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The Rarest of All Coins in The World

Updated on September 6, 2012

You probably think it is some Greek or Roman coin, but you would be wrong. The rarest and most valuable coin is American, a 1933 Double Eagle gold coin, which when made had face value of $20, a considerable sum in 1933.

Only 10 are left out of 455,000 made. The coin was not supposed to be released to the public because President Roosevelt banned the payout in gold to combat the, then, financial crisis-the Great depression. Most of the coins were not released and subsequently melted into gold bars. The ones that sneaked by are now worth $7.6 million each! How the few coins managed to get out seems to point to a cashier at the Mint, way back in 1933, stole for good reason, and gave or sold them to a man who died in 1990. The coins ultimately ended up with another family and when they tried to sell them, the US Mint seized them claiming it was their property. The recent trial jury seem to agree. The family is appealing the case because there should be Statute of Limitations on stolen property especially in a case over 70 years old!

I suspect that had the coins not been the world's most rare and valuable coins, there would be no trial.


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