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Tax Professionals What To Ask

Updated on September 23, 2009

Watch Your Money

Its The Money You Could Be Saving With... Smart Questions
Its The Money You Could Be Saving With... Smart Questions

Tax Questions That Should Be Asked

My friend filed his taxes late the other day.   Tax season is usually in the earlier part of the year, but the I.R.S. works 24/7.    So based on what my friend has experienced, here is some info regarding taxes that everyone should know when preparing their taxes or having someone prepare taxes for them.

When you are looking for someone to do your taxes make sure they are a real tax professional.  Some people may come and go.  I have seen some tax businesses open up and then they are gone very quickly.  If someone is going to be looking at your private financial information, ask for their credentials.  You have a right to ask, and you should ask to see what they are, where those credentials are from and see if they are legit!

Any business that you are trusting with your information, make sure you look them up.  Check the  Better Business Bureau to see if that person or business has had any complaints.  Most states will have a department that regulates tax professionals or accountants.   Some states have a board of accountancy for certified public accounts or your states bar association for attorneys.

I have also learned that its not always best to go to a large name brand tax preparer.  They do offer ease of convenience as some might be around the corner from your job, but what I have realized that some may not be experienced.   The no name CPA, tax accountant down the street may have more experienced than most of the employees at the local H&R Block.  Sometimes word of mouth, is the best way to find the right tax person for you.  Have you noticed those large company tax locations have left your area after tax season?   Some people have a tax question beyond tax season.  Make it a point to find a good seasoned veteran.

Ask about fees up front. Don't wait until your about to be done with your taxes to be shocked at the cost of the fee to prepare your taxes.   Get everything in writing up front and signed so you know what to expect.   Knowledge is power. Knowledge will avoid issues later. So know what is going on with your money and who you are doing business with.


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