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Things I Don't Like About Fanbox

Updated on July 20, 2017
Easy Money
Easy Money | Source

How it started

Started fanbox Nov. 2012 and have a few issues. Got kicked out Apr. 2014

Received emails stating I was earning $5.22, $5.24 and the like. Checking the source said was recommended by a net friend. Joined and let fanbox into my email list. This is how so many got started back then.

Sounds like easy money! Then realized it was only like the 22 cents part. Turns out you get about 4 or 5% over a 90 day period. The $5 part is a loan you have to pay back. Major problem here is they charged you 1.58% a month fees. That equaling 4.74%. So the times they payed out less then that % you lost. This is only one example of the ways they kept from giving you much, if any money. Making it sound easy to earn. You have to do the math.

The Bait
The Bait | Source

The Hook

They give the impression that anyone can easily earn on fanbox. Members were wanting the money fanbox said they "earned". So I asked a fanbox coach how was it that a loan can be considered earning. Answer: It is some sort of accounting method fanbox uses. Fanbox then went to an "by invite only" way of getting members because they had so many upset members that were not receiving the funds fanbox kept saying they "earned". Thing is you have to pay back all the borrowed "earned" money before you get what is left. And they keep that for 90 days accruing monthly fees.

Most fanboxers do what is call boosting. You fund someone's blog or item they have for sale. That pays about 5%. You have to wait 90 days and have $25 or more before you can cash out. Costs are 3 x 1.58% = 4.74%. So when IPL is paying less than 4.74% you are actually loosing money! One way you can break this cycle is by doing the other activities to earn above the IPL fee charged. Another way is to invest your own money. Then you earn about 22% a year, if you stay away from the overpriced items and don't do ads. This is a big risk for a site that can close tomorrow.

This is a great site for good bloggers and those that are good at ads and such. It is the average fanboxer, that is funding those few. Most, I believe will loose money here. Because of the impression of easy money.

Had a blog on fanbox that explains how I see the way it really works. Got messages from other members that warned that fanbox may close my account if I bad mouth fanbox. Removed it and wrote this hub. They closed my account anyway for voicing an opinion in April 2014.

My teacher experience

When someone joins from your invite they become your student and you earn commissions. They have only paid me about $5 for being a teacher. They promised 10% for the first 6 months of my student's earnings. Students earned about $1,000 during that time. I should be getting $100. Must have been only the profits my students earned. That would be about the $5. They could have explained this and not lead you to believe you got 10% on the whole amount. Double meaning/standard for "earnings" at play.

They claimed if you did all the steps and "graduated" your earnings would double. That didn't happen. They must have left something out. I kept asking what earnings double? No answer! It could be some small part that I wasn't earning any money on anyway? They could list the areas that the "graduated money" doubled on. It sure wasn't any and all money earned.

Nibbling your profits
Nibbling your profits | Source

Almost quit and loss of money earned

Was going to quit, Then tried out their new photos thing and was earning, finally. I become a power user again. Photos was added to power user. The lowest level costs $6. You get 33% back into your 90 days to mature balance.Uploaded a couple photos, earned about 72 cents a day. X 30 = $21.60 a month. Minus the $6 = $15.60 profit. Went to a higher, $50 a month, level using my projected profits of $21 a mo. The couple days I uploaded photos paid ave. of $3.30.Then the big rule changes started. Would have earned 30 x 3.30 =about $100 minus the $33 add back in the 33% rebate of $11, profit of $77 a mo.

The plan was to use the profits from a couple months to go to a higher level. The highest is $1,500. If the ratio follows the $50 level your profit will be 30 x 100 = about $3,500 a mo.All this is true only if fanbox does not change the rules like they have done so many times in the past.

Update: Rules have changed and things in this past are no longer valid. My costs have sky rocketed and profits way down. I quit spending any more money and waited out the 90 day maturing time. Paying down the loan as required with that months profits. At the end made only about $20 profit all the time from Nov. 2012 to Apr.2014.

Counter to fanbox's TOS
Counter to fanbox's TOS | Source

I was charged when I shouldn't have been.

Bid on their auction items and got charges on my Paypal for bids I didn't win. When I complained was accused of trying to defraud fanbox. Checked their TOS and it stated that money would be charged only if you won the bid. So, Who defrauded who here? Took fanbox off my Paypal when they sent notice that they where going to take out monthly I'll Pay Later (IPL) loan fees. I am wondering how many others got those charges and didn't complain and didn't have their funds returned. Tried to pay the monthly fee with money that I earned. They told me you now have to have matured earnings (earnings older then 90 days) before you could use that to pay off anything. They then charged my credit card $17 without my permission. They got my info when I used the card to buy items when I tried out that "power user" thing. I did not give them permission to use my CC any time they wanted. I then changed my CC number.

Not to the benefit of most members
Not to the benefit of most members | Source

More big changes

Fanbox has changed again.They are screwing up photos earnings as of Nov/22/13. Updates by fanbox president Brian Woosley, They say that too much money is going out to pay those uploading photos and videos. So now you have to spend a lot more on different plans in order for you to earn at the same rate you used to. Problem is the cost of the plans is more then you earned before. Also they plan to take away the 33% cash rebate for purchasing a power user level. This will double, or more, the present costs depending on the level you purchase. On top of that my $3.50 a day average has fallen to around only $2.25 a day. And steadily falling as time goes on.

I have wrote a fanbox blog that tells how to make $4 a day 100% free This isn't much for those in a country like the U.S. About half the world lives on $1.00 a day or less. This will bring them that when they follow the plan. Providing the rule changes and fees don't interfere. And fanbox's stated mission "uplifting Humanity" will become a reality? for many. NOT TO BE!

Blog no longer active:

"You are attempting to access a blog that doesn't exist.

If it existed previously, it may have been deleted by the user or otherwise removed from the system."

I did not remove the blog, So it must have been "otherwise removed from the system." by fanbox.

Forcing me to pay fees on money earned.

Also had sold a couple items and they didn't let me use that money right away to pay the 1.58% IPL fees. That 90 days rip off again. So, you don't have use of your earnings.
They make it sound like you are going to earn money by placing ads. I lost about $85 and only made back about $2.50. There have been many others that say they have lost money on ads. They used to post what ads where costing you on the day they took it out of your balance. Now it is from your sight in balances two or three months in the past. So you will not see them unless you know to go back and check. They do post on a current day when you make a little from an ad to make it appear like you are profiting because you don't see the money you actually are spending unless you know to look. Very sneaky.

Me as a complainer
Me as a complainer | Source

Now I am being exposed as a complainer by fanbox

In one of the posts by fanbox president Brian Woosley I am used as an example of a complainer. They deactivated my account 2 days before the date on his post: Since they are using me as an example I think they should re-instate me account.

Account No Longer Accessible!

Put in a cash withdrawal request for the over $200 profit earned. Got an email from fanbox saying my request was processed. No money has gone into my Papal and now I am in fanbox's "guest mode". A friend said it appears my account has been removed when they tried to find me on fanbox. Went to the BBB and another on-line help site,, and reported them. Only then did receive payment. Others, in leaving comments, have said they have had their accounts closed for saying things about fanbox and not being paid also. Have been suggesting to them to do the same as I did.

