you are actually registered in Cyprus, and your closest office is actually almost 20 miles from London? And that office is highly suspect of being a mere virtual office?

TRUTH #5: In the disclaimer on, TVI Express claim to be only subject to India and Cyprus laws.

This would imply that they are registered in India and Cyprus as businesses, but NOT London. As they only showed the Cyprus address in LATE 2009, and they have been operating since February 2009, does that mean they have been operating several months in UK unregistered, and thus, operated illegally?

TRUTH #6: TVI Express actually used a different company name in its website "terms of use", namely "TVI Services Limited". There is a company registered in UK by that name, but its relation to TVI Express was never explained. Its legal address is in Surrey, not London. The office address, under Google Search, turns out to be the company registrar's address as well, which makes it another virtual office.

TVI Services was dissolved in UK on 08-MAR-2011, according to UK business records ( and TVI Express has NEVER acknowledged just what name do they do business as in UK. Apparently, the answer is "none".

TRUTH #7: Repeated questions about this issue has been ignored by various TVI Express members, including alleged reps of TVI Express India, on This question, along with a dozen others, were posted three times, and ignored three times.

TRUTH #8: in 2011, WHOIS domain information revealed that the owner is Tarun Trikha, and the address given is in Bangalore, India.

CONCLUSION: TVI Express's claim that they are "headquartered in London, UK" is belied by the information they themselves have released. Uxbridge is NOT London, but a suburb of London, and they may not have actually have ever been in London. Later, TVI Express itself revealed that they are actually in India.

Network Marketing, Direct Sales, or Pyramid Scheme? Depends on what are you really selling!
Network Marketing, Direct Sales, or Pyramid Scheme? Depends on what are you really selling!

What does TVI Express actually do?

Is TVI Express' main business to sell discount travel club membership? Or to sell travel?

WHY DOES IT MATTER: How can it be "the next giant in the direct selling industry" if you can't even tell what are they selling? Why would their own FAQ state that "you don't need to sell any products" if they are a "direct selling" company? If TVI Express sells membership, and rewards members who sell more MORE memberships, that makes it an "endless chain" scam, also known as a Ponzi scam, esp. when the membership has little to no real benefits.

WHAT THEY SAY: TVI Express itself is extremely vague about just what exactly it does. It just says that it is the next giant in the direct selling industry, and that your membership in TVI Express will get you some sort of benefits, and invites you to become a distributor today. However, according to this statement that they have on their website under "Opportunity", they seem to sell travel, but they are VERY VERY vague about it:

"We offer a wide range of products and services to match almost every lifestyle, from free holidays to discounted travel deals in every corner of the globe."
-- cited from

On the other hand, this could just refer to 1) the free 7-day 6-night offer, and 2) the access to a travel portal where you can book some discount travel. Do they have some OTHER products? They did not say.

TRUTH #1: TVI Express previously stated very clearly in its own FAQ that to get paid, you don't need to sell anything, but you do need to recruit two people, and teach each of them to recruit two more people.Specifically, FAQ #3, and FAQ #5. This is the EXACT definition of a pyramid scheme: recruit at least two more people, in order to qualify you to be paid big money later.

TRUTH #2: TVI Express previously stated very clearly in its own FAQ that if you "cycle out" of the traveler board (total of 15 people, so you need 14 others), you get your $250 back, plus a $250 eVoucher which you can then sell to another recruit, and you get moved to the "express board". If you cycle out from the express board as well (another 14 people under you, all of whom also made it out of the traveler board), you get $10000, and gets back into the express board from the bottom.

This clearly defined "board payout" is dependent upon recruiting, not sales. It is a pyramid scheme. American FTC criteria for a legal MLM: 70% or more of pay is from sales of actual products, 30% or less from recruiting. TVI Express is more like 1% (if any) from sales, 99% from recruiting.

TRUTH #3: TVI Express supposedly does pay commission based on sales, up to 10%, but the language is extremely vague, and somehow the payout is NOT limited in level of downlines. it just says that everybody below you will contribute to your "residual income". However, the exact formula on how that is calculated is NOT explained anywhere, not on their website, not in any presentation.

Further more, what they describe is impossible. By now, everybody who joined has thousands of uplines, many of them "presidential" level, which gets them 10% share. How many 10% are there in 100%? Just 10. How many uplines do you have? Thousands. It's impossible!

Keep in mind that TVI Express specifically says that you don't need to sell anything, so commission most likely zero, since sales is zero.

