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How to make money out of nothing II

Updated on January 29, 2012

My Promise

My Promise
My Promise

My Promise to you is restoration

This picture means so much to me. I took this the month before I got my foreclosure notice in the mail. It was taken from the property that I was getting ready to loose. Yet, during that same time period the Lord was telling me that He would restore the things that I had lost. At this point, I didn't even realize just how much I really would loose, and how much life really would change for me. The picture shows a double rainbow - which represents a double restoration. Gods words are true - this I know.

Please read the following link to my first hub, this sets the stage to what has happened over the past year and a half.

Every day is a new opportunity

If you've taken the time to read my first hub, then you understand that in 2009 I was in dire straits. Well, at least it seemed that way to me. I had tasted success in the years prior to the housing bubble burst, and learned to live quite well. I wouldn't say that I was ever extravagant, but I did have a nice home, nice automobile, and lived very comfortably.

2009 really was a new beginning for me. I had to start off at the very bottom, with basically nothing - and I mean nothing. There were times when I only had 38 cents in my pocket. One thing that you will find out about me - by reading this, or my previous hub, is that I have faith in God. He has never, even at my lowest and most "brokest" point, ever let me go without food, clothing, or a roof over my head. Sometimes it helped me to get through the hard times by taking a look at what I had, instead of focusing so much on what I'd lost.

Looking back, one thing that I realize now, that I did all wrong, was to take for granted the fact that when I was doing well - it wasn't because of any great talent of my own, but it was because of a great blessing that God had placed on me. I can now say that I'm thankful to have had the chance to learn the hard way, although I hope to never face something like this again, I have learned quite a bit, and if I do have to face something like this again -- I'm ready! And this time I know who to thank, not only when things are going well - but when they aren't going as I would hope! I'd say that when I changed my mindset from "Why me O Lord?" to "Change me, O Lord!" ....well....that is when everything changed. Even my circumstance. I started to see opportunity in everything that I was doing, AND, it seemed that new opportunities kept presenting themselves to me! I could see how easily one step would lead to another. This time, I had to be very patient, and trust that the path that I was on was the right path - and that, I've found, can only be determined by one's heart and mindset.

Every day is a new opportunity. Everyday when I get up I thank the Lord first of all, for the fact that he is faithful, and the sun rises every morning (even if it's cloudy). The rest is up to me. I can make the most of the day, or I can stay in bed, pull the covers over my head, and hide from it..... Life is too short to waste - Get up!

One thing leads to another

Out of necessity, in 2009 I began to sell everything that I owned, just to make ends meet. Eventually, in doing this - you sell just that - Everything that you own. It was when I realized that I really had nothing left, that I had to find more things to sell - this you can read about in my previous hub.

What is interesting, is what it can lead to. This goes for anything that you decide to do. We all have to start somewhere, for me it was in selling used "stuff' for other people. My plan worked very well as long as I stuck with it. There was never a shortage of used items to sell - and as long as we have great sites like Craigslist, or even Ebay, we have an unending supply of both things to buy, and things to sell.

As I got better at finding "clients", and finding "buyers" for their items, I also got a little pickier about what I would sell. There is just plain more money in larger items. Not everyone is a born salesperson, or has the confidence to ask someone for $5000 or $6000 for anything - but you can work up to it.

I acquired an eye for collectible items, commercial equipment (which can be tricky), and then automobiles. This is a good one for anyone that likes cars, trucks, or anything that rolls down the road. There is a lot of money in selling cars - and you don't need to have a used car dealer license to do it - as long as you are not taking title to the car. You can act as a sellers assistant by advertising the automobile, and being available to show the automobile for the seller. The car never has to leave their property ( except for the test drive - which they can ride along on). The seller loves the service because most people don't like to haggle. When you use a mediator, no one takes it personally. You can easily charge 15% of the sales price with a minimum of $150.00 for this service. I tested an ad in the classified section of the newspaper - it cost me less than $20 to place and I put it in the "wanted" section. "Cash for Cars, Top Dollar paid", or "Sell your car for Top $$$". You can set up a google voice number for free and use them for voicemail - When you call the seller back, explain that you offer a service that will get their car sold for Top Dollar! You don't charge them a dime unless you can sell their car for them. Some will not be interested in waiting, but you only need 1 or 2 sales per week to make a nice part-time income of $300 or more.