I need an invite to get back in. Or Brian and company can do the right thing and let me back in. Just want to be on the social side and keep up on what is going on there. So, If anyone has an invite code please let me know.

Speak No!
Speak No! | Source

As of Aug-1-2015 Cease and desist letters.

I have been getting These: Fanbox "Cease and Desist" letters

From: San Diego, CA 92101

Jessica Maiden <>

Jul 23 2015: to me, Stephanie, mike <---and others

They want me to stop saying things that are not true. Some of the things I have said are definitely true and I refuse to edit them out of this hub. Other things I have to change. There is a fine line between legal and just not right. They send me documents to sign. The documents can't be signed because I do not have an upgraded Adobe account. $14.95 or such. I sent the following : on Jul-23-15

Send me something I can sign. That pdf you sent I have to spend money on an up grade. Send me a self stamped envelope or maybe a word document. Hubpages has already taken down my article. I have a copy and will re-use it if fanbox and you do not quit harassing me. Please read where fanbox has used me without my permission. I asked them to re-instate my account last April 2014 and they didn't. I want that done as part of the settlement for them using my statement in their post and putting me in a bad light.

Some legal thing
Some legal thing | Source

Maybe finally a solution

Latest Aug-5-2015:

Fanbox has not responded back yet. Hubpages has temporarily republished this hub only after I sent them a legal signed affidavit form they emailed me. The first one I just typed in my name where is said signature. Hubpages emailed back saying it must be actually signed. One of the options was to use a PNG format. So I downloaded the affidavit form to the windows downloads directory and opened it with paint. You can then use your mouse, or whatever, to sign your name on the line. Don't forget to type your name at the beginning, like I did. I received another email from Hubpages saying I need to do that. After sending them that PNG, They sent back stating this hub has been published subject to their review.

Let me know what problems you are having with fanbox or any help I may give.

Helping Hand
Helping Hand | Source

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    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 6 months ago from Temperance. Mich

      New enticement is crypto coin. They are trying to get old members back by selling coins to then using their already spent out of pocket b4v they quit. I guess they hope they buy more. They admit to being broke finally. Desperate hours! If they treated us better we wouldn't be leaving. Like run the market place like E-bay and knock off that 90 day crap.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 6 months ago from Temperance. Mich

      They admit to being broke. Now trying to get a crypto coin and entice past ones who quit to come bank and buy. They quit paying cash out on your sales items about July. All your cash goes into phoney mission points that you may win back if you luck out on the carny spinning wheel. Or you might get cash if you spend $100 a month on an option. They plan on issuing 11 coins for each dollar you dumped into empowr. But dolled out at only 1% a month. Or 8 years to get your monies worth if the crypto increases and squat if it goes down.

    • profile image

      Julie S Campbell 9 months ago

      This is totally AWESOME! are figuring out their scam! They are scared of you! Can't believe you had to sign documents?? Didn't know they had documents or anything legal looking

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 9 months ago from Temperance. Mich

      Whole bunch of new B.S. going down. No money back now for sales. Just brownie points they call mission points to be used later when they issue stock. If I want to buy stock I would go to broker. If I sell items I expect to get paid like e-bay.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 11 months ago from Temperance. Mich

      Yes cesar, They changed their name to empowr and it is worse than fanbox was.

    • sarzce profile image

      cesar 11 months ago from Philippines

      Is fanbox still in the networld? I stopped 3 years ago because it's been eating me alive. I rather concentrate with my own blog and youtube to earn.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 11 months ago from Temperance. Mich

      Now they charging you for stuff you didn't do. Sorta like when they put those bids on my PP and Rhumour (an empowr elite) accused my of scamming them. When in reality it was them scamming me by not returning those bids. I did not win the auction!

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 11 months ago from Temperance. Mich

      Update: It is getting worse all the time.

    • profile image

      Julie Campbell 16 months ago

      Wow! Is there anything you don't know doug!!!? And FanBox well u need to help me more with this

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 16 months ago from Temperance. Mich

      The reason I got my money must be this Hub. They thought I was going to take it down. And I did go to the BBB and they twisted their nups enough. I even had to sign a statement with Hubpages that states what I said here is true. Or they where going to remove it.

      I rejoined Fanbox Sept-2016, renamed Empower, under a different name. It is worse than before. I got an invite in an e-mail like the first time. They are now apparently blocking my page from others. Because I inform others about their tactics.

    • sarzce profile image

      cesar 2 years ago from Philippines

      I am now at the brink of surrendering and believing this FanBox/Empower is a big joke. It is not living to its motto of giving members the opportunity to uplift their financial status.

      The truth is they are burying members in debt thru the IPL loan. I have been paying the charges for 2 years and never had the chance to cashout just because according to their policy I must have to "use that loan" else you can't cashout what you have earned.

      I no longer want to have loan and wanted to get my money but I have no control.

    • profile image

      ec progress 2 years ago

      Scams Class Action Lawsuits

      Have you seen incidences where someone has stepped on and squashed a couple of ants or bugs? But let there be a Swarm of ants or bugs, and you will have to call in the Exterminators.

      It's the same way with dealing with make money from home and we share the profits #‪Scams

      As long as there is only a couple people complaining you aren't going to get any help.

      We need to file hundreds, and even thousands of complaints with the federal and state prosecuting agencies:

      THESE are instructions from the California Attorney General "In cases of statewide significance, we can bring legal action when substantive evidence is accumulated which indicates that a firm is systematically violating California law."

      And let us know at if you have, or will, file complaints.

    • profile image

      Leslie Smith 2 years ago

      A scam. is a scam, is a scam.

    • profile image

      ec progress 2 years ago

      Report Bernie Madoff type Ponzi scams to

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 2 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      I am currently working on a Honda 1986 3 wheeler. As for hiring someone

      to screw up. I like doing the work and don't want to be a baby sitter.

      That $7,000 will be eaten up by monthly fees and late charges. And fanbox

      counts loans as cash. You have to pay all that back with real money at 1.58%

      for the 3 months they hold your money and can be higher than the 4.5% to 5%

      average income you earn on that $7,000 loan in that 3 mo.

      They don't have any problems taking money from your CC or paypal. Their typical double talk. You, however, have the problem of them taking without your permission . They have taken out of both of mine. I disconnected them from my paypal. Then they took the charges out of my CC. I had my CC # changed by Master Card and didn't give them the new #. From then on I made one time payments without giving them access. Till they kicked me out!

      They prey on the common folk who don't realize they are being duped with easy big profits prospects.

    • Travis Young profile image

      Travis Young 2 years ago

      Fan box has said something like "you have $7,000 earned!!!!", over a year period. Well I have never had an adequate response to my simple Credit Card reliability question: "What can you guys tell me about how you are protecting my CC from unauthorized access?" I had ONE response 2 days ago out of about 20 times emailing writing these folks. His response was, "well we've never had any problems!" My response was," that is not an adequate description of your protection procedures. Basic Business practice requires you to address this." The SILENCE has been deafening.. So on reading Doug Cutler s piece, I'm gratified I was cautious. So! Doug! Based on your stated skill-set and you statement about needing to make money; I suggest this: Hire a couple of Flunkies and supervise them repairing and tuning ATV's. This is a BIGTIME activity in the WEST South and most of rural America. The majority of American men are buying one or thinking about buying one. Horses are gone. Also, finding someone who is careful, and thorough about tune-ups and repairs is premium. Such concern is hard to find. My experience is ATV repair is casual and careless.

