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DELL Financing

Updated on March 31, 2012

Words of Caution

I purchased my last three compters, two MP3 players, a camera, and some software through Dell Financing. In total that comes to be a significant amount of money. After all of the business I gave Dell I wish I had known the things I know now so that I could have avoided some of their pitfalls. Here are some of what I believe to be the pros and cons in dealing with Dell finance.

The Pros

I like Dell ! They don't have the best track record (laptop batteries catching on fire), but they do have other great attributes that make them my computer of choice.

I needed a computerdesperately. The old Compaq my wife bought back in '95 just wasn't working. I mean being in University and having the system shut down suddenly while writing a term paper was hell. With no money, Dell financing was really the only option if I wanted a new computer.

Pros of Dell financing:

  • The application process was easy and painless
  • Approval was done over the phone
  • Was done with little credit and no down payment was needed
  • I liked that you are assigned a financier
  • Financing works as a revolving credit, just like a credit-card

The Cons

Even though I love my Dell computers I have to be honest about their negative attributes. Hopefully Dell will get a hold of this and improve on their financing practices.

Cons of Dell Financing:

  • Customer service within Dell Financing is inconsistent. Sometimes good sometimes very bad
  • Very high interest rates. We're talking 29% or more
  • Rates were changed without notice and with little explanation
  • No satisfaction guarantee returns
  • You have to make the purchase decisions with your Dell financier. Meaning little technical help
  • Dell financiers act like salesmen, pushing features you didn't want into your purchase
  • Dell Finance will report you to the creditbureau if you default
  • Dell Finance will do nothing to improve your credit if you're a good client

Last Remarks

Now remember these are from my experience with Dell. I should mention that after getting frustrated with the service and complaining, Dell was quick to apoligise and did what they could to remedy our problem.


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    • profile image

      Richard 5 years ago

      Excellent information. This site definitely explains essential concepts to its readers. Thanks for continuing to write such wonderful articles.

    • profile image

      gulam yaseen84 7 years ago

      Dell, an IT company famous for the ease of purchasing computers has completely dropped the ball with this laptop from the design to the service. It is truly unbelievable.

      While the laptop might look good, the slightest touch will get smudge and fingerprint marks all over the shell of the laptop

    • profile image

      Dell Laptop AC Adapter 9 years ago

      Excellent overview of dell financing options!

    • profile image

      John 9 years ago

      Check this site for everyday dell discounts and coupons.

    • profile image

      Brooke 10 years ago

      I bought a dell c600 notebook and i thought dells costumer service and financing program was awsome... ecspecially since i was a newbe to financing... thumbs up

    • profile image

      GerriG 10 years ago

      I love this "Blog"go get them Jyles.