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The Law of Exchange - high vibration thoughts about money...

Updated on May 20, 2013

Paying for Services

How much do you think you should pay for a doctor’s visit? How much do you think you should pay for a spiritual advisor? If you answered…nothing…then this article is for you.

The Power of Exchange is the Universal Law of giving and receiving. When we pay someone for a service we are giving them value, telling them with our heart that we value what they give us.

Many of us have had moments in time when we feel we should receive a service for free. Companies are more than aware of this that is why you get so many ‘free’ offers. We live for the word ‘free’…no payment for services rendered.

In all fairness, it is natural to feel as though you cannot pay for services especially if you are on a very tight budget which is most of America right now. It would be nice to receive some very necessary services at no-charge. However, if you are working…how would you feel if your boss asked you to come in to work one day a week at no-charge? If you are like me, the first thought would be…why? Who do you think I am that I would come in and just toil all day at no-charge? I would feel devalued by that request. Yet, I’ve wanted to make that same request of others when I am in need of their services but I want to hold on to what money I have.

The law of giving and receiving is about an exchange of value. If you want to be valued, show others their value. Expecting others to render services for free sends the message that you do not feel their service is valued OR you are sending the message that ‘since I am struggling with money, I feel I have the right to your services for free since you have money.’ Either way, it is a value based on fear, lack and self.

Trying a new Perception

I had a conversation with a young man recently who told me he felt he shouldn’t have to pay for psychic readings. When I asked him ‘why’, his response was…because I am paying them for a spiritual gift and I shouldn’t have to pay someone for their gifts. ‘How should they make a living?’ I asked. His reply was…well go to work. So I turned the question back on him and asked him how he would feel if I felt I shouldn’t have to pay him to sit in a store all day restocking shelves and running a cash register. He seemed confused so I clarified. I gave him the scenario…what if it was my perception that what he did for a living was useless because it requires no thought and no real expertise so it isn’t worth my money to pay him to do such menial tasks. What if it was my perception that menial tasks should be done for free? If you don’t believe in psychics…why do you see them? If you do believe them, then why should they use their gifts, tapping into the Universal power for you to receive some sort of hope or spiritual advisement for nothing? What if you could look at it as they are offering you a service that you trust and you can place value on that service through the exchange of money?

In this day of major department store chains and health care prices going through the ceiling, it is easy to get into this mindset. The problem is that it keeps you small. It keeps you in the poverty mindset and that will lead you to continue down that same road until a new perception can set you free if you are ever willing to try another perception.

We can become so involved in our own set of problems, fears and worries that we don’t take into consideration that others may feel the same way. If they have money, we almost expect them to give something up…doesn’t matter that they’ve worked hard or spent years getting an education…all we see is you have, I don’t so give it up.

Here is another scenario…a young man pays for a coffee with a ten dollar bill. The Barista is very busy so when the change is given, the Barista gives the young man 3 dollar bills and his change. When he counts his change he realizes that the Barista inadvertently gave him a ‘ten’ dollar bill by mistake. He smiles at his fortune and pockets the money. Oh well, that coffee company makes a huge profit so they will never miss this. He isn’t thinking about the Barista making $8.00 an hour who may lose his job because the till is short. That doesn’t occur to him. But what if it did? Honesty aside, what if he gave the money back because he didn’t want a fellow community member to lose his job? That is high vibration thinking and another side of the law of giving and receiving that most of us do not think about.

Live and Learn

I learned a big lesson in this myself recently. My living is based on the law of exchange. I am a Reiki practitioner, hypnotherapist and Spiritual Advisor/Coach. I am the only hypnotherapist/Reiki practitioner/Coach where I work so if I want those services I need to pay someone else for them. For a long time I didn’t receive those services because I felt I didn’t have the extra money for them. I am currently going through a pretty tough transition in my life and I need those services. Then it hit me. How can I expect to be paid for my services if I don’t want to pay someone else? I am now seeing someone else for Reiki and looking for a coach.

So I am willing to try some high vibration thinking and giving my fellows payment for their services because I value them. I have the opportunity to decide how much to pay and what I feel is fair but the point is, that I am getting the point and I am going to try this new mindset. Even when I go to a big chain store, I am going to happily pay for those customer service agents because they, like me want to make a living and they have value just as I do.


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    • profile image

      Koko Owusu 

      22 months ago

      This is amazing! Thank you for your insight :)

    • profile image

      Charles Herr 

      2 years ago

      If this is about health care or higher education, it's not free. We pay taxes for the good of the country as a whole. This is the reason we pay taxes. Those who have the most, pay the most. Those in the health care or education field will be paid for their services by the government, a government in support of the people as a whole. And the best way to support the people, benefit the economy, and the country, is from the bottom up.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Very well written. :) Thank you.


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