    • Gury Miller profile image

      Gury Miller 3 years ago from Otalampi, Etelä-Suomen Lääni, Finland

      HI))Fanbox, wow great community what people are trying to tothere and earn something)) really great people there all around the world but that is not point at all)) yea was member too two years just was doing usual things as all other Fanboxers and as all at first looks normal so why not take few hundreds out when you can take more )) so few month ago just lost my great job just people don't need that kind of things i can do em and that all over the word situation is not great to be envolved with artists, designers and what ever people like different things not from store )) so was time to take earnings out as much as i think get )) but yea was askind , from billing dep filling forms even wrote to Brian Woosley and was asking if his promice if i don't can't or what ever reason is want out hi gives all earnings and say bye )) fill i that form sent it no answers from billing dep no answers from mr president and poor soumittra bhatta as sucsess coach get questions and what ever i was talking never no one don't tell how you get your earnings come out so just was wrote to that asshole Brian Woosley that he must put dress on as i don't see reasons to eat own words or play i don't read your story )) so happy end after one hour i just was deleted from that game ))

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 3 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      virginia and others: Go to the BBB and file a complaint. It is easier then

      I first thought. Most of the info in already filled out because others have given the info. Fanbox is a U.S. company so it is in BBB territory.

      I have been blocked by Brian Woosley last April. So I went to the BBB

      then to get the money fanbox owed me. Read comments below to see.

    • profile image

      virginia 3 years ago

      i wqork on thesse site from2010 and i earned some money with cash aut, but yesterday i have been bloked my acount,with lot of money into my earning.... are not words for theis.....

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich


      Your cohort Woosley has not kept his word by sending me ALL my hard earned

      money as stated in his rant that he has slandered my character via his blog:

      I did get the $210. There is still about $60 I have earned. He or fanbox has canceled my account about the 19 of April. So now I don't have access to request that money owed me.

      Also he can do the right thing and restate my fanbox account.

    • Rhumour profile image

      Rhumour 4 years ago from Lincolnshire

      Les, your irrational attempts to malign my ethics are in full denial of my very long and very easily seen actions as an activist for fair play in many world issues. A small number of people make noises against FanBox - by any stretch of the imagination if your complaints were typical the numbers following this hub would be measured in tens of thousands or more!

      Perhaps you have at some point made vocal support for positive activities as I have? I've donated my time and efforts for many years on behalf of campaigning organizations that back diverse causes such as Orphanages, animal welfare, an end to the annual Dolphin slaughter in Japan, the need for greater efforts to bring an end to conflicts in Gaza, Syria, etc. The need for far greater efforts to end hunger across huge populations that have been affected by natural disasters, climate change, etc.

      I am a contributing member of The Red Cross, Greenpeace, Oxfam, 38 Degrees, Causes 2, iPeace, etc. I have donated bespoke poems to causes without any recompense, I am currently donating book revenues to fund raising causes for both human and animal welfare...

      Anyone who ignore those FACTS and can twist things to claim my ethics are questionable as you have done is frankly unworthy of any credibility whatsoever!

      If and when you make any serious attempts to research your topic before you throw more insults about you may rise marginally out of the gutter - but be honest, nothing you have written so far has demonstrated much prospect of that - has it?

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      The non payment issue has mainly been solved. The $210 notice email was in another email account. You have to click on the link to receive your money. It should be the other way around. You should have to click on a link when fanbox wants to take money. Anyway, since Brian wants to slander my character in his rants, I will not close this until he honors what he said there and send all the other money, about $60, I have earned through long hours and little pay.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      I have also filed with BBB after someone said it would be beneficial to do so.

      It was a lot easier then I thought since the info is already there to use.


      Thank you for submitting your complaint to us.

      The BBB that will process your complaint is:

      BBB Serving San Diego, Orange & Imperial Counties

      4747 Viewridge Ave #200

      San Diego, CA 92123

      Phone: (858)496-2131

      Fax: (858)496-2141

      Email Address:


      You will hear from this BBB soon regarding your complaint.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      I have issued a complaint at about fanbox not sending me my money. Will see if it does any good. It will be a waste of time at the BBB. They have no power unless the company you are complaining about is a member. Fanbox is not a member. I wonder why not? Not really.

    • 3amart profile image

      JoLynn Potocki 4 years ago from Toledo, OH

      That should be easy enough to clear up via Paypal. Just ask FanBox for the transaction number and it should be very easy to trace. :)

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      I sent in a complaint to fanbox about not receiving my payment and they claim to have sent it to me April 12. Next I will have to send Paypal a complaint and see

      if they are holding the payment for some reason. Or is fanbox lying! Will see!

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      Girl from Asia: Woosley has threatened to remove "problem" accounts after taking as much as they can from them. I am out $210. They even sent me an email on April 17 saying "Your cash out has been processed!" I received nothing so far and on the 19th my account was inactive. May have to go to some complaint site and issue a complaint about them.

    • profile image

      Girl from Asia 4 years ago

      FanBox robbed me of my money. They charged me IPL processing fee in my paypal account and immediately removed my account. I have 90-day matured earnings to be cashed out but they removed my account. They deleted my account because I am criticizing the president. I am an idiot believing in them and a willing victim to their scheme. What a shame.

    • profile image

      Just Say No 4 years ago

      FanBox requires a lot more time than it's worth. If you take the time spent to just do the activities on the 7-Day Action Plan, which cannot be done in 2 hours a day btw, you are in debt to FanBox from Day 1.

      For the sake of argument, let's say you spent just 2 hours a day. How much is your time worth after :

      - you fan 500 other members

      - you wait for the money to mature minimum 90 days

      - pay monthly power user payments

      - pay monthly IPL fees

      - pay back all utilized IPL before cash out

      - Bugs in the software causing areas of the site to not function such as fanning other members.

      - Mentions of more audit teams which will delay more cash outs.

      How is that even a Mission to uplift people?

      It’s putting good people in debt thinking they are going to cash out when the rules keep changing in the middle of the game.

      Those and many other things about the site that make me uncomfortable lead me to believe that it is not worth my time to participate.

    • profile image

      Neo 4 years ago

      That's not financially smart for FanBox or members. It means they rely on members who are just staying because FanBox is letting them use money now, and have no real loyalty to the site. On the member side, it will get them in debt to FanBox for monthly payments on IPL from day 1.

      One key element of a Ponzi scheme is that there are a lot of hoops to jump through to get paid, all the while you must keep paying to ensure you get your slice of the pie.

