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The Truth Of Making Money In Reality

Updated on November 15, 2018

Reality dreams

I have been working over 12 years as a waiter and a chef in restaurants and cafes. I've always been loyal and courteous to my employers and colleagues in the workplace. For a number of years I've been engaged in helping my colleagues, friends and relatives to solve their problems. I've learned that in the majority of cases the major problem for them is how to obtain more and more money to make them financially sound and sometimes rich. From that experience, I've learned so many things in life and how to understand and deal with others who have money problems.

In fact, there are those in this world who feel they want another love partner above everything else in the world are in the same boat as those who think they want money above everything else in the world. For example, one person may want a particular person because he/she thinks that special person would bring the perfect love relationship and problem solved. The other person may have the hunger and desire for money because he/she thinks it would bring perfect happiness and problem solved. However, neither option will solve any problems in the long run because there will always be problems ahead in the future. So problems are for solving and not for moaning and groaning.

Here I will talk about the psychology of making money in 'reality' and not in some dream world which I used to dream of years ago. I will make no attempt to tell anyone how to run their work or business due to the personality and nature behind that business. It is the individual's personality, character and mental attitudes towards their work and their outlook upon life, but the reality will always be real in this struggling, big bad world. Plus, that makes all the difference between success and failure in any work or business.

Happy Artist
Happy Artist | Source

We, as human beings of average intellect, have within us the proper judgement and common sense needed to make all the money we require so we can have and do the things we desire to have and also do. Unfortunately, this mental ability we possess is mostly buried beneath our mental functionality and impediment that leads to failure or total disappointment. This is also called as having weaknesses and how they exist in the mind, and there are some ways of suggestions and means of eradicating them and may prove to be effective in certain cases.

Let's say for example a person feels restricted with an imprisoned mind, and he/she is limited by a shortage of sufficient money to obtain the things and conditions required or desired, this feeling of restrictiveness and shortage is the urge of a much higher, greater phase of themselves to go forward and obtain a much better income. They are required to simply unchain their abilities and put them to work, so therefore, their income increases.

If anyone is ever at this point, they must take action and stop being lazy or procrastinating and give it a real deep thought in a quiet room. in other words, one must take control of him/herself. You may have these feelings within you that prompts you to live a larger, greater, better and freer life than your present income will permit. If that is so, that prompting comes from the larger, and positive side of your nature. This is a direct challenge to the little negativity, contemptuous, and fearful side of your nature which communicates to you and says that you're unable to acquire and do the things you want to do.


Falling in love with your work

The first thing which needs to be done is to figure out on how to get rid of the little devilish self of yours that prevents, impedes and defeats you all the time. That cunning fella will always be discouraging you and transform you into a negative pessimist without realizing it and how this can affect you. If you don't realize this soon enough than you can never be able to fully and permanently increase your personal income. That little devilish person must be put down within you and out of your business and go into partnership with the big optimistic person. The simple psychological steps written here, and if done correctly, will you ever be able to defeat the little devil and accomplish a happier result.

The little devilish self of yours has many ways for keeping your personal income down as much as possible for you to mentally suffer. The little devil's best and favorite method is to make you unhappy and discontent in you current work or business. The little devil has fortified your mind so as to protect it against positive attacks. Your main aim will be able to attack that negative devil, but how? This will require strength and courage on your part. This will seem like a common engagement in a war or conflict with yourself, and when you start to commit yourself for the first time there seems to be but less to be acquired by it. Your wish here is to seek ways and means of earning more money, and it is almost probable that you would like to make it in some other way than in your current situation of employment. You may be disappointed or even 'discouraged' when you know that you can never get ahead as you wish until you have become adapted, reconciled and have gained full control of your present work or business.