TRUTH #4: Even TVI Express itself never explains just what exactly do they do. It just says you're a distributor, in this great business opportunity, involving internet, travel, and direct selling. However, it never explained just WHAT exactly it is that you're supposed to be selling. It implies that it sells travel, but it could also be interpreted as benefits from the membership, so it could be also interpreted as selling membership in itself.

TRUTH #5: In May 2011, TVI Express revised its FAQ to be more vague than ever. All previously text regarding "you do not have to sell anything" was removed. Instead, it says "you must sell our products", but it never explained what the products are. Furthermore, the FAQ also removed any references to how to "cycle out" (however, the description of the two "boards", i.e. 2x3 matrices, i.e. 8-ball scheme are still accessible), compensation package, ranks, and such. 

CONCLUSION: TVI Express' claim that it is a new business opportunity is belied by their own claim that there needs to be sales, but never specified the product. If there is no clear product, how can it be a business at all? How can it be direct-selling if there is no product? The only thing they have to sell is themselves, and that's an endless chain scheme.

In a pyramid scheme, the guy on top gets out, the rest of the sheep gets fleeced.
In a pyramid scheme, the guy on top gets out, the rest of the sheep gets fleeced.
Actual Cease and Desist Order from State of Georgia against TVI Express
Actual Cease and Desist Order from State of Georgia against TVI Express

Why is it NOT a pyramid scheme?

There is no denying the fact: the two boards are 2x3 matrices, or 1-2-4-8 pyramids used in the "airplane game", and fits every single pyramid scheme definition that really mattered.

WHY DOES IT MATTER: A multi-level-marketing firm, or a direct-sell firm, can be legal. A pyramid scheme is illegal. If you joined, you may make some money initially, but when people stop joining, or when the law step in and shut down, everybody who did not get the "big payout" will lose their money. In fact, you may be prosecuted under local laws, esp. if you made it big!

WHAT THEY SAY: TVI Express is remarkably silent about their board's resemblance to a pyramid. Some TVI Express members, possibly reading from an unofficial script, do not deny the resemblance, but just simply state that just because they resemble a pyramid doesn't mean we are a pyramid scheme.

However, multiple members have also posted a bogus explanation, possibly issued unofficially by the company, because the exact same explanation was given more than once, from widely disparate sources.

"When there is no exchange of product and only an exchange of money, then the program is considered illegal. This type of money exchange program is what people should be calling a scam. So if you are just exchanging money and you are not getting a physical product or a service for that money, that is illegal."
-- cited from

It doesn't matter what they said. You have to apply the definitions as used by the governments and laws. It's the laws that count.

TRUTH #1: Australia and United States, after China, have acted legally against TVI Express. China have declared TVI Express as pyramid scheme back in June 2009, and have arrested and convicted many as fraudsters. Australia issued restraining order in May 2010 against 3 members to stop them from promoting TVI Express, and in September 2010 state of Georgia in the United States issued a cease and desist order against North American branch of TVI Express, a copy of the order is included to the right.

TRUTH #2: European Union have an Unfair Consumer Practices Directive, which is like a set of "common law" to protect consumers that all European Union member nations need to pass. Cyprus and UK have already passed it. You can read the entire PDF yourself, but here's an excerpt of the portion about pyramid scheme:

Pyramid schemes
“Establishing, operating or promoting a pyramid promotional scheme where a consumer gives consideration for the opportunity to receive compensation that is derived primarily from the introduction of other consumers into the scheme rather than from the sale or consumption of products.”

Consumer would be you. "Gives consideration" is "pay 250". Compensation is the $10000 board payout. There is no sales, because TVI Express specifically says "you don't need to sell anything". By this definition, TVI Express is a pyramid scheme.

TRUTH #3: FBI also is after pyramid schemes, and here's their definition:

Pyramid Scheme
Pyramid schemes, also referred to as franchise fraud, or chain referral schemes, are marketing and investment frauds in which an individual is offered a distributorship or franchise to market a particular product. The real profit is earned, not by the sale of the product, but by the sale of new distributorships. Emphasis on selling franchises rather than the product eventually leads to a point where the supply of potential investors is exhausted and the pyramid collapses. At the heart of each pyramid scheme there is typically a representation that new participants can recoup their original investments by inducing two or more prospects to make the same investment. Promoters fail to tell prospective participants that this is mathematically impossible for everyone to do, since some participants drop out, while others recoup their original investments and then drop out.

As TVI Express pay you the "big bucks" only if you do a lot of selling memberships, not by you selling travel, TVI Express fits the FBI's definition of pyramid scheme.

I can keep going, as TVI Express also fits the FTC definition of pyramid scheme, as defined earlier, and the State of California's "Endless Chain Scheme", and maybe even Indian law banning pyramid scheme as well, but do I really need to go on?

