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Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online

Updated on April 23, 2012
My most recent earnings from MTurk.
My most recent earnings from MTurk.

I was recently laid off from my job as a librarian and it turned out to be one of the best things ever. After a talk with my fiance, he wholeheartedly to support my effort to begin working for myself. My fiance is self employed an I wanted to be able to set my own hours as he did and get out of the rat race, commuting, a boss and punching a time clock. I took a lot of time looking into various ways to make money online and saw a lot of scams.

There are many websites that promise you the chance to make money by doing various tasks. Unfortunately, many of these are just a scam or a waste of time. Many of them involve doing surveys and require you to sign up, give all kinds of information and then tell you that you have to complete "offers" to get your pay or prize.The offers and surveys are actually signing up for products with a steep monthly fee that is hard to cancel once they start.

A website may tell you that you have to "test out a website" by signing up for something. But after giving all of your information, you discover that they really want you to sign up for a product and give them your credit card information. For this reason, you should set up a spam email address and use that address to sign up for things you are wary of.

You may come across posts or articles that someone writes about how much they are making at a certain website, and then tell you to use their referral number so you can make the easy money too. But often it turns out that the money is made by signing up more people, just like you were signed up and if you fail to get others to sign up for the scam then you don't get the money. The people who are getting credit for referring you are often lying about their success because their main goal is to earn by referring people. It is simply a scam.

Sites like these may require that you earn a certain amount of money before they will send it to you and others will disqualify you for ambiguous reasons and keep your earnings. The only thing you will end up with is an inbox full of spam and resentment over the time you wasted with them. Absolutely be aware of any site that requires you to pay a fee to sign up.

That is not the only scam. many website report that they have hundreds of exclusive and easy jobs where you can work from home on the internet. You will sign up and then find that the "free" job listing are things you can find anywhere, outdated or lies. They want you to pay a fee to get the legitimate or higher paying jobs.

Always beware of companies that claim you can work from home making money assembling items. This scam may include a company that sells a book that lists all of these work at home companies but the book is full of info that you could get for free, has outdated listings, has false listings. They will say there is a money back guarantee but you will never see that money again. The "Peoples Lifestyle Company" is a notorious company that does this type of scam.

Almost all home assembly jobs will usually charge you for a sample kit. Then you assemble the item, send it to them, they reject it as not being up to their standards and you are out the money it cost you to get the sample kit. So they got your money and the work done for free. They make a killing on the "sample kit" fees.

When you find a website that you sounds good, take the time to Google them. Google their name along with terms like scam, ripoff and fraud to see what other people have to say about them. be aware that many of these companies will post things on the internet about them that are glowing reports so always be skeptical.

If you are looking to make money writing, then there are several reputable websites that you can look into. I have personally written over 100 articles on Their website is easy to sign up for and navigate. They pay through PayPal and there are all types of writing jobs from 100 words on up to more than 1000. You may be writing blog posts, content for websites, reviews, etc.

Another website that I can vouch for is which is associated with I'm not saying that it is big and easy money but you can make a decent amount for doing a variety of tasks that they call "HITs" which is short for Human Intelligence Tasks. basically the HITs are tasks such as tagging pictures, transcribing a short clip, classifying things, answering questions, finding emails or other info, completing legitimate surveys such as thesis research, writing a short blog post or writing an article. It is free to sign up for so you have nothing to lose.

I have included a screenshot of my Mturk "dashboard" which shows my earning for the past few months. On my best days there I have made $150 a day. That was from a very great requester (requesters are the people who post the jobs you do). Some requesters are notoriously bad paying, slow paying and reject work for no reason. One example of a requester with a bad rep is "DoloresLabs" also known as "CrowdFlower". I would definitely avoid working for them.

If you have any experiences, good or bad, with online companies, I'd love to hear about them.


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    • MichelleRobert profile imageAUTHOR

      Melissa Michelle-Robert aka Mim 

      6 years ago from Hiding out on the Bayou

      Thanks JustaTeacher, I'll look into textbroker. I'm always looking for new and different things to do as a freelancer.

    • justateacher profile image

      LaDena Campbell 

      6 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

      Michelle - great hub! Another reliable sight to write for is - you don't get paid a lot for each article, but if you were doing this as a career, you could make decent money. The good/bad about this site is that you are given a ranking for your writing and can only do work for people at your rank or lower...

    • MichelleRobert profile imageAUTHOR

      Melissa Michelle-Robert aka Mim 

      6 years ago from Hiding out on the Bayou

      Thundermama, I can also give you more info from trusted friends who also make a living in the internet if you are interested. They use other websites they use and I would be happy to share those with you as well. Just let me know and I can send it on to you.

    • Thundermama profile image

      Catherine Taylor 

      6 years ago from Canada

      Great hub, I am thinking about doing more work from home and will be checking these sites out. Thanks for the great info.


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