      Another key element is existing members need to bring in new people to pay so the older members can cash out. Eventually these schemes get so top heavy, there aren't enough incoming members to pay for the older members that want their money and they cave in. Obviously then, no one gets paid.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      Anomymouse: In my opinion I think they are trying to entice their present members to stay by offering a percentage of their earnings to be used immediately instead of having to wait 60 or 90 days. Most new members believe that you can use these earnings already. This is the biggest complaint I have seen from reading the comments. Fanbox is way too complex and people have a hard time trying to understand it and get the wrong impression that it is easy to earn until the rude awakening. Even then it is hard to figure out. Way after many have spent money and still owe more and going further down each month into debt.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 4 years ago

      Hmm......I smell something fishy on the way. What are you up to now Fanbox.

    • profile image

      Sexy Chocolate 4 years ago

      I used to be on that site. Stumbled upon this Hub Page and really have to say how awful the experience was. The best thing I had was the awesomeness of meeting a few great people and a few coaches who rocked. Some more than others but hey that is alright. Seriously though. I went to cash out and Fan Box prevented me from doing so. That is bad business and quite a few government agencies have taken a big ole liking to finding out what is behind door number 3. Best of luck to anyone who tries to get their groove on there.

    • profile image

      Les 4 years ago

      Rhumour, Your short comings are obvious. You belong to an unscrupulous organisation that in your own statement above appoints people to vet internal messages. What is the organisation looking for Rhumour -dissent. Certainly not in my case a problem of a customer, I have copies of the messages from fb president who denies noticing my concern, which I had specifically written to him about. As a propagandist I will award you top marks. I am not here to mud sling as you put it rhumour but to warn others of fb great scam.

      It is not your integrity that I have in doubt, I think that you are in denial, it is your ethics that worry me. You fail to recognise my comment above about monies being taken from my account, without my permission nor fb not providing the service that it states that it will.

    • profile image

      Neo 4 years ago

      Victims of the Madoff fraud were able to get "cash outs" for years.

      Your point being.............what ????

      It would be a pretty poor fraud if no one could get any "cash outs" now, wouldn't it ???

    • profile image

      --------------- 4 years ago


      The usage of zero-day funds is limited to people that are really paying into the system. Read it carefully, according to what the pseudo-pres wrote, only the highest paying Power Users (Bronze Level) will be able to use those funds to pay 90% of their fees. They will still owe money monthly to FanBox. Anyone who is a lower level power user get less benefit. Also, the price to pay as written in the post is there will be less IPL available. So less money available to pay those fees unless you're a higher level power user.

      This is smoke and mirrors.

      FanBox is getting members in debt faster.

    • Rhumour profile image

      Rhumour 4 years ago from Lincolnshire

      The cash out may take up to 15 calendar days from the date of the request as it is stated to be 10 business days, so allowance for weekend days can make it a total of 14 /15 days. A few times I have had payments arrive within 10 calendar days - I always use the PayPal cash out option as that ensures no delays in clearing a check/cheque.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      If fanbox allows us to use earnings as soon as we earn them like hinted at in latest notes it may finally be worth staying with as long as one can earn more then power user costs like it was b4 Nov.last year. Right now I am earning about $0.15 a day and power user is costing $0.20 a day. I have finally paid off all IPL. Everything I have coming now is all profit. Except for the $6 a month P.U. Hope the cash out comes on time. I had to call them after 15 days last time. After the first cash out I was still $80 in the hole. This last cash out I will be $10 on the profit side. Then in two months the rest will bring me up to $50.

    • Rhumour profile image

      Rhumour 4 years ago from Lincolnshire

      LOL - If ever a man undermined his own inept arguments, it is certainly you Les! Plain speaking is one thing, but using abusive language towards someone you know zilch about is plainly exposing your short comings, not any of mine...

      I'm a long time technical writer and tend to use terms that are both accurate and communicate a meaning without ambiguity and meet the requirements of quality control standards, MOD defence standards, etc.

      As Doug will surely confirm, he has applied for his 2nd cash out. While I have seen enough to think he is unlikely to become one of our greatest devotees, I have also seen that he has a more open mind than yourself.

      Not only do people who use the system correctly cash out, those who take it on as a much more serious part of their daily lives cash out substantial amounts - take this example:-

      Fact is Les, that you are slinging mud rather than taking the positive steps towards earning that you could have done. Your loss, not ours.

      FanBox will continue to produce more high earners as time rolls by and is so far removed fro begin a pyramid system that it is rather nearer to being an inverted one!

      Pyramid systems pay out to small numbers of people at the top of the pyramid. FanBox pays out to large numbers of people spread right across the widest part of the base. And the more time that goes round, the more the evidence stacks up against your innately flawed argument.

      Insult me all you like Les - that will not change a thing, now or ever. It has made me smile rather a lot however. :)

    • profile image

      Les Smith 4 years ago

      Rhumour You just don't like plain speaking do you, you write lines and lines of guff and you are obviously in denial. If you deem my comment about a maggot in the rotting carcass of an unscrupulous organisation, which took money from my account without my permission and also did not provide the service that it promised then I think that you have led a sheltered life. You are a true mercenary of the pyramid system that you are part of. Have you every tried to be less patronising?

    • Rhumour profile image

      Rhumour 4 years ago from Lincolnshire

      Ex-employee with way out of date info! Go and visit the FanBox premises if you dare and see just how wildly wrong you are!

      While you live in some distant misty past, the current staff and those of us who give our time to support our fellow members have rather clearer vision. You will of course be the first to agree that you can state anything you like in a public forum such as this - but where oh where is your evidence? You conveniently side stepped the need to produce anything to substantiate your claims...

      If as you claim there is an issue with PCI compliance - show that evidence here. If you cannot it remains just another wild claim that doesn't stack up! Sounds to me as if you have zero information on the current structure and the card processing arrangements.


      Hehe - ah Les the sheer desperation of your lost argument is plain to everyone as you stoop ever further into abuse. Now that you have clearly lost the the reasoned debate, all you have left is mucky straws to cling to...

      When, if ever, you find a smidgen of justification in throwing abuse at someone you know zilch about, let's hear it! Fact is I'm exceedingly comfortable in the knowledge that I am as clean as the driven snow - no skeletons in my cupboard as you will discover if you ever bother to actually research any facts in place of merely manufacturing low grade retorts that only go to show your mind set is way down in the gutter.

      Plainly those who are assume that everyone on the planet thinks in the same distorted way they do are incapable of seeing that clean thinking people not only exist but are way out of reach of the mud slingers.

    • profile image

      Les Smith 4 years ago

      Rhumour. Your clarion call is out of tune, more waffle as you blow your own trumpet. A maggot in the rotting carcase of an unscrupulous organisation.

    • profile image

      past employee 4 years ago

      To correct you the President is Brandie Williams-Smith and the CEO is Mike Pousti. SMS.AC/Fanbox/Empowr is more or less a pyramid scheme. They only have about 10 employees and the rest is just a smoke screen of fanbox users. The entire platform is also a click scheme too. Notice how everything is contained within iFrames. They do this to inflate clicks and page views and therefore inflate there numbers to the public.

      Why anyone would give this company their credit card information is beyond me. None of it is PCI compliant (the online security standard) and they can pretty much do anything they want including take money out when they wish. Their motto is if anyone is causing a ruckus or nay saying about them, they get their funds and delete the account.