TRUTH #4: Every legitimate MLM company have a section on their website explaining why they are NOT a pyramid scheme. Amway has one, ACN has one. TVI Express does NOT have such a section on their website. In fact, they do not even list a "compliance officer", who is supposed to make sure the company complies with all laws. Only recently, when the Indian branch was investigated by Indian police in Sikkim, that an attorney was named as "compliance head" of TVI Express. However, this person was NOT listed on the TVI Express website. Furthermore, this gentleman is in India, and there is no listing of his counterpart in Europe.

TRUTH #5: Repeated request to TVI Express, both Europe and India, regarding this issue, have been ignored.This question, among with others, were asked at least three times. other than the irrelevant definition posted above, posted by an alleged member, there is no reply.

TRUTH #6: TVI Express is under investigation in a dozen different countries, with members arrested in China, South Africa, and more.

CONCLUSION: TVI Express' silence on this issue is troubling. While the silence is not an admission of guilt, its only defense thus far is a BOGUS definition, known as a "strawman" argument, which is worse than not having made one. If they are legitimate, why have NOT they revealed any defense? And why are governments on multiple continents investigating TVI Express?

Nice place, India, but not exactly favorite destination of everybody in the world, yes? Yet TVI Express hotel list shows only hotels in India.
Nice place, India, but not exactly favorite destination of everybody in the world, yes? Yet TVI Express hotel list shows only hotels in India.

About that 7-day 6-night thing...

For the $250 you pay to join TVI Express, you are supposed to get 7-day 6-night accommodation at a 5-star hotel anywhere in the world for two, half the cost of airfare (buy one round-trip ticket, get one round-trip ticket free), among other benefits. However, is TVI Express actually providing that? And does that actually prove TVI Express is legitimate?

WHY DOES IT MATTER: 1) Do you actually get that at all? How hard is it to get? 2) TVI Express distributors claim that because the $250 membership actually provides you with some real benefits, such as this 7-day 6-night vacation, and other things, the pyramid scheme definition cited earlier would no longer apply, as the $250 does MORE than just qualify you for the big payout.

WHAT THEY SAY: With your membership, you get 7-day 6-night accommodations for 2 at 5-star hotels across the globe, free ticket offer (buy one round-trip, get one round trip free)...

TRUTH #1: TVI Express website now says "3-5 star" instead of "5-star". In other words, they downgraded the offer, and this downgrade was NEVER mentioned on their website. However, their "cloned" websites all over the Internet can still be found that say 5-star. 

TRUTH #2: Stories about redemption varies. Redemption can be easy or difficult, and often downright impossible. You cannot choose any hotel you wish. Instead, you have to submit your request about 45 days in advance, then you have to choose from a list provided by TVI Express, and specify three choices, then they will pick one for you. The redemption subsite keeps going up and down. The most recent announcement on the TVI Express website seems to say that it would be up as of March 1, 2010, and stated that "thousands" have enjoyed their trips.

If you do that math, and we take "thousands" to be the maximum possible, 9000, with TVI Express having 600000 members in early 2010, that's a mere 1.5% of the members who have enjoyed their trips. At this rate, they will NEVER be able to provide everybody with trips, because they are signing up people far faster than they can supply the trips!

Another thing you will find interesting in that announcement dated February 22: all 11 properties listed are in India. A full list of properties available for redemption of the offer is simply NOT available for public view. Apparently, it is a secret, except for those 11 in India. What happened to trip around the world? 

TRUTH #3: In June 2010, TVI Express announced they are charging you extra $150 USD per trip for "taxes and processing fees", if you want to redeem that trip. What happened to "free"?

TRUTH #4: TVI Express announced an option to half-size your trip to 4-day 3-night, and call it an IMPROVEMENT to customer service. Does that means they can't offer 7-day 6-night to everybody? 

TRUTH #5: Even if TVI Express can redeem SOME trips, can it redeem ALL trips? Even if it did, that only proves that the "club membership" portion of the offer is not a scam. Does it prove the whole thing is not a scam? Not at all. 

CONCLUSION: TVI Express' own announcements stated that the redemption system will be running soon (which implied that it was broken), and that mere "thousands" have enjoyed those trips, out of 600000 members.With a successful redemption rate of mere 1.5% (at best) according to their own figures, it is clear that TVI Express members are NOT buying the membership for the trip, and thus, using it to justify the legitimacy of TVI Express is at best, 1.5% effective argument.

