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The Budget Challenge

Updated on August 26, 2014

Things you can't live without.

Let's face it, there are things that you can't live without. You need a place to live so you are going to have to pay a mortgage or rent every month for the remainder of your life. Now high school doesn't seem that bad, does it? When you have a place to live, you need electric for everything. You will also need water, I would prefer not to die of dehydration. Then you need food because starvation is no fun either. So the basic needs are shelter, food, and water, a creature comfort that none of us could live without is electric.

Mortgages...ha, don't ask me...I am not an expert on that. I know how to cut electric bills and conserve water, I will give you tips to help. Out of this list there is one subject that my knowledge goes beyond understanding on and that is food

Food, you really do need it.

We all need to eat but what if I told you that you can feed a family of 4 with just $50 a week? Would you believe me? Would you want to know how? Even better it counts as what they are now calling a "Clean Eating" diet...In reality it is just food. It is food like our grandparents grew up on.

You will be learning to cook and eat for a better life while saving $$$. We all know more $$$ means more fun or more to donate so you can avoiding dumping a bucket of ice on your head to avoiding donating cash that you don't have. If you are game for this challenge, make sure to keep your eyes open for hubs that will be coming out to support you on this journey.


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