      Don't be fooled, these guys can careless about there user base.

    • profile image

      Rhumour 4 years ago

      Hilarious Les - character assassination through pure ignorance is evidently a speciality you could market...

      Never let the truth get in the way of a good conspiracy theory , you would plainly run out of anything to say if you did. Anyone attacking my integrity merely demonstrates they have not the slightest knowledge of me, my life and my ongoing support for the downtrodden of this world. Fact is that I give more to charities every year than the modest amounts FanBox brings in for me, so the ludicrous accusations you throw around are more of an indication of your own distorted outlook than anything to do with me or my life.

      While you bemoan how little you have managed to extract from a site that has supported charities for years and years and clutch at straws of what SMC allegedly did wrong in the years before FanBox was created, I've worked with campaigning organisations such as 38 Degrees, Care2 & Greenpeace, supported African and Asian orphanages, written campaigning posts and poems for fund raising efforts for both orphanage initiatives and for animal welfare (latest being an anthology supported by dozens of poets - A Dog's Life is available from Amazon , all profits to a Bulgarian animal rescue service).

      It is both feeble and rather damming of your own train of thought that you even manage to pursue such negative attacks - there is a heck of a lot of good being done by the people you are attacking - and as we see ever rising numbers of members around the world cashing out you are only undermining your own hate campaign by avoiding recognition of the positive changes FanBox members in the really deprived areas of the world have experienced.

      Fact is that while FanBox is far from perfect (name anything that is), it is most definitely focussed on the provision of ways to enable more people to earn - and as current participants know, there are substantial positive initiatives that are enabling members to spend their earnings, pay their IPL and cash out earlier than ever before.

      Let's not forget why the earnings maturity period was originally increased to 90 days plus - it was the practical method of preventing hackers and other criminals from stealing the rightful earnings of genuine members while the proof of wrong doing and the expulsion of hackers, etc, was conducted.

      And while your small band of fellows pour out your vitriol, the vastly overwhelming majority of members continue to benefit from following the systems rather than trying to re-invent them to suit their own purposes. Why is it Les, that a few people in the west who have long experience of credit systems fail to follow the comprehensive guides or heed advice from those already earning can't earn as much as people from Vietnam, Philippines, and even Nigeria where they have to overcome currency movement constraints?

      IPL is far from complex and you don't need to use it. It is a matter of choice and if the less experienced people from economies where $3 a day is a virtual fortune can manage to follow it, well it shouldn't be hard for anyone in the US or UK should it?

      Before IPL was introduced, Boosting was only used by people who already had money to invest. Members who didn't have access to funding were asking why they couldn't use boosting - and the response of FanBox was to create a system for them to use - and to advise everyone to keep the boosts re-investing at 60 day intervals to ensure they built up compound growth. Nobody said to anyone that they should expect to make a short term investment - but they did leave it as an option for people to cash out when they wanted to.

      While some people used IPL to test the boost system and then paid off the credit to cash out their profits, followed by personal investment into FanBox from their own funds, the first wave of hackers that set up hundreds of false accounts were trying to fleece the site by attempting to cash out the IPL funds they had been allowed to use.

      But do I hear you complain about their behaviour? Why is that Les - the known criminals escape your tongue lashing while the people providing facilities that were requested by members are subject to character assassination!

      No amount of your negative and misinformed diatribe will ever change the facts.

      There is no pyramid in FanBox - and of course the facts you find inconvenient such as that there are no investigations into FanBox because there are no wrongdoings, they have improved their rating with the BBB because they have dealt with complaints lodged satisfactorily, etc - those FACTS are dismissed by the snow blind.

      I am constantly amazed at how the people who are solely focussed on their own fiscal needs have zero comprehension of the fact that a large number of people do not share that outlook - they are instead focussed upon providing support to the less fortunate.

      In my family it has always been the norm for us to give freely of our time and effort to support the local fund raising efforts for both local and overseas campaigns. I don't expect you to ever understand that there is far more to be gained by cooperation as I have always propounded in my life long support for wildlife and human life living in a far more harmonious way.

      As far back as the 60's I was involved in the Peace movement, the support for environmental sustainability, the education of overseas children, etc. I have been a 'hands on' school governor and fund raiser for our village primary schools, given thousands of hours of my time those causes, produced, printed and bound books and magazines , contributed poems and articles, financed & assembled an entire recipe book for fund raising for the school which gave 100% of the revenues to help lee a tiny village primary school open.

      Doubtless you will find some ways of twisting those truths too.

      Frankly I can only regard you as a lost cause and as I have to return to the tasks of supporting people who do need help, I will happily leave you to whatever you wish to waste your negative efforts on.

      The truth is out there Les - but only visible to those who can see the whole picture...

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      Anonymous : That has to do with the new rules set up by fanbox last Nov. Things were much better b4 then.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 4 years ago

      Some how Fanbox manages to secretly pause the products you are selling unless you are a power user..That much is true. Hence, the reason why many people cannot earn through this medium. If not greed i don`t know what.

    • profile image

      Tell The FTC 4 years ago

      Report them :

      Let them explain how awesome the idea of IPL and their shoddy record keeping is to the FTC .

    • profile image

      Les Smith 4 years ago

      Temperance was an error Doug but what you say indicates more than shoddy accounting - constructive accounting at best but false accounting may also fit the bill here.

      The vehemence of Rhumour - 'Dave Dunn's support of fanbox worries me. Perhaps he 'was in' at the start of fanbox and now earns well in the Pyramid.

      Where does this leave his ability to correctly assess fb, particularly its' and his integrity and ethics?

      It is simple to check the background of and the complaints made in the past (incidentaly the message informing me of the closure of my account had printed on it.

      I know what I think of the management of I also think that they are psychologically very clever, using members of fb to support a democratic earner using greed and need as the basic drivers. This absolves them from responsibility.

      It does not absolve others from this. Turning a blind eye for the sake of a paltry profit is pretty low in my book. The passionate defense of such people and system is worse. It is denial from intelligent people. I would say that it is moral turpitude! Isn't that a crime in the US!

      May the bubble soon burst.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      Temperance where? I live in Temperance, Mich. Or do you mean the meaning of the word? Advertising should be in red too. You generally only get 7 to 10% of what fanbox claims is earnings. And they hide ad eharges that are not profitable

      so you keep spending thinking you are making a profit. I have photo evidence of this. That honesty problem again.

    • profile image

      Les Smith 4 years ago


      Shoddy accounting, time for a colour change (and server change) IPL borrowed monies could be shown in red, what do you mean this would demotivate people? At least it would be an honest way to show accounting but if the accounts are days behind does it matter anyway?

    • profile image

      Les Smith 4 years ago

      You just don't get it do you! A Vietnamese version? Horse before the cart if you ask me. Why not clean up the 'English' version first? So that people can fully understand this and make it work.

      I see chaos management theory at work here but in my view, what is needed is management by objectives. Set criteria used to assess the sections of fanbox that are obviously broken. Changing the goal posts, system and rules may appear progressive to you and others who use a brownie point system to confuse but I think it is disastrous, creating protagonists and unhappy people.