It's easy to grow a sellers assistant type business by starting small, and just getting into bigger ticket items as you go! Automobiles are just one example of niches that you could specialize in. Auto's are great too because you can even supply a service to the seller if you're good at detailing, or even repairing cars.

Anything that rolls

Contracts, Commissions and Receipts

I had quite a few people e-mail me and ask me about contracts after I published my first hub. When I got started, I did most of my business on a hand shake - that's usually all that it takes. If you get into larger ticket items, or inventories (which I got a lot of) you will want to start putting things in writing. I have available for you a sample contract, as well as sliding commission scales, and examples of receipts. I would be glad to send this information to anyone that contacts me through this hub, as well as answer any questions that you might have. Please use the contact link to request this information so that I can e-mail the information to you - I also appreciate your comments, but the comments section isn't a good place to post your e-mail. You should be able to click on the link in this section to go straight to the hubpages contact form for me.

From Turf to Surf to Rolling Hills again...

2010 brought about quite a bit of change for me - I think mostly in my own head, but that's where all of our battles are fought - in our minds. During this year I moved again - I had been living in a rental in Elsmere DE, in the crowded outlying suburbs of Wilmington DE. It was such drastic change from the property that you see pictured at the beginning of this article. Towards the end of the summer of this year, I really needed a change. I felt crowded, and out of my element. It was a great area for buying and selling, but it wasn't me.

So.. I headed to the beach! I rented a building at a bargain price and lived in it, as well as using it as a resale store. I accumulated quite a bit of items over the past year, so needed somewhere to display them, rather than store them. The way that I saw it, the less moving around, packing and unpacking that I had to do, the better. So as new stuff would come in, I would clean it up and set it up for display.

At the same time, I was doing quite a bit more business with the larger ticket items - which required no need for storage - so in a way, i was phasing out the smaller items to get into doing the bigger things. There's nothing wrong with doing a little of both, but I do better when I can just focus on a niche of some sort.

I think that the best thing that I got out of living at the beach, was a clear mind. There is just something about being able to go sit on a beach with a good book. It's relaxing, peaceful, and for some reason, clears your mind of all of the clutter.

I stayed at the beach for the rest of the summer, and into the fall. It was during the late fall that a phone call to my mortgage lender changed everything. I thought that my house had been foreclosed on - but I found out, that even though an auction date had been published in the newspaper, that they in fact had not foreclosed. The bank told me to move back into the property so that we could talk about modifying my loan.

This is what I'm talking about. Life is a combination of things that range from material to spiritual. When I said at the beginning of this post that God had promised me a restoration, I know that He meant it - and even though it appeared to me that all had been lost, it really wasn't. I could tell that at that very point when my mindset changed, so did everything around me. Opportunities began to become more clear to me, and things just seemed to start falling into place again.

My business, the marketing business that I originally had done so well with, even picked up unexpectedly. It was like it was raining opportunity on me.

So, I moved back to my log home in Rising Sun, MD - Back to the rolling hills, and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Back to that place that I honestly thought that I would never see again.

I'm writing this part to encourage anyone that needs to be encouraged. When things really are going bad, it's hard to imagine that it will ever get better again - but it will. For me, my faith carried me through even the lowest times - not that I didn't ever get sad, or down, or even depressed, I did. I think that it's important to evaluate oneself to see what you really believe, and where your heart really is. If it's just on this short life that we live, there really isn't much to hope for, but if you could only understand that there really is so much more to living than just this life - it would make all of the difference to you. Everyone that has breath, has purpose. And everything that you experience in life, good and bad, is all for the attainment of that purpose.