In order to understand what I mean, you must master your present work. This may sound harsh or strict, and it's like swallowing a bitter tablet. The chances are maybe that you are sick and fed up of the hard, dull or slavery of your current job or business, and that you now wish that I might come up with something unique and tell you how to quickly jump into a better, profitable and enjoyable business with a huge income waiting for you. Well, sorry to say, this is reality and anyone who believes there are money-making opportunities out there (even online) and promises you 500 dollars a week, or maybe a month, then you can dream on. Trust me, the only people who benefits from these money-making opportunities are the fraudsters, so never fall for it. As a matter of fact, these people who scam others never succeed in life, they always fall and receive punishment. Greed is their philosophy and because they chose to choose that path for whatever reason, the little devil inside them will get the best of them some day. So greed is immoral, and psychologically has no benefits whatsoever, it makes matters worse.

As I've mentioned about mastering your present work, yes, it does seem very disappointing and that earning higher incomes are not made in that manner. The bitter tablet has to be taken and you must learn to like it, and also get on well in friendly terms with your present work. Having a strong positive relationship with your present job does not necessarily mean that you will have to permanently adhere to that job for the rest of your life, or for a long period of time. In fact, you can get into any reputable business if you prefer, and acquire from it the income you require and live the life you want to live. Bear in mind, you must do the necessary work of making yourself notable and worthy to enter that business and start prospering. No one starts the top from the first day, time and patience is required. So accept your present present job and love it, and let hate disappear. There is no shame in loving and taking pride in your work, and be proud you have a job to go to because it just makes the whole world feel right.

A lot of people I've met in my life say that they only 'work to live'. In my opinion, that is a negative statement especially when one wants to become successful and make more money in life. Not one single person I've met ever said to me that they 'live to work' in their life. This is the actual key to success in the real world. They should understand in order to make a living, one must 'live to work' and put in considerate hours, or else what other alternatives do they have? Claiming welfare? Hoping to win the lottery jackpot? Be a parasite etc? Turn to crime? These things never get a person ahead to make more money, and if they want to be like that, it's their life.

While I have stated some psychological facts on the reality of making money in the real world, there is however still more to be said. We know money does not come easy no matter what job you do, even if you've got your own online business, it's still not easy work, the commitment, attitude and positiveness is still required just like any other outside job. However, let's assume that you are now receiving all the income you rightfully deserve and are ready to use it. Your general attitude, point of view and your attitude towards work have given you your present financial status, and are proud of that. You have a great psychological status and if you improve that status, you will rise even further if you're willing. If that status is made worse by you, you will drop deeply. This is just another way of repeating that your way of thinking about your business and financial affairs has made your income what it is, and you can never permanently change your income until you change yourself once again. This is not a harder job as you might think. This time the work will be a lot nicer and pleasant and will not take very long. Sooner or later, happy results will come your way.

Happy Engineer
Happy Engineer | Source

Find out your true side

We as humans have two sides to our nature. These two sides are very well developed in most cases that we often think of ourselves as two separate personalities or selves. The first side (positive) could be the big, loving, precious, kindly and fearless self that desires the better things of life. The second side (negative) could be the cunning little selfish, fearing, doubting, impolite self that objects to every aspiration and plan and smirking discouragement at every way at you. This has nothing to do with a person having a split personality though, however, this does make me think of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a novel that is based on this phenomenal appearance. It's where the two personalities separate, so when a person shows one personality he'd have no idea of what happened and what he was doing when showing the second personality.

Out of the two personalities, there must be one personality that controls your life most of the time. Try to stop and think which one it is! A good careful consideration and giving yourself a truthful answer will be needed and then you will know where you stand, even the truth may set you free. If your first positive side of yourself dominates you, then you have no worries and do not require any such psychological methods. You've probably got enough income already for your needs. If you're sometimes dominated by both personalities, it could well mean that you're neither winning or losing, but just struggling in life in the hope for something bigger and better that will never come to your doorstep, unless your first positive side gains more dominance. If your second negative side is in control most of the time and dominates you, you're a loser and will not accomplish anything in life, and you will also feel discouraged and disheartened.


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