      One thing that really stands out to me is the system of teachers and coaches and the disparaging statements that you and 'Brian Woolsley have used toward these good intentioned people. People are naturally well intentioned and also egotistical, I think that fanbox uses these people to its own ends and discards them as dross if things appear to be going wrong.

      A little coaching technique for you as message viewer and BW - " Dear .........., we have read you message and note your concern. We would like you to give us 3 working days to resolve this issue and get back to you." You could also try this in other languages.

      You judgmental and patronising response gets you no credit from me and I notice that others above have noticed and criticised your advertising style previously. I am well versed in side tracking and self aggrandisement techniques used by others to ward off criticism. You pump more crap into an organisation that is full of crap in the first place.

      I do not agree that fb is empowering people, I think the opposite. fb has created a veritable sweat shop of clickees who are rewarded with an administration system that is not up for the job and does not allow logical planning, extracts monies from bank accounts by underhand methods and has a reward/blame culture and poor communications.

      Thank you for your wishes for my future but as I am fast approaching my allotted 3 score years and ten and the fact that I require basic honesty in any future fit this was not necessary.

      Keep polishing your trumpet Rhumour and remember - Love a lot, trust a few but always paddle your own canoe!

      Give your cronies my regards.

      An unhappy past customer now turned protagonist.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      Les Smith: I just recently got $18.45 of those negative earnings credited to my account. Fanbox found that much in IPL from a couple months ago. Meaning when I cash out end of March that is $18.45 more I have to pay back and that much less I get then. HYIP is so much easier.

    • Rhumour profile image

      Rhumour 4 years ago from Lincolnshire

      You are entitled to your opinions Les - and I will never deny anyone that right. I simply have vastly greater experience of using the site than most people. But I didn't join it to earn and in fact there were no opportunities at the time I joined except for programmers who added apps and games people could use. I never bothered with those, I simply blogged and that was on the simple text only system that we had before they introduced the Premium Blog facility.

      But when earnings came to me from sharing posts on the premium blogs, I was surprised as the exact same posts on other sites paid me cents and suddenly I found I was getting a few dollars more in a day on FanBox than other sites paid me in a year.

      As the content was the same, it was soon clear the difference was purely that blogging on FanBox was a whole different ball game - Triond and other systems were not getting me the same audience numbers...

      From then onwards I have earned from blogging, and a little from sharing photos (quite a recent feature that helps many who don't write) and trading, etc. I only used my own money to boost with for the first year after Boosting was introduced - IPL came somewhat later and I didn't need to use it for ads or boosts, but not everyone had cash to invest - which was the reason for FanBox introducing the IPL system . It answered the requests of members for a way for them to invest without risking their own cash and while it has it's critics, the plain fact is that when used correctly it earns more than it costs. You don't get that option many places...

      As for the Learning Centre - check back daily as there are always going to be updates and if you find something has been taken down it is simply until any revisions are made. In reality it is a growing resource and additional languages are coming. Vietnamese versions are now being added for instance.

      The site is a cooperative venture, so everyone has the chance to contribute in whatever role they are best able to undertake

      No system is perfect and nobody at FanBox claims we have arrived at that situation - but if you actually knew Brian and how hard he works your opinion might change. I know with absolute certainty he is sincere and has earned the respect of everyone he has worked with both before he was voted in as President and even more since that time.

      Given the chance he goes the extra mile and has given up a lot of his own time, moved to San Diego with his family at no small cost to his own business and grown in popularity as can easily be seen by the comments on his posts.

      In my current role of auditing messages between members and their SC's, I intercede to support both coaches and members as needed, and there can be no doubt that the quality of responses to members has improved greatly - and the requirements we place on coaches to provide correct information and make positive suggestions to everyone has benefited more members than not.

      All of the SC's at every level are giving a lot of time to help others and the very small percentage of members who don't feel happy with their SC can change to another.

      The fact is that no SC earns a cent without having a positive effect on the progress of the members they are helping - so they are interested in making it easier for everyone to earn, otherwise they would be wasting hours every day. I earn much more from blogging on the days I have time to do that than I could ever have managed from being a coach - and I bet the same goes for all the other coaches - if they are dealing with members needs they can't be busy with their own earning opportunities...

      But then we don't do it for the money - and if we see coaches that are not performing well then they are removed from the coaching system. Priority is always given to improvement and that will continue to be the key factor - the required pass rate for the SC exams is 96% and if they fail to maintain high rating they don't last..

      Sure, we get a few former coaches complaining, but few leave the site as they are probably earning more now than they ever did, they had all the intense training to get into the coaching system to start with and with extra time to use they are well equipped to earn more than ever.

      As you say Les, you were in business before and will know that some staff had a better 'feel' for the business than others. Your success was part natural ability and part hard work and the desire to succeed in your chosen field. Same for me - I was able to retire at 45 and spend time with my family, but never lost the need to be 'busy' or the awareness that a positive attitude is worth more than a degree. Knowledge is essential of course, but adapting to the different roles online activities require is the main criteria.

      That is probably why we get people joining from far flung villages in Asia with no previous experience of computers, the web and credit systems, etc, yet they learn to earn faster than many experienced business men have managed - all they need to start with is the desire to succeed and the willingness to learn even when they face language issues, etc.

      Prediction:- there will never be a perfect system for anything, but there will be people perfectly willing to try and create it. Better to be one of those.

      Another Einstein quotation was a favourite of my father's "The man who never made a mistake never tried anything new". or in the David Gemmel version, "never made anything".

      FanBox has empowered people who can and do try something new, if it isn't right for you, then there are other possibilities out there and I wish you luck in finding the right fit for your endeavours.

    • profile image

      Les Smith 4 years ago


      It is strange that you raise the question of billing and how they conveniently place their contact details on messages in your patronising post, what happens Rhumour, if you don't have a message from them.?

      What happens when you ask your Success Coach for information regarding a missing $64.15? I will tell you what, nothing, no reference or advice to go to billing!

      What happens when the President of fanbox becomes your Success Coach and you ask him in two separate messages about $64.15? I'll tell you what happens Rhumour, he denies ever seeing the reference and my concern about this.

      What happens Rhumour is that I placed 3 separate claims against fanbox through Paypal and received satisfactory payment of monies that I had paid for specific purposes ie for an ad, which remained pending during its date lined term, to lower my IPL which was not done and for an upgrade of Power user status, this money I claimed back because I could not have the enjoyment of the service I paid for because fanbox had closed my account.

      My view of fanbox is that it offers shoddy service to its customers, uses negative sums of money as earnings. Does not explain fully to its new users about its customer service policy and appeared to me to only be interested in the customer paying monies to ad, upgrade etc. Pyramid selling springs to mind.

      I also feel that fanbox smacks of cronyism and penalises new comers to enhance cronies earnings, these cronies then attempt to justify the unjustifiable. Has poor management and looking at complaints issued against it in the past, has not changed its ways nor learned from its transgressions against customers.

      You mention the Learning Centre, you obviously have not been there recently, many of the headings do not have sub text!