My purpose is the testify to the things that the Lord has done for me. It's my sole purpose in life to tell others about Him. In short, read John 3:16, if you really want to know more, read Genesis through Revelation - you can visit the link at the top of this section "For purpose click here" if you don't have a Bible at home.

Rehoboth Beach after Tropical Storm Nicole

Rolling Hills to Real Estate

To show you how things can evolve, even over a 2 year span I'm going to tell you what niche I've decided to settle into.

When I moved back here to my home in Rising Sun, after a great clean-up effort, as squirrels had taken residence during my absence (what a mess), I was able to get focused back on a real strategy for a successful business. At the same time I was researching my options with my home. The bank had actually dismissed the foreclosure which was giving me more time to get a strategy in order. The modification never came to pass. For some reason they never sent me my paperwork, even after speaking to them several times. I found out within a few months of moving back that a loan modification was no longer an option. Now it appeared that my only options to avoid foreclosure were to try to short sale, or come up with the money to buy this property back outright. I really don't want to short sale, so how could I possibly come up with the cash to purchase my property outright? By moving into bigger and better things.

At this point I have done hours and hours of research in regards to real estate, short sales, foreclosures, etc. All of this research re-peaked my interest in real estate investing - which I had looked into several times in the past, but had no time to really pursue it. Now, all that I have is time!

As of the date of this hub being published I have shifted my focus as a result of a step by step one day at a time approach that took me from a sellers assistant to real estate investing.

Real Estate could be considered another niche depending upon how you approach it. If you decide to get a license to sell real estate, then you can do so under a broker at any number of real estate firms in your area. Once you find that you have a knack at dealing with people, and you are comfortable with it - it could prove to be a very lucrative career move. If you've spent time helping sellers and buyers, you'll be a great candidate for showing homes and helping buyers and sellers with their transaction.

I myself am taking a slightly different path. Basically, I work with various real estate investors. I first find people that want to sell their property - that's not very hard to do these days. I then get a little information from them about the property, it's condition, their asking price, etc. I put an offer request package together and submit it to various investors. 90% of the time I am able to make an offer on the property for what the person is asking. This usually comes as a pleasant surprise to the home seller since they were expecting an offer for quite a bit below market value.

On the flip side, I also find buyers that would like to purchase a home, but have had trouble qualifying for financing. I match those buyers to one of these properties, get them approved for private financing, and ouila, I have a deal. I get paid by flipping properties.

Property flipping, which is a form of real estate investing, for the most part requires no money of your own if you are working with an investor that knows what they are doing. I was blessed to find a great mentor in this field. I will be putting together a plan that will allow me to recruit and mentor people all across the U.S.A. that are looking to get into the field of real estate investing themselves. I've looked into a lot of these programs myself, and found that most of them charge quite a bit of money to "mentor" you. After what I've been through, I couldn't possibly charge someone for this. Instead, we will work on a profit sharing arrangement until they're ready to fly on their own.

This is an example of how, sticking to a plan even if you don't know where it's going, can really lead you down a road that will pay off. In less than 2 years, I am now looking at a scenario that will easily pay me double what I've ever made in the past. Again, Gods restoration promise to me.

I have gone full circle since 2009 - from losing a home, and most of my possessions and income, to regaining what I had and then some. My wealthiest point, was really my lowest point, when I realized that my heart and mind had to change. I had to step back from the picture, try to learn what I could from my circumstance, always be thankful, humble myself, and begin again.

Lastly, my desire is that you that have read this article through, will have gained some hope in your circumstance too. God has given each of us the ability to persevere..... so roll up your sleeves, and make up your mind that you are going to take it one day at a time. Learn all that you can along the way, and decide what "wealth" really means to you.

God bless!


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    • Hopefulone11 profile image


      4 months ago

      Mmm profile pic has me as a 1950s man

      Hi there... im Michelle. I made a bad financial move today and got myself in a worse situation. Lately ive been oraying about money and really feeling discouraged. Wondering if God will really help me get financially secure eva !!!