Pampered Chef, what Warren Buffet was talking about when he said "best investment I've ever made"
Pampered Chef, what Warren Buffet was talking about when he said "best investment I've ever made"

Do they have any real backers?

Is TVI Express actually backed by anybody in the travel industry? Do they have any endorsements? Or is it all smoke and mirrors?

WHAT THEY SAY: "Involving strategic alliances with some of the biggest names in the Travel world..." (cited from )

Many TVI Express distributors claim alliances or partnership or even "third-party relations" with any hotel chain, cruiselines, rental car companies, airlines, and any other travel business they can name. This can be found all over the Internet.

Furthermore, some TVI Express distributors have claimed as far as Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Atlantic, among others) is an investor in TVI Express, Warren Buffet owns a piece of TVI Express, and so on and so forth.

TRUTH #1: If you look at the HTML source of the TVI Express "back office", you'll notice that the actual processing is done by So who owns

TRUTH #2: Further check turned up World Class Travel, at, which provides "Travelocity Partner Program", which is just a fancy name for an "affiliate" program.

In an affiliate program on the web, you have your own website, but you feed customers to another merchant. Amazon Associates have you listing merchandise on your website, and if the customer clicks through and buys the item, you get commission based on the sale. You can read the affiliate program details on yourself. It's actually very easy to do so.

At best, TVI Express is an affiliate of, nothing more. Thus, it really has NO strategic alliance with anybody. Claiming to have some would be a lie.

TRUTH #3: According to newspaper Mallorca Zeitung in Spain, TVI Express is being sued by Marriott, Avis, and Lufthansa, for falsely representing them as partners in TVI Express promotional material. The article is in German, so here's the Google Translator Link to the article:

What is also interesting in the article: Lufthansa have repeatedly sent warning letters to TVI Express, but all the letters were returned as undeliverable. While we don't know where exactly did Lufthansa sent their letters, it pretty much proves that the offices listed on TVI Express website have no people present there.

TRUTH #4: At the "expert watch" section, you see people like Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki, and even Bill Clinton, that seem to be endorsing TVI Express. However, if you read closer, you'll find that they are endorsing the concept of direct selling / network marketing, NOT TVI Express. The quote "best investment I ever made" from Warren Buffet had no citing, and at best refer to one of the network marketing companies held by Berkshire Hathaway, not TVI Express itself. Later research shows that it actually referred to Pampered Chef, which IS owned by Berkshire Hathaway. The Bill Clinton quote refers to, a micro-loan business lending money to small business owners in third-world countries.

TRUTH #5: Furthermore, research have shown that most of these alleged quotes are taken from a book published in 2005-2006 by Randy Gage, specifically page 133 (link to Google books with actual page). As none of the quotes are attributed, TVI Express stole the quotes without citation or research.

TRUTH #6: in 2009 TVI Express claimed to have "tie-up" with RCI, a major resort operator. However, RCI, when questioned via e-mail, replied that they have never heard of TVI Express, and requested information on source of this mis-information.

CONCLUSION: TVI Express has at best, "backing" from Travelocity, and nobody else. Furthermore, that business relationship is merely that of an affiliate, instead of a full partnership. Thus, any talk of "strategic alliance" is a lie, and the alleged partners, such as Avis, Marriott, and Lufthansa are already reacting to the false claims.

Furthermore, the "expert watch" section use bad quotes and bad citings to make it seem as if some big celebrities are endorsing TVI Express, when in fact they are endorsing the concept of network marketing in general. Furthermore, most of the quotes were taken from ONE single book without attribution.

Not so fast, partner... Are you sure that's legal?
Not so fast, partner... Are you sure that's legal?

"It pays" therefore it is legit... right?

Does getting paid make you forget any other concern? Or is there something else at risk, namely your reputation and your wallet?

WHY DOES IT MATTER: If you don't care about legitimacy of a business, you should be in the criminal underworld. They make much more money than we common folks. But I am sure you do, and we will explain how a business can pay, and yet be a scam.

WHAT THEY SAY: TVI Express doesn't say anything about this particular concern. Plenty of TVI Express distributors have made claims that they have earned plenty of money, it works, and therefore it is not scam.

TRUTH #1: A Ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme can operate for a while, and pay many people, before it collapses, or were shut down. Thus, it can pay, and still remain illegal.

TRUTH #2: We have earlier explained that TVI Express fits the pyramid scheme definition of the European Union as well as those of the American FBI, and plenty of other definitions of fraud as well.

