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The Long Pitch Review

Updated on October 7, 2017

What was the pitch about?

First of all, I want to point out that during this current economic recession, many people need some extra income. There could be many reasons like decrease in family income, loss of savings, loss of a job, increase in debts and so on.

Many people have tried the Internet to find ways to solve their problems. Most of these people are not lazy and are not looking for the easy solution or easy, lazy way to earn money but to find a legitimate way to support their income or to find a lucrative business. Especially if they don't have a job.

As I have experienced, there are so many advertising campaigns that you can read about on the Internet. Just about every kind of product, e-book and down loadable materials. Many people are eager to learn more and understand new things of how they can start a business, whether it is blogging, affiliate marketing, article writing, product selling and so on.

Too often I find advertising campaigns on the Internet pitching certain products and telling people they can make lots of money. These pitches as most of us already know, will tell you that you will earn a lot of money if you apply their program. And a pitch campaign will show a record of their earnings, whether it be a check or an affiliate earnings.

The worst of all is that these pitches are very long but vaguely tell you what exactly you are going to do, or what the job really is and how you will earn money. Not all of us is familiar with these pitch campaigns. Even if we are, we tend to hope that what they are selling is worthwhile.

The Internet marketers who wrote these pitches look for affiliates to help sell their products. Some of these affiliates hesitate to sell the products because the pitch campaign isn't clear about how the customer earns money. I have also tried to be an affiliate and when reading their very long pitch, I keep wondering and asking myself sometimes how does a person earn money.

Why can't the Internet marketer just say it in plain language with the step by step instructions on how to earn money on the products that they are selling, so that people will understand how it is done. In that way, they, the Internet marketers themselves and their affiliates can easily sell the products to the public. Sometimes the product is sold for a cheaper amount but after the customer buy the poducts there is still additional payment like an upgrade or a monthly fee.

If they are not clear about what they are pitching, they will be labeled as scams. Usually, scam is the first thing that comes to mind when people read a very long pitch and when they are halfway through they will see a big amount of income plastered all around. And when they continue reading to the end, they still don't understand what the pitch was about and it didn't clarify how the money is earned.

If the Internet marketer wants to sell their products, their affiliates want to sell good and trustworthy products so they can easily sell it to people and the people want to buy a product that they can trust as well. It will only happen if the promotional campaign in the form of a pitch will clearly tell the customer how exactly they are going to earn money. Instead of showing them how much they will earn, why not show them how to earn money, step by step. Then I think everybody will be happy.


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