      As for results Rhumour, I was getting very good results from CAR and blogging, I posted 24 new pics per day, published 20 blogs and had a large fanbase.

      I just don't like being treated like a fool, as a retired business person I have met all sorts of systems, business models and management and I have disassociated myself from fanbox which I don't think comes up to the mark in many areas.

      I will Publish the messages between myself and others regarding missing monies etc at some point as a warning to others.

      I will leave you with a swap of quotes: This one by Abraham Lincoln "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."

    • Rhumour profile image

      Rhumour 4 years ago from Lincolnshire

      @ Les Smith - the Billing dept contact details are on all of the messages they send out to remind people of payments made, payments due, etc, so if you had viewed any of those you would see the live chat and email links. Example message:-

      In that you will see highlighted the link to click on to contact the billing people - it isn't live in this image of course, but check your own messages from them. Most members will have seen messages with that link in them - other messages may list the email address too.

      As with most queries, the quality of the answers you will get is most often a result of the way you phrase a question - so contacting your SC or anyone else within FanBox will work best if you gather the information needed to share with them first. Use screen shots to share information so you are not ambiguous. Or you can use the Learning Centre to find the answers - most sections have their own FAQ as per:-

      It is so much easier to slag people off than to bother to use all the guides in the Learning centre and learn how to earn. FanBox works for those who bother to use it correctly - and as it has masses of successful members who had minimal computer experience when they joined & had never earned a penny on line before, it proves daily that all you need is the willingness to follow proven systems. Sadly some people cannot follow guidance and simply play the 'blame game' instead.

      As Einstein observed:- "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got". FanBox dares to be different and those who follow the guides will earn.

      Oh, and as for IPL credit - you don't get it automatically, you have to click on the agreement to be granted an initial limit, currently set at $1,000. Millions of members have never used it, some because they invest their own money into ad campaigns and boost investments and others because they don't use any loan systems because they are Muslim or have other objections to the use of credit.

      The point is you all have the choices available to you from day 1 - if you read the information before you start using any system you will probably get better results. That holds true for FanBox just as much as it does for learning how to use your new smart phone, iPad or using the internet to fill out your tax form online - I bet you read the guide before you fill out that document, after all it is a whole lot easier than asking the revenue guys for a refund later...

    • profile image

      Hey its Anony 4 years ago

      Great work of exposing this scumbags. I say enough is enough!

    • profile image

      it's me for the final time, NOT you 4 years ago

      To be honest doug i have made 10 times more from working on my e-commerce websites with affiliate links and clickbank products plastered all over them, not sure why i even joined fanbox in the first place ...but we live and learn

      what a true joke fanbox has turned out to be, but that's not my problem anymore

      social media, facebook wall posting and SEO is my focus now, and it seems to be working out well for me ...i prefer to be my own boss

      get out of fanbox as soon as you can doug, start a website or 2, i have 14 websites, i should stick to what works

      i'll pop in and see what's happening on here about fanbox from time to time and see how many new disillusioned members leave a post on here

      cheers mate :)

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      it's me, it's me, it's me NOT! you:

      Come back and visit at times. Try HYIP. At least you know up front that most are scams. When you do finally find a couple good ones there isn't much work and they don't generally change rules so much. They say right off what you will earn in so many days. It is real money and you can cash out in most cases any time you want. The trick is to find the good ones. Start low and keep re-investing. Good luck whatever you do.

    • profile image

      it's me, it's me, it's me NOT! you 4 years ago

      Well, I'm about to close my account after cashing out the tiny amount of money i made in over a year and a half of bloody hard work with no real reward, I've finally wiped my hands clean of that disgrace of a site fanbox, no more making fake money, ridiculous money grabbing new rules every third day.. no more reading sickofantic crap from self interested long term members who never had to suffer these money grubbing new rules over the past 9 months because they already have massive friend and fan base to live on for a long time to come, these veteran members are desperate to keep new members on the site so they get richer and new unaware members lose the shirts from their backs

      "its your fault you don't earn, your lazy" blah blah more having to read that verbal diarrhea anymore ..woohoo!

      done done done, and after almost 1 year and 6 months of losing money from every orifice, it's finally over ....thanks fook

      peace out :)

    • profile image

      doug cutler 4 years ago

      I am from the USA and did not vote for Woosley because of past dealings him and his rude condescending comments to members who complained that they weren't making the money they were led to believe they would make. I think he became El presidenta mainly because most fanbox members are from the US and really didn't know his tactics.

    • Les3Smith profile image

      Les3Smith 4 years ago

      Fanbox, in my view, at best, is disingenuous, lacks transparency and dupes its customers. I have a fool proof method of getting money from them. I have just been repaid via paypal for 1 claim and 1 dispute, I have 1 other dispute running.

      I would view fanbox as akin to an open prison, once having earned via ipl one is reluctant to leave. Not so me, after discovering a charge to my bank account for an ad which remained pending during its date lined term I decided that enough was enough. I asked my coach where $64.15 had gone in my account which I had paid in to lower IPL (I was going to stop using IPL. She did not know the answer to this and I was advised to message Brian Woolsley, which I did and made him aware in 2 messages of the $64.15 that was originally not shown in my bank and also not used to lower my ipl as I intended it to be used for. In the final analysis of many messages Brian Woolsley told me that he had not seen any mention of $64.15. He also warned me that if I used a paypal dispute (1st stage - negotiation) my a/c would be closed and I would incur costs to repay fanbox for the costs that they would incur for this dispute. By issuing this statement, Brian Woolsley is either mentally challenged, neglectful or incompetent. I have kept copies of all messages and of other relevant documents at fanbox and If you would like to see these please let me know. I may blog them here as a study in Customer Relations. At the end stage of our considerable message history BW advised me to contact billing, now here is the rub, if BW had been up to the job and advised me this in the first place and on how to find this mysterious department, and I ask, why isn't there mention of this department on the home or profile pages, my suspicion and annoyance would not have arisen.

      I will advise people not to touch fanbox with a barge pole, it is merely a game, where users are losers. You pay to earn. If you wish to play this game do it with me - send me $10 real money and

      I will lend you $1000 virtual money. I will also charge you monthly for this privilege and also apply other fees from time to time as I see fit. The benefits you will get are late accounting, working long hours to like things that you don't really like (Think of Health and Safety at Work here), Post blogs that many like but few read and of course read many times the word nice. I must warn you that it will be a beta site and things may change from time to time, especially in regard to payout.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      Millions of members at fanbox have that dream of earning enough to live on.

      They are cruel to give people hope only to find later after much studying or effort that they will not earn. The rule changes of Nov. 2013 have screwed most members that where still around since IPL started in 2012. In don't trust them or the president of fanbox. Photos and blogs where earning me about $3 a day before that $900 IPL boost. Now I see only $0.10 a day and the lowest power user level costs $0.20 cents a day. I would still be in HYIP programs if Liberty Reserve didn't get closed down. Read my blogs about HYIP to learn.