TRUTH #3: "It pays, therefore it must be legit" is a logical fallacy. The people making the argument are defining scam as an illegitimate operation where they take your money and you got nothing to show for it. We have already earlier explained in TRUTH #1 that a Ponzi or pyramid scheme can pay a lot of people before it collapses or shut down by law. enforcement. Thus, those people are NOT using the full definition of scam. This is known as a "strawman" argument. By defeating an incomplete definition of scam, they hope to convince you that TVI Express is not scam at all, but what they actually proved is that TVI Express is not one subtype of scam.

TRUTH #4: "Results atypical, Past performance does not guarantee future results"

Or in other words, just because they have paid people, does not mean YOU will get paid.This is not TVI Express statement, but it is a typical disclaimer on almost any infomercial, disclaiming responsibility.

CONCLUSION: Just because it pays, does not mean it is legitimate. Any one who tell you otherwise is either a liar or a moron and don't know any better.

Send out the TVI Express clones!
Send out the TVI Express clones!

Why are there so many clone sites?

TVI Express distributors use every cheap or free outlet they can find, in order to spread their word about TVI Express. There are HUNDREDS of TVI Express clone websites out there, probably thousands. While part of it is just marketing, that doesn't explain the whole thing.

WHY DOES IT MATTER: Are there deliberate manipulation at work? Are you supposed to participate in this manipulation when you join?

WHAT THEY SAY: TVI Express itself seems to say that you are not supposed to clone their website. However, there is no evidence that TVI Express have acted upon any of the clones, or to go after articles that misrepresents TVI Express.

TRUTH #1: Just punch in TVI Express into Google, and you'll get bazillion variations. Here are some of them:

and so on and so forth. There are hundreds, if not thousands of these clone sites.

Most companies are VERY protective of their name, and goes after any one who have a similar name, or registered a similar domain. If you type in travelocity or amazon into Google, you will NOT find any similar domain names.

However, TVI Express actively encourages cloning of their own website, because one of the benefits you get if you join is, right on their frontpage: "self-replicating personalized website".

It wasn't until 2010 that they placed a "copyscape" banner at the bottom of their homepage, that says "do not copy". However, if you run the Copyscape plagiarism scanner, you'll find plenty of clones out there. Copyscape's free scan doesn't give you unlimited scans, but the time I got through shows plenty of clones:,, the list goes on and on. Also, there seems to be no TVI Express policy against the cloning of their website or its contents.

TRUTH #2: One tactic in search engine optimization is by having a lot of links that goes back to the website. Every one of these clone sites links back to Thus, any search for TVI Express will bring up TVI Express, and its clone sites. Any sort of negative review will be drowned out. A Penn State search engine study shows that 54% of all search engine users only look at ONE page of 10 results. So with hundreds, perhaps THOUSANDS of sites to drown out the negative voices, TVI Express can be assured of only GOOD things being said.

TRUTH #3: Keyword stuffing. By adding articles such as "TVI EXPRESS SCAM OR NOT" TVI Express distributors can even influence queries specifically for the negative information. And they do not even need a website. Sites like and similar article sites do not really check contents, and will take anything they get, and leave them available for search engines, further spamming the system.

Some TVI Express distributors have even presented some of the issues we have discussed before, but using bogus explanations, such as "if it pays, it must be legit", and the fake definition of pyramid scheme above, to falsely convince you that TVI Express is not scam. It does not matter if they sound bogus or not. It has pushed down the "real" results into later pages.

Even worse, TVI Express members have been copying each other. Just recently here on hubpages, at least two clones were spotted, one was even a clone of an existing hub!

CONCLUSION: By cloning websites and articles, TVI Express distributors have, intentionally or unintentionally, "spammed the net", by drowning out negative reviews and comments.

Why do they lie

Company only lie to conceal the truth, and in this case, TVI Express is trying to conceal the truth that they are nowhere as prestigious or as big as they claim. They are also suspiciously mum about various questions.

Some TVI Express distributors have tried to address these concerns, but those do NOT carry the same weight as one issued officially by TVI Express. Yet many of the explanations are so similar in wording, they must have been written by the same people. Can those be company official writing unofficially? Impossible to know for sure.

As for distributors, they generally fall into two camps: either they actually believe the bull**** they are spinning, or they know it's bull**** but they keep spinning it so they can drag in a few more people so they can get paid, and **** the consequences. They can't acknowledge that they've been conned and cut the losses.

Various MLM firms use the distributor's ego against him- or herself. By attaching the success of the opportunity to one's effort in the opportunity, they can make the distributor hang on far longer than normal. Here's an example, theoretical and dramatized:

"You do know you need to recruit two people to qualify for the board, yes? That is easy, right? You don't even know two people you can recruit? Come on, you have to recruit to succeed! You do want to succeed, don't you? You do want to spend the big bucks, right?"

