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The Easy Way To Make Money At Home In The Philippines

Updated on September 10, 2014

PisoNet Box

Coins For The PisoNet

What is PISONET or Coin Operated Internet Café?

PISONET or Coin Operated Internet Café is an internet café business. It composes of personal computer, coin slot, timer, computer box and internet connection. The good thing about this business is that you don’t have to man the business because it will run independently. The main idea is just the same as the bending machine. You just insert a coin into the coin slot and viola! You can access the internet.

Inside The House

What are the main requirements in this business?

  1. Location/Space

Most of the PISONET or Coin Operated Internet Café is located inside the house of the host, beside the house, front of the house or even a separate area near the house. This business does not require bigger space at the start. A 4m X 4m space will do. Even a small space in front of the house is enough.

  1. Operator but not all the time

The operator will be the owner of the house or whoever the owner assigned to. The main job of the operator is to accommodate the customer if they coins and the operator will be the one to provide the coin in exchange of any bill they have. It is okay also not to provide an operator if you are so busy and all you have to do is to inform your costumer to bring with them necessary coins if they want to use the PISONET. But again has a quite difference if somebody will accommodate the costumer if they need them. Again it is your choice.

40%-60% Profit Share

Profit sharing

There are various ways in Coin Operated Internet Café business profit sharing. The most common sharing will be 40% to the owner of the house and 60% share of the investor. Generally speaking the owner of the house is a business of the investor. There are some investor who would gave 35% share to the owner of the house and 65% to the investor. But all profit sharing has its own agreement why they come up to its agreed profit sharing.

This kind of business is a big advantage to the owner of the house where the Coin Operated Internet Café is located because they do not invest money for the business. They just let his place be the location of the business. Meaning you are making money at home without investing money.


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