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The Cost of Job-Based Medical Plans

Updated on September 13, 2012

What does your job-based medical plan cost you? Do you think the expense is worth the peace of mind? How do you feel when you spend $4000 a year for a PPO or Kaiser Plan and yet, nothing happens or you didn't need it? Would you want to be forced to get health care as Obama wants?

While health care premiums went up 4% and premiums to firms hitting $16,000 a year ( of which, the employee paid an average of $4300), health care costs are major hit for all but those earning less are hurt harder. Companies are also shafting the workers at low end jobs by offering to cover less services than those who earn on the upper scale. When the family's income declines or remains the same and health care rises, the hurt is felt. In 2011, health care costs rose 9%. At Kaiser, one of the nation's largest provider, the health coverage has risen $2400 since 2009! Even if you do not cover your family and only yourself, the cost for Kaiser coverage rose $800.

As you can see, if health care is mandatory, the hardest hit are those with a family and a low-paying job of not more than $15 hr, health care consumes a big chunk of their income versus a person earning $30 hr or more. Getting a tax break at the end of the year, once a year, does not offset this hardship on them when forced to get it. Having a government making it mandatory for all to obtain health insurance, and if they do not, are fined, to me, is fundamentally wrong. This smacks of some communist regime. Not all Democratic ideas are good.


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