The things left unsaid is "if you quit, you are a failure, and it's all your own fault." In fact, there is at least one hub here that said that very thing.


TVI Express has thus far refused to clarify a lot of the legal issues regarding its practices and compensation package. Its leadership is unnamed, and many of its claims have been proven to be false or misleading. Furthermore, TVI Express distributors have been caught in various lies, or perpetuating TVI Express falsehoods.

I hope you have absorbed the information, and reached your own conclusions.


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    • kschang profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      TVI Express is not a MLM. It is a pseudo-MLM Scam that combines features of both pyramid scheme and Ponzi scheme.

      Incidentally, TVI Express trio in Australia was fined $200000 Australian dollars for their crimes. Penalty just announced.

    • reagu profile image


      9 years ago from Los Angeles

      Thanks for the tip. I'm not a big fan of MLM, though I see them all the time in my personal circle.

    • kschang profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      @cj -- is that you trying to use my name to post a comment? Very funny.

      As for "daring me to join", are you in elementary school? Only children "dare", like "I dare you to throw this rock". Such behavior is beneath you.

      Besides, personal observation is so easily swayed by by cognitive bias. Logic and proper data are much more reliable.

      As you didn't offer any logic or evidence to prove your own viewpoint or to disprove mine, I guess you are out of arguments and must resort to emotional appeal.

      I suggest you sleep on it and refresh your mind.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      kschang, the best thing you can do is tojoin TVI and experience if it's really a scam... There could be some problems encountered by other members and I think it's very normal for any company... All problems can be resolved.. then talk to the owner what can you contribute to the company to make TVI the best network marketing company ever...

    • kschang profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      TVI Express formally defined as pyramid scheme by Australian Federal court, trio running scam convicted.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Hi kschang,

      I was with tvi express when they was at their peak..i did receive my payout of usd 500 and usd 10000 from the company..but here is the funny part..the cash was passed to me by one of my uplines in cash instead of transfer from my e wallet to the bank..i have 10 vouchers but yet i could onlt claim 2 of them as each is registered under my name and my wife.when we wanted to claim the remaining vouchers,it was not allowed by the website and it prompt that we can only claim one voucher with our name on what happen to the balance?gone into the drain just like that.and when we booked the hotel package,we have to folk out and additional tax where the amount is exorbitant.also initially,when we cycled out of the express board,we will be getting a residual income of usd12.50 per new recruits that enters our downline.i have 20000 ppl under my downline but guess how mush is my residual income?..usd9 freaking dollars..can u imagine all i want to say is TVI express is a scam and many people has fallen prey to their empty promises of changing ppl's lives.i am lucky that i had gain a bit from the company but i feel for the ppl under me who had put in effort to change their lives but was conned by this company...

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      TVI express started in the Philippines already, and I believe tvi express is illegal (basing it in my own research of tvi express in the net). In fact, i was invited to one of their presentations in a hotel. There were too many people invited, and they were all blinded! The presentation mainly focuses on the 'recruitment process', but not the 'so-called' travel product. The government hasn't taken action yet. :( this should be stopped!

    • kschang profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      It never was halal. Indonesian Islamic Council of Aceh had declared it haram in 2010 in a fatwa. Why should shariah law in Indonesia be so different from the ones in Dubai? (link in Indonesian, use Google Translate) (link in Indonesian, use Google Translate)

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I live in Dubai and I have been approached by people to becoming a member of TVI. If I get my value back by way of Hotel vouchers and I only get a return based on the incomes of the company I can accept that. If my incomes are dependent on introducing more members I believe the income from the capital put in by those members and finally its the latter joiners who would lose. i dont think this is halal at all.

    • kschang profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      A few more bits of news "TVIAward" don't dare share with you...

      * PT TVI Express Indonesia was called to an investigative panel to explain why they do not have a direct sales license (required by all MLMs). The response: TVI Express are NOT MLM.

      Interesting, since I found about half-dozen references to MLM on

      * South African Police and South African Reserve Bank (SARB) joined investigation of TVI Express scam. Local police called TVI Express "genuine scam".

      * TVI Services, long claimed to be the UK branch of TVI Express by various TVI Express fanboys (but NEVER confirmed by TVI Express itself), was dissolved on 08-MAR-2011, according to UK company records. If TVI Express is still in UK, it is operating ILLEGALLY.

    • kschang profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      Oh, if you insist on reading the alleged award yourself, just go to TVI Express website and look under announcements. Apparently TVIAward felt like spamming because TVI Express won't let you link to it. I know how, but I am not telling!