      Then tonight i typed in 'how to make money when u have nothing ' and your post came up. I started reading and felt really reassured and loved. I felt u understood. Then whammo ! Ahhh this lady is a Christian ! Wow, u are hearing me Lord. U do know and u do want to help me. But how ?

      Ok i put the ad in to sell other peoples stuff and I prayed again. Lets see where this takes me . My story is hard and long. You dont need to hear it, it would take too long , but talk about despair.

      God bless you!

      Love Michelle

      P.s please pray for me. I have faith after reading this, but also a lot of doubt cos its been one failure after another. It seems i can never get in frknt and stay in front

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Thanks again, bro. I am really glad my wife stumbled upon your hub pages. Now I have more faith and encouragement than ever before. God WILL make a way where there seems to be none. I have just recently done a financial course about wealth creation which also gave me excellent ideas on how to work with money so It can start working for me too. for those interrested in finding out more.

    • boyatdelhi profile image


      6 years ago

      Very interesting hub. Thanks

    • buythewayside profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Wilmington, DE

      gerkebiz - Wonderful - You will be surprised at how much money you can make if you stick with it!

    • gerkebiz profile image


      6 years ago from Phoenix, AZ USA

      Thank you for these articles. I'm at the point right now where I'm selling much of what I own and some things for a couple of friends. You've given me ideas and some inspiration to take it to the next level. :~)

    • buythewayside profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Wilmington, DE

      Nera Woods - Thank you for reading - It's wonderful to see that things are going well for you too!

    • Nera Woods profile image

      Nora Tamba 

      6 years ago

      I actually cried when I got to that part where you called your mortgage lender and found out your sun-embraced property was not foreclosed. I also had a big fall and recovery after 5 long years, so your story hit home. You write very well too, so it really touches. And it's heartening that you owe it all to the Lord. I also thank the Lord everyday, although I don't know why sometimes I get that feeling that it could be taken away again.

      In my case, I recovered financially when my Adsense monthly earnings became like a monthly salary and when I met through Craigslist a generous couple in Florida who hired me as a virtual assistant and is paying me very well for a job that I enjoy.

    • buythewayside profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Wilmington, DE

      Harlan Colt, I agree with your take on Brie - I've been reading her hubs - very cool. Thank you for your vote!

    • buythewayside profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Wilmington, DE

      prarieprincess, Thank you for reading again and especially for your vote.

    • Harlan Colt profile image

      Harlan Colt 

      6 years ago from the Rocky Mountains

      At the start of a busy day, sorting through what to read and what not, I decided to read this because I saw Brie had read it and commented. I know and trust her. I also have decided to follow you. What an awesome testimony about the Lord. This is awesome and I voted it as such! - Harlan

    • prairieprincess profile image

      Sharilee Swaity 

      6 years ago from Canada

      Buythewayside, I remember your first hub from months ago, and how inspiring it was to me at the time. It is so interesting to see how far you have come in the last year or so, like you say, from nothing! Thanks for the update. Voted up, interesting, awesome and beautiful!

    • buythewayside profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Wilmington, DE

      to JanHeath - thank you for your positive comment. Very encouraging!

    • buythewayside profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Wilmington, DE

      We will! btw Brie, I have been reading through some of your hubs - Love them!

    • JanHeath profile image


      6 years ago from Australia

      Wonderful and inspiring hub. I'm sure the real estate world will benefit from having someone like you in it!

    • Brie Hoffman profile image

      Brie Hoffman 

      6 years ago from Manhattan

      We will meet in heaven one day soon.

    • buythewayside profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Wilmington, DE

      Thank you Brie, I appreciate you!!

    • Brie Hoffman profile image

      Brie Hoffman 

      6 years ago from Manhattan

      Wonderful, wonderful hub! Voted Up, +1'd and liked!


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