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The Triond scam: Find out if Triond is a scam or not

Updated on September 5, 2010

Triond scam

Many newbies come to Triond with their own expectations and if they are unhappy with the way Triond works or how much money they earn their first week or month on Triond then they sometimes label Triond as a scam, hence the name Triond scam. Many people believe that the Triond scam is real and that they have been scammed somehow. Well sorry to break the news to you all but guess what? The Triond scam that people speak of is a huge, are you ready for this, it is a huge myth. Yes it is true there is no such thing as a Triond scam, and in fact I will list some common stuff that people have a problem with, and these problems usually end up making people believe Triond is a scam, which it is not a scam at all.

Myth 1. Triond doesn't payout- This myth is just a joke because I have been writing for Triond for a long time, even before they started allowing writers to earn money VIA Adsense, and I assure you that Triond pays out every single month, on time every single time, so do not worry if Triond pays or doesn't pay because they do pay out when they say they will.

Myth 2. Triond are not honest about earnings- This is a very funny myth because there are some people out there who claim that Triond is not honest about the earnings that people are making, not Adsense earnings but Triond earnings. This is yet another myth because yes sometimes, once in a great blue moon, only once in a great while, Triond will have a glitch occur where users are shown drastically lower or higher earnings but this rarely happens and when it does happen, Triond is upfront about what happen.

Myth 3. It is impossible to make a lot of money on Triond- This is an easy myth to believe because it is hard to make money on Triond, sometimes. Once a writer hones their writing skills and research what topics to write about and keep on learning then the money that can be made on Triond is virtually limitless. Triond is a great way to earn cash every single month and now that Triond and Adsense has partnered up, it means that writers can make some serious cash on Triond.

These are the three common myths that I usually come across and I assure you that that is allthey are, myths. Money can and is being made on Triond from writers just like you, so just hang in there and keep on writing and sooner or later you will be able to make a great income writing for Triond.


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    • MarleneB profile image

      Marlene Bertrand 6 years ago from USA

      I am glad you wrote this hub. I hope many people read it because it is filled with true information about Triond. I think the people who call Triond a scam are people who probably don't spend the required time necesarry to write what readers want to read. Also, writers often forget that they must do some promotion of their articles to help build readership. I have written a few articles for Triond and have actually received a small, but worthwhile payment from them. I submit more to HubPages because I like the rich community, helpful tips, and the interaction the HubPages staff has with their writers.

    • profile image

      Srk199 7 years ago

      Triond is a good site. They also pay me many times. Check here