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The Complete Cheapskate

Updated on January 7, 2011


 The complete cheapskate by Mary Hunt is a great book on frugal living.  Anything to save money that is possible is in this book.


 The Complete cheapskate is a great read on saving money.  Many sections are in the book starting from expenses to budgeting and ways to reduce them.

Other sections of the book focus on the mental mindset of changing from a spender to a saver.  She talks about the excitement she gets from saving money not spending it.  Several years ago she was a spender that got into financial problems but since then she has changed her life in a fantastic way.

If you need motivation or inspiration you will get it from her personal story.  Most of all the book is a practical read on cutting costs and reducing debt.


 This book is practical and inspirational, if your a spender or a saver you will learn a great deal from this book since she has been both.  A must have book for the frugal lifestyle.


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