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Taxes - Go Figure

Updated on May 1, 2008

The Broken Abacus

When it comes to taxes there is no set formula. Take our phone bill for instance. We switched phone companies to get tthe best service at the best price. We joined MCI The Neighborhood whose service price was $19.99 a month. Taxes for $19.99 a month are more than 130%. The bill is more than double the agreed upon price. You don't have to be smarter than a fifth grader to know you are being had. You have to wonder who in the government broke their abacus. Who breaks the bank for the government? What big reward do they get? Any bonuses at our expense? At other customers' expenses? Almost every other week like clockwork the phone service is cut off. We had a similar problem with Verizon and that's why we switched. Now, Verizon merged with MCI and the choices are slimmer much like the candidates. Are they afraid of our outgoing phone calls? Incoming phone call? No phone calls? ...? Did Mr. Abacus redirect any of our phone calls? Is that why we pay double the bill? Does Con Edison do the same? Any other so called "services"? Mr. Abacus needs to come clean. He needs a lesson in the Bill of Rights. His bills don't add up.

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