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Programs For Compounding Money

Updated on May 24, 2012

Why Compounding?

The idea of compounding your money is probably as old as the idea of money itself. It's no surprise that there are countless money programs online promising to increase your wealth.

You can find hundreds of so-called HYIP's or High Yield Income Programs online. They come and go by the boards. Most are scams, never meant to pay back "investors".

Many money programs, even with the best of intentions and honest admins, fail anyway due to lack of experience, outright ignorance, or any number of reasons.

So What Is Compounding?

You may have come across the classic fable about compounding a single grain of rice.

The story is a powerful metaphor for the awesome power of increasing the quantity of something exponentially.

There are many versions of the story. Basically it involves a wealthy king, maharaja, emperor, whatever, granting a favor to someone.

Sometimes the recipient of the favor is a young girl or a poor farmer, or the person responsible for inventing the game of chess.

The request seems simple enough. One grain of rice for the first square of a chess board. Then double it for the second square. Double that for the third square, and so on.

The benefactor agrees and orders the delivery of one grain of rice for the first square, two grains for the second, four for the third, and so on.

Too late, he discovers he has been tricked. He would never have enough rice required by the sixty-fourth square, the last square of a chess board.

Successfully applying the concept of compounding is why or how the rich get richer. Failing to apply this principle the poor get poorer.

Enough theory. Let's look at some real life examples. Let's look at some programs promising to compound our money.

Compounding - how a single grain of rice...
Compounding - how a single grain of rice...
grows astronomically with compounding
grows astronomically with compounding
Compounding money
Compounding money

Excellent version of the classic compounding fable (04:01)

CLICK to see compounding of 1 position
CLICK to see compounding of 1 position
Nice payout from ad2million
Nice payout from ad2million | Source
JSS Tripler is paying nicely
JSS Tripler is paying nicely
Another nice payout from JSS Tripler
Another nice payout from JSS Tripler

Example Of Compounding Money Online

A dictionary defines compounding as -

to pay (interest) on the accrued interest as well as the principal:

My bank compounds interest quarterly .

My first example of compounding money uses an online program called ad2million.

You purchase advertising positions using an online currency account, in this case AlertPay. The ad2million program then promises to pay you 2% daily on each of those positions purchased.

That is, each $10 ad position you purchase earns 20 cents daily. Buy ten ad positions for $100 (plus AlertPay fees) and you will earn $2 daily.

Say you purchased $100 of advertising positions, then after 7 days your purchase would have earned you $14, so you now would have $114 in your ad2million account.

The power of compounding begins when you use some of that $14 to buy another $10 ad position. You now have $110 of ad positions earning 2% per day.

Of course ad2million could vanish tomorrow and you would lose the lot. So this strategy is only for those willing to risk some spare cash.

And of course it's important to withdraw your original investment from any earnings as soon as you can. My plan is to alternate between cashing out and re-purchasing further ad positions.

I have purchased some $10 advertising positions in Ad2Million. It allows for the compounding principle as you can see from the table on the right.

Programs like ad2million appear and disappear overnight on the internet. Sometimes, however, they can run successfully for some months. Even years. GoldNuggetInvest was one such program.

I will keep this page updated on my results with the ad2million program. At this stage I have compounded my original purchase earning enough to purchase further ad positions.

Update - I have received payouts from ad2million and then proceeded to alternate between withdrawals and compounding for as long as the program lasts.

Update - I have withdrawn my initial "investments" in the program. However, the program now requires further investments before you are allowed further compounding and withdrawals.

Therefore I no longer recommend putting money into Ad2Million. As of this writing the program is taking longer and longer to payout. This has always been a sign of the demise of countless such money programs.

Gold increases in value
Gold increases in value

Gold & Silver & Your Financial Future

Note the chart on the right. You have heard that the value of paper currencies such as the US Dollar have gone down.

You are not being told that the value of gold has continued to climb ever upwards.

Long term it always has. Experts maintain gold always will. Some say silver is destined to become more valuable than gold. Max Keiser recommends we buy silver now. One reason is because it is so much cheaper than gold.

Before you get involved in any risky "investments" online, make sure you check out my hubpage about -

investing in gold and silver.

Although I continue to dabble in HYIP's such as ad2million or JSS Tripler, that's with "pocket money". I believe it's far more important to begin accumulating one or more of the precious metals for lasting, long term wealth and financial security.


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    • Charles S profile imageAUTHOR

      Charles Russell Stockdale 

      7 years ago from UK

      Hi sam3m - just read your "Humor: On Being Old" - bloody excellent, loved it!

      Yes, pyramid, in that it depends on new money coming in. But what business/program doesn't?

    • sam3m profile image


      7 years ago from New York

      i think that this is a pyramid scheme. in the long run, every investor can't be paid. but those in early have a better chance of profiting. if you're going to throw the money away somewhere, why not there?

    • Charles S profile imageAUTHOR

      Charles Russell Stockdale 

      7 years ago from UK

      Hi bloggering - the numerous onsite testimonials don't sound phoney to me. Also I've now included an image of my earnings.

      I don't think this is a deliberate scam, but always beware even genuine programs can disappear overnight. These things are only for those willing to risk a bit of spare cash ;-)

    • bloggering profile image


      7 years ago from Southern California

      Are you sure this isn't a scam?


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