    • kschang profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      @TVI Award -- Oh, gee, did I block the entire message? I told everybody that TVI Express allegedly won some award that nobody outside of Indonesia knows about, didn't I? Sounds like you need your eyes checked.

      BTW, nice delusion you're having. Next thing you know, it'll be paranoia.

    • profile image

      TVI AWARD 

      10 years ago

      Hhahaha, YOU CALL THIS A SPAM MESSAGE, and here im thinking u are the moderator of your OWN blog where you accept only comments which you want.!!! , other comments which revels real truth and positiveness are blocked by ur administer. haha, what a looser. this kschang has his own network marketing which is going in LOSS because all his friends and family relatives are doing TVIExpress. so hes spreading negativity abt tvi so that at-least some people join his network marketing company. NOW I KNOW KSCHANG WILL MARK THIS MESSAGE AS SPAM AND WONT POST IT HAHAH

    • kschang profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      @TVI Award -- your comment was rejected for spam.

      As for the spam message itself... TVI Express supposedly won some award in February 18, 2011, but they only announced it March 18, 2011. A whole month later. Makes you wonder what took them so long?

      (And this message is posted by the same person out of Houston TX)

      What they don't tell you is that it wasn't even TVI Express that won the award, but PT TVI Indonesia (their Indonesian 'branch office'). And the award is for "service excellence", not for entrepreneurship or even travel. Furthermore, despite the title having "International" in it, the award is unknown outside of Indonesia. Previous winner? A laundry franchise.

      Furthermore, the award doesn't erase the fact that TVI Express is illegal in China, US, Australia, and other countries, or that it has been declared haram by Indonesia Islamic Council of Aceh. Nor does it address any sort of other deficiency.

      And one more point of observation: why doesn't TVI Express have a "press release" page where it can have people link to the announcements, but instead have people spam the Internet?

    • kschang profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      *sigh* Another "TVI Defender" who has nothing else to say except "it made me some $$$ so it can't be a scam".

      Since he posted a defense, sure he *do* care about "10 people talking **** about the company", yet he claims he does not care.

      So is he lying to himself? You be the judge.

      (BTW, the IP address traces to Houston TX)

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Hi, brother don't abuse tvi express. we all are really earning a lot of money through tvi express business. i started this business 14 months ago. my direct sign-ups were 9. and now my genealogy is in auto mod and im earning 10k dollars every week and also a lot of residual income. i feel instead of talking negative abt such a great opportunity, you must join tviexpress and grab the success asap. here in my city there are not a lot of ppl in tvi, but because of the global signups of tvi, im also earning automatically :). i feel so great that my life has changed so rapidly. now i also purchased the stuffs which i used to think ill never be able to buy. there are negative points to talk about tviexpress, but same goes with the top worlds network companys. i dont care about 10 people talking shit about the company and me, cuz i know im financially much more stable now then they can just dream of.

    • kschang profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      COMMENTARY: Isn't it interesting, that "TVI Top Leader" and the latest "Tarun Trikha" are posting from the same Internet Provider in Bombay, India?

      Why should people NOT be aware of negative information about such a "great opportunity" as you call it? What are you afraid of?

      If TVI Express is so great, they would have addressed all these issues I raised LONG TIME ago. They had TWO YEARS to do it. Instead, they have YOU posting irrelevant insults. Must be cheaper to send you instead of actually paying out the trips.

      And your SHIFT key is stuck. Get a better keyboard, with all those money you supposedly made.

      COMMENTARY: Consider the facts, folks. A REAL company would address the negative news by instituting public changes or at least public explanations. TVI Express, instead of addressing the critics with reforms or explanations, does NOTHING. Instead, you get these anonymous comments who unofficially insult the critics, but have NO facts to refute ANY of the claims. The best they can do is "why are you so mean toward TVI Express?"

      You decide if you want to join such a company.

    • profile image


      10 years ago



    • profile image

      Tarun Trikha 

      10 years ago

      Well, In the coming days, whatever i said in the above post will be practical, then you can post more of your negative blogs. Either way TVI is getting promoted.. no matter positive or negative talks, you are also one of the people to talk about TVI.


      Tarun Trikha

      (CEO TVI Express)

    • kschang profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      If you're Tarun Trikha, I am Chow Yun Fat. :D You don't even live in the same city as TVI Express! (Yes, I can see that.)

      You have ZERO verifiable facts to refute ANY of documented facts and observations listed here.

      Nice try, troll.

