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Taxes are UP & Obama Bows to Enemies

Updated on October 15, 2012

Fools in the White House

Obama Bows to our Enemies & Raises Taxes

For all you naysayers out there that think Obama is doing a great job, I beg to differ. Underhandedly he has cost the country more than 1 million jobs by shutting down oil leases on Government Lands, not allowing coal usage, creating Obamacare which will raise family taxes by $2500 per family and on top of that bowing down to our enemy and apologizing on behalf of American's. Please! Do you think American's are dying so Obama can apologize for them?.

Has anyone noticed that Gas pricing has gone up from $1.85 per gallon when Bush was in office to almost an average of $4 per gallon. Is that not the same as a tax since the Government gets a huge of the increase? Has anyone purchased groceries lately?

Did you see Obama bending over to kiss the feet of the one's that love our money but want us dead? Two weeks ago, the Taliban went to a party in Afghanistan where 17 of there own kids (Afgan Citizens) were dancing and beheaded all of them. Would you bow over to this type of mentality? Our President does and now he has turned over the Absentee Military Votes to one of their organizations to handle the votes and it seems they were hacked and we will now have about 20% of the votes counted. You gotta love this guy. He is trying my patience and the patience of America.

With Obamacare if you don't have Health Insurance, you pay a fine to the Government and if your company doesn't offer insurance they pay a fine. Taxes! Obama does not care if you have insurance or not as long as they are paid!

How would you like to be an Ambassador for the US knowing Obama will not secure your operation, then your killed and drug thru the streets of Lybia while all the while Obama knew of the attack ahead of time?

Speaking with my adviser at Well's Fargo, he told me the stimulus was forced on them by the Government and they paid over 6% back to the Government. Where is the money going?


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    • ginosblog profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from USA

      After watching the second debate it was clear when Obama avoided gas leases he has withdrawn and stopped job growth, death at his responsibility because he would not give extra security when asked, not talking about the 5 million he made from his book and over 1.2 million he has made each year of office from investments with some in GE in China and still talking about Romney has no plan, even though Romney has repeated it to Obuma many times and Obuma having nothing to add to his failed agenda, his is a total loser and if the idiots vote him back into office, they deserve what they get! A total liar!

    • The Frog Prince profile image

      The Frog Prince 

      8 years ago from Arlington, TX

      You get and too many are still drinking that koolaid. After watching the second debate it is clear that Obama has no defense for his failed record. Avoiding the issues and attacking is his modus operandi.

      The Frog


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