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The same door leads to the same results!

Updated on December 25, 2016

If you have to tell people you're rich, you ain't

-Joe E. Brown, Comedian

One of my favourite business stories is about a middle-aged manager struggling to pay his bills, so he decides to get some advice from a financial expert.

The manager makes an appointment to meet with a well-respected financial advisor whose office was located in a swanky building on Park Avenue.

The manager enters the expert's elegantly appointed reception room, but instead of a receptionist, the manager is greeted by two doors, one marked "employed" and the other "self-employed".

He enters the door marked "employed" and is greeted by two more doors, one marked "makes less than $40,000" and the other "makes more than $40,000".

He makes less than $40,000 so enters that door, only to find himself face to face with two more doors. The door on the left is marked "saves more than $2,000 a year", and the one on the right is marked "saves less than $2,000 a year".

The manager only has about a thousand dollars in savings, so he enters the door on the right- only to find himself right back on Park Avenue!

"If you continue to do what you've always done, you'll continue to get what you've always gotten."

It's painfully obvious that the manager in the story will never get out of his rut until he starts choosing to open different doors. The moral of the story is that most people are like managers- they choose to enter the doors of life that lead them right back to where they started.

The only way for people to get different results is to choose to enter different doors, isn't that true?

The truth is 95% of the people wround the world are like managers who aren't getting ahead but they're just getting by.

Ho about you? Are you opening financial doors that will lead to you becoming a 95%er? Or are you opening the doors that will lead to financial independence, or even wealth, like the 5%ers?

Agreed, that 40,000$ is a very good amount of money by any standards, but see the price that the manager is paying for it.

  1. He needs to remain present at work whether he likes it or not. If not then he doesn't get paid.
  2. He can't spend time with his kids, for his hobbies or for a vacation.
  3. Very limited increase in pay with limited amount.
  4. Lifelong has to work and get paid.

So, start opening your doors to future financial freedom, while keeping your present job or business.


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