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The Best Financial Blogs

Updated on August 15, 2009

Lot's of excellent financial bloggers now give solid, informed commentary about markets and the economy. Some are academic economists of great renown, while others are just interested amateurs. The great thing about the blogosphere is that blogs are judged by the quality of their ideas rather than the credentials of their authors.

Listed below (in alphabetical order) are my choices for the best financial blogs in the English language. Some of these bloggers post several times a day while others only share their thoughts sporadically, but all are worth reading.

Financial Blogs (in alphabetical order)

  • Across the Curve - The go-to blog for bond and interest rate commentary.
  • Accrued Interest - Focuses on the economy and bond markets.
  • Alea Blog - Economics, stocks, and other markets.
  • Angry Bear - Economics from a left of center political perspective.
  • Austrian Economists - As the name implies, economic commentary from Austrian school economists.
  • The Baseline Scenario - Three authors, including MIT economist Simon Johnson combine to write this excellent economics blog.
  • Beat the Press - Economic commentary and press criticism from left-of-center economist Dean Baker.
  • The Becker-Posner Blog - Essays and occasional debate from Nobel Prize-winning economist Gary Becker and prolific jurist/writer Richard Posner.
  • Bronte Capital - Excellent commentary by an Australian money manager.
  • Cafe Hayek - Economic commentary by Don Boudreaux.
  • Calculated Risk - Very popular economics blog with lots of great charts and a very lively comments community.
  • Cassandra Does Tokyo - Sporadicly updated, but posts are always lively and insightful.
  • Coyote Blog - Economics from a right-of-center libertarian perspective.
  • Credit Writedowns - Links and economic commentary from Edward Harrison.
  • Crooked Timber - Multi-author blog on politics and economics from left-of-center perspective.
  • Brad DeLong - Political economy from a liberal Berkley professor.
  • Division of Labour - Multi-author blog on politics and economics.
  • Econbrowser - Excellent blog with economic commentary from James Hamilton and Menzie Chinn
  • Econlog - Multi-author blog from libertarian point of view.
  • Economic Populist - Good commentary from a lefty economist.
  • Economist's View - Lots of fantastic links and commentary from University of Oregon economist Mark Thoma. A great resource.
  • Environmental Economics - Economic commentary with a focus on the environment.
  • Financial Armageddon - Economics and markets from Michael Panzner, who was one of the few to foresee the current economic crisis.
  • A Fistful of Euros - Multi-author blog focusing on European markets and economies.
  • Freakonomics - A multi-author New York Times blog which focuses on the application of economic principles to everyday life.
  • Interfluidity - Only occasionally updated, but the posts are always interesting and thought-provoking.
  • Jesse's Cafe Americain - Markets and economics commentary.
  • Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed - Excellent blog focusing on technology, markets, and economics.
  • Paul Krugman - The blog of the Nobel Prizewinner and N.Y. Times star columnist.
  • Megan Mcardle - Controversial libertarian blogger for the Atlantic magazine.
  • Bob McTeer - Good commentary on the economy and Federal Reserve policy from a former Fed governor.
  • macroblog - Technical economic commentary with lots of interesting charts.
  • Macro-man - Financial markets and economics commentary.
  • Mahalanobis - Commentary on financial markets, bonds, and stocks from Michael Stastny
  • Greg Mankiw - Blog of Harvard economics professor and former Bush administration official.
  • Marginal Revolution - Two person blog of a couple of economics professors.  One of the most popular economics blogs out there.
  • Market Observation - Commentary on markets, economics, banking, and fed policy.
  • Jeff Matthews Is Not Making This Up - Occasionally updated blog of author and hedge fund manager Jeff Matthews. Always interesting.
  • The Mess That Greenspan Made - Financial links and skeptical commentary from a blogger who anticipated the current crisis.
  • Naked Capitalism - One of my favorites.  Yves Smith gives daily links and commentary about the financial crisis.
  • Newmark's Door - Idle thoughts of a middle aged economist
  • Overcoming Bias - Robing Hanson blogs about life and behavioral economics."
  • Mark J. Perry - Blog of an academic economist focusing on markets, politics and economics.
  • William J. Polley - Good solid economic analysis from a former Fed economist.
  • Robert Reich - Politics and economics from the Bill Clinton's former labor secretary.
  • Barry Ritholtz - Popular markets and economy blog by an investor/economist who makes frequent TV appearances.
  • Dani Rodrik - Big think blogging from a serious academic economist.
  • Noriel Roubini - Dr. Doom himself. The most prominant of the economic pessimists blogs about the economy.
  • Felix Salmon - Former blogger has moved to reuters. One of the best and liveliest of the financial blogs.
  • Brad Setser - The go-to guy for analysis of foreign trade flows. Has recently joined the Obama administration, so perhaps no more blogging for him.
  • Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis - Mike Shedlock is a prominent deflationist and economic skeptic.
  • Stumbling and Mumbling - Economic commentary from English writer Chris Dillow
  • VoxEU - Very good multi-person blog with a focus on European economic policy.
  • Will Wilkinson - Economics and politics from a prominent libertarian blogger.
  • Zero Hedge - Prolific and increasingly influential blog by a fellow who calls himself "Tyler Durden" after the anti-hero of the movie Fight Club.


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