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How to Say No to a Friend That Asks for Money

Updated on February 22, 2012

The Joy of Saying No

Is a matter of having fun saying no. No is such a wonderful, liberating word. There is no word more responsible in the world than the word "no". If the United States Congressional Budget and other finance related agencies were to say no more often, we would not be immersed in this terrible hoolabaloo we are now. If the Department of Defense had the power to say no, there would've been no need to bring our troops home, because they would've never left. When it comes to friends and relatives asking for money, look at it as the chance to educate them.

This is how you say no with a smile, with no drama and no need for alibis.

10 and More Ways to Say No to a Friend

1. Tell him you are doing him a favor by denying him the money. You are doing it to save the friendship.

2. Ask him when is he expecting to get money. Then have him consider to wait until then, that way he doesn't need to owe you any money.

3. Share your sad story with him. Bring on your statements and your debts. If he talks about a broken arm, tell him about your broken leg. If he gives you this sad story about his cell phone, remind him of the many times you were at risk of having yours disconnected. Don't be ashamed of sharing all your sad financial stories with him. After all, that's what friends are for right? At least all you're asking for is a pair of ears and maybe a shoulder, not their next paycheck.

4. Do not be afraid of being the bad one. You are going to end up being the bad one anyway. You might as well play the part and save your money, rather than trying to do something you can't really afford and then end up chasing bones while losing a friendship.

5. Rethink the definition of a friendship. Are you really a friend or a personal ATM? When friendship is about all you can give to the other, and there is no balance in giving and receiving, regardless of the giving and receiving being solely of material nature, one should rethink if this is the kind of friendship one should be striving for.

6. Practice at saying no. The word "no" has so many negative connotations, and there is so much emotion tied up to it. Be assertive. There is day and night, life and death, they all coexist. There are moments to say yes and moments to say no. Saying No Is Good.

7. Be your own best friend first. A true friend would not place any other friend in the predicament of being in the hole. If I may relate a short personal experience, I have never asked anyone for money, not even my parents. And is not about being self-sufficient, is about personal responsibility. Last time, the only time, I loaned my boyfriend any money, I had him sign a contract and wrote in the times he paid me back.

8. Business is Business. Separate the issues in your life. Love pertains to love. Money pertains to money. If they go to the bank and the bank doesn't loan them money because they have bad credit, and you are willing to take a risk where the finance experts will not meddle, then is fool you twice.

9. Again, saying no doesn't make you a bad person. There are red lights and green lights. Would you say a red light is bad when is saving you from crashing into an upcoming vehicle?

10. If they make a scene because you said no that is enough proof of some friendship. Don't worry about being alone... is not that bad. You are really making space in your life for true quality people, just in case they decide to walk out the door on you, they've done you a favor. One less person to say no to.

Hope This Helps

Personal character is your true friend. And anybody that wants to have the honor of your friendship will absolutely respect and admire you more for having control of your life and actions.

Say No. No is Good.


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