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Selecting an Insurance Agent - The Benefits of Using a Local Agent for your Insurance Needs

Updated on December 20, 2011

When Selecting an Insurance Agent - Beware! The Lowest Cost Option may have Hidden Costs

I think we all learn in life that the cheapest option is not always the wisest choice. Many times when comparing products and services and selecting an insurance company we are tempted to look only at the price and simply pick the least expensive. Not having any other information this may seem like the best way to go but many times we learn otherwise. Quality, durability and safety are a few of the things that may be lacking in the lowest cost product or service. I remember when I bought a screen door/storm door for my house. I picked the lower priced door. I had to pay the same price for installation and the door ony lasted a few years only to be replaced by a higher priced door. The cheaper door ended up costing me more in the long run because it did not last. I remember when I learned that lesson and I never again looked at price as the only factor when making important decisions.

This same lesson applies to searching for the best nsurance agents. With all of the options available today it is very tempting to get a few quotes online and pick the best rates... many times at the expense of personalized service. I think we all can appreciate the benefits of personal service. But when it comes to getting the right insurance for you and your family - it can be priceless.

Why you may need a Local Insurance Broker

Not all of us are insurance gurus. We look at our policy and many times don't understand our coverage or our coverage options. Unfortunately we only discover the gaps in our policies when we go to make an insurance claim. Surprise!

  • What? I am not covered for medical? Well, who is going to pay these medical bills?
  • You won't replace my stolen jewelry? That was valuable to me! I had no idea that wasn't cover in my policy! What am I paying insurance for?
  • You mean I have to PAY for my rental car? How am I supposed to get to work when my car is in the shop? I thought it was included in my policy?
  • Why was I paying for comprehensive insurance when I am only getting $800 for my car? My car is worth WAY more than $800 to me. I can't find another car for that amount.

These are the kind of questions and mishaps that can occur when you don't understand your home or auto insurance policy.

Sometimes you have to rely on the experts, the professionals to advise you when creating your policies. Just typing in uneducated coverage numbers into a website to get the cheapest rate may be more costly to you in the long run. What happens when you make a mistake?.... Forget a payment? Forget to remove an old car after you bought a new one? Does anyone have your back? That is the job of the Local Insurance Agent and something you won't find from a global carrier like Geico.

Local Insurance Brokers will get to know you personally and give you insurance advice that best suits the needs of your family. The local agent will also be able to find you the lowest rates and will be honest with you if they are not competitive in your area. They will review your policy and help you make the wisest choices so that there are NO surprises when you go to make a claim. You will know what your coverage is and not have to go through the added stress after an accident of unexpected out of pocket expenses.

Once you are a customer of a local agent - it is his/her job is to make you happy so that you continue to renew your policy with their agency year after year. They will alert you if you fail to make a payment so there is never a gap in your coverage. You won't get that from a computer quote!

There are a few sources on the web for selecting an insurance agent. One of my favorite insurance sites for finding the best car insurance rates is While you are on the site check out their helpful articles and search your are for a local agent. You can also check the going rates through their web quotes. It is always best to compare cost AND quality of services.

Get to know your Local Insurance Brokers. Finding an insurance agent who is knowledgeable and will take the time to review your policy needs is priceless. You can avoid possible devistation and any horrible unfortunate surprises when you go to make a claim.

WHO HAS YOUR BACK? My LOCAL Insurance Broker has mine...

Other Insurance Advise

Want more insurance tips and how to save money on home or auto insurance. See other helpful car insurance articles.


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