    • profile image

      Tarun Trikha 

      10 years ago

      Friends and all of my TVLites and respected kschang,

      It appears to me you have a lot of time in the world to write such a vast blog. Every business has competitors and thats why there are a lot of negative comments and blogs of the Top network marketing companies around the world as you can google yourself and check any name of the worlds top NMC's!... e.g. Amway, etc etc. the companies that you call to be legit have loads of negative blogs in the world of internet. so what's TVI different from the worlds biggest NMC's. I would just like to inform the world about a special news which will shake all the boundaries of your negative blogs. TVI is launching its OWN Airlines by the end of 2011 called "Royal Palm Airlines" which will start from Indonesia to India. and also by the mid of 2012 we will have our own 5 star hotel in Thailand. till now we have given and will give the money earned by all our TVLites. our top leaders have made a minimum of 10-12 Million dollars in the past 2 years of success in TVI express. I dont have to prove to you anything by documents as you can directly contact the top leaders of TVI and you can ask them yourself and record it in your camera and post it here on your blog. i hope atleast there will be 1 thing which is positive on your blog after that. in indonesia most new TVLites are cycling out of express board and earning $10000 every week.

      Wish you all Best of luck and Great success for 2011 in TVI Express,

      Tarun Trikha

      (CEO TVI Express)

    • kschang profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      @Curt -- If you wish to benefit from a scam instead of a real business, then by all means, go ahead. But if you only see the dollar signs and don't even CARE about how illegal it is, then you have NO IDEA what Robert "Rich Dad" Kiyosaki is talking about. He wants you to learn selling, not join a scam. Did you not read his story about how he learned cold calling by joining a phone bank in his after-hours because he was a LOUSY salesman for IBM? (Yes, I read his books too)

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      The world of business if purely gain and lose, you gain something or lose everything. If not then everyone gonna be rich. But what if there is an opportunity that will make you earn for a little capital? Will you grab it? Your reply will determine what type of person you are.

      Yes, but I will know the nature first and way of making money - Entrepreneur and Investors

      No, I might lose something - Managers and Employee

    • kschang profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      And that is all I ask... consider ALL the evidence, and the following truth: a scam CAN pay some people, and still be a scam. Thus, getting paid does NOT prove it's NOT a scam.

      Also, consider the sort of responses you find TVI Express supporters post above you. What sort of arguments did they use? Are they logical? Or simply emotion based?

    • profile image

      Ndongla Emmanuel 

      10 years ago

      I am from Cameroon and has just recently been forwarded an information through a teacher who left Cameroon and is now in the US who said she got some money from TVI Express. I still cannot believe this because these are two opposing statement. Probably one needs to find out more

    • kschang profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      @Dilshan Farook -- From your comment here, you have NO evidence to prove that TVI Express is not a scam. You have not even received any money from them. This is just faith you have. You believe in TVI Express. Did not the Prophet warn all against worshiping false prophets?

      Road toward the devil and Hell is bewitching with many temptations such as "easy money". Beware.

    • kschang profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      @Dilshan Farook -- You appear to be located in Dubai, UAE, so this question concerns Islam. Are you *sure* TVI Express is halal? Which imam or other Islamic authority has endorsed it as halal?

      Also, did you actually receive $10000 USD in your bank? Or is it somewhere in your eWallet still? You claim to have used the hotel package. Which hotel in Dubai did you go to? I understand they have some VERY nice hotels there. Care to provide a receipt as evidence?

      And you still have not proved that TVI Express is halal and is not a scam. A pyramid scheme will pay people and be a scam. Your excuses have been used well over a year ago. It is surprising (or perhaps not) that you TVI Express supporters just recycle the same old excuses:

      1) I made money (or I am about to make money) so it's not scam

      2) You must work for a competitor

      3) You just don't understand us

      4) TVI Express is wonderful

      and so on

      Please look up the word "paranoia".

      And your excuses have been documented in the other article:

    • profile image

      Dilshan Farook 

      10 years ago

      I started with tvi express 7th of April.i got my first 10,000$ on 8th of June.and i just have only 250 down lines.on this more then 50 got 500$,and may be next week more then 15 will get 500$ and 10 going to get there 10,000$ soon.also i used the hotel package too.itz not difficult.everyone can easily book it.

      And i like to ask the person who talked wrong about tvi............why you took so long time and wrote all about it.i think you are working with some other network marketing company.

      in the end i like to say tvi express is the best and itz changing people life.............

    • kschang profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      Maybe I should buy it and setup "anti-TVI Express"? Hmmm...

    • profile image

      Mamun Rashied Raja 

      11 years ago

      This is the best TviExpress Clone Ever...


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