    • profile image

      ian christian 4 years ago

      Yes its... 60 days..90 days..investment ... 60 days .. 90 days and produced only a few bucks .. I think it's not a good investment .. 60 and 90 days that is exacerbating..i think i prefer to play with Photos/vids and blogs ..that 100% earning..although only a few cents per week or month..its 100% earning... :-) does anyone know why I could be in fanbox..??? $$$$$$$$ dream i guess lol

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      I don't remember if I had to turn it on to start it when fanbox started the $900 boost or I had to turn it off if I didn't want it. It is not good for the low earners. Most all of us are low earners. So only a few at the top can afford it. If you use your own money boosting pays about 22% a year, if you re-invest back in every 60 days. Ads pay a little more as long as they don't go outside of fanbox and some other rule as stated in earlier comments above.

    • profile image

      ian christian 4 years ago

      one thing that I think is not very good ... Fanbox provide and run the IPL without the consent of the members .. so even though we did not do anything or even we are ofline the IPL would require monthly payments ... it's the same like I forcing someone to owe me and required him to pay every month .. it doesnt matter that person using or not the loan I gave .. every month I force him to pay the interest of the IPL that I gave.. isnt.? a cruel system that I think

    • profile image

      ian christian 4 years ago

      You are absolutely right Dough...!!! Turning off IPL puts you way down into a low earning rate. ---i earned nothing since i turn off the IPL..though I pay for all the ads and bosting me with my own money .. it does not produce anything meaningful

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      ian christian

      Turning off IPL does not turn off past borrowed IPL, You will have to pay all your IPL loan off before you can cash out. $20 a day is not enough to pay off that $900 IPL, + your costs for power user + ad expenses. Fanbox uses some sort of accounting that adds in what you borrowed as earnings. The $17 a day ave. IPL loan is counted as earnings. You have to earn about $20 a day in profit, non IPL/ads earnings, before you see a cent. Being $37 or more a day. Ads are like boosting. You only get about 7 to 10% back. Photos/vids and blogs are the only things that give 100% of what fanbox calls earnings. Unless things have changed again! Turning off IPL puts you way down into a low earning rate. Leaving it on bleeds you dry if you are not a top earner or have special privileges.

    • profile image

      ian christian 4 years ago

      yes its doug..fanbox pending all my ads and bosting that I funded with my own money, and it is more than 10 days .. and more than 2 weeks I did not produce even a single cent, it is not normal because I did well and worked very hard as I did before . I collected more than $ 20 per day before in the same way last month, if there is a system I guess it did not touch me for more than 2 weeks and I cancel all the ads and bosting .. also turn off my IPL, and the next day fanbox sent me message containing IPL payments and warned about extremely fine .. it makes me feel uncomfortable .. I would pay any amount that i borrow' and use, it does not matter, but what about my work in vain for more than 2 weeks it ..? I think fanbox system always works when they charge or take money from the members.I am often tired of working in fanbox .. often when I do not do anything sudenly fanbox give a few dollars per day on me .. but not uncommon I do not get even a penny after I am working hard with all the ads, bosting, Posts, Blogs and others .. I think I will not understand their system lol

    • profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago

      ian christian: Are you talking about that $900 IPL? That is adding about $17 a

      day that you have to pay back before you can cash out. So, you have to earn more then $17 a day in non IPL money to break even.

    • profile image

      ian christian 4 years ago

      Hmm...I am learning...I found when I do not use the IPL and just use my money to ADS and BOSTING then it always pending .. and it was more than 10 days ..! but if I use IPL less than 15 hours they've agreed ..i think i need to learn more,i was work hard in last 2 weeks..but it wasnt give me even a cent until the system sleeping..??? i turn of my IPL by now

    • sarzce profile image

      cesar 4 years ago from Philippines

      True, Doug, much cleaner than 6 years ago, but it's going back to where it was before because coaches are not doing their jobs. They're all busy uploading photos and liking their own photos as well while commenting and liking others' photos. I see more than three people liking and uploading those kinds of photos not every week but everyday, that's why I am alarmed. I am wondering what FanBox does to the violators because many of them are power users. Money or cleanliness of the site?

      Yes, it's my Fbox name but it's like an scrambled egg.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      sarzce: Where have you been? A few months ago there was a lot of completely nude photos and foul language. It is a lot cleaner now.

      Is sarzce your fanbox name? Or what? I agree that coaches are jokes in so many cases.

    • sarzce profile image

      cesar 4 years ago from Philippines

      Who are talking here? Stupid Kids? But thanks to Rhumour for keeping his composure, at least some issues are clearer. The only thing I don't like in FanBox NOW is they can't control the images prohibited to be uploaded.

      Coaches where are they? I am afraid one day i get up and FanBox is already an adult site!

    • profile image

      its me unfortunately, not you 4 years ago

      I knew i should have completely kept my identity a secret and what i have said about fanbox being vengeful has come to pass

      A big chunk of my cashout money is gone!, it just mysteriously vanished

      if i was a cynical man i would bet on the fact that i said way to much and it has came back to bite me

      friggin bastards

    • profile image

      its me again, just me, only me, so help me god 4 years ago

      doug: the subject line for the email is: (fanbox, hubpages my blogs)

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      me not you but me:

      I must have missed that enail. What is the subject line? Please send another. I get so much junk that when I deleted a bunch it may have been in that batch.

    • profile image

      me not you but me 4 years ago

      You have mail doug ;)

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      t's me who are you? ..oh yeah! ..not me that's who:

      Y0u have to make it a real email:

      Some sites do not allow real addresses so I don't type them that way.

      You have to make them real at your end. What I typed here should be real. Fanbox, for example, does not allow email addresses.

    • profile image

      it's me who are you? ..oh yeah! ..not me that's who 4 years ago

      Doug, i sent you an email but it came back "no email address exists"

      is it just: doug9694 @ gmail

      or gmail(.)com

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      it's me this time: I have a problem with a lot of my blogs not being accepted for the same reasons. My different opinions about fanbox. I am also going to cash out in two months. Then may leave as well.

      Hoping not to have my account deleted before then.

      If you want to tell me your blog names, do so at "doug9694 at gmail"

    • profile image

      it's me this time 4 years ago

      By the way Rhumour and also for the record, not everyone who "hides" in an anonymous name is doing it for unscrupulous and dishonest reasons, we are not all criminals mate, you really can not blanket all under the same cloth

      I am an honest humanbeing and i do not try to scam anyone nor hurt others in any way. i am just sick and tired of being scammed instead

      I don't know what part of fanbox you are from but fanbox from my experience can be petty and vengeful, 6 of my friends on fanbox had there accounts closed for speaking out openly and spurious reasons were given for their accounts being closed, these were honest and non-scamming individuals btw

      So please refran from tarring all us hiding posters with the same feathered brush

      the reason i will not loudly and proudly exhale my name is because i am about to finally cashout the small amount of money i made in 15 long! months on fanbox or i should say " lost" on fanbox in my case, then i am going to close my account and i don't want fanbox reaping there vengeful hearts upon me before i can cashout and finally be done with this nonsense site.

      I had some of the most imaginative and talked about blogs on fanbox and i made nothing from those blogs, that site was originally about blogging but fanbox decided to go the root of facebook and twitter instead, creative blogging was my bread and butter and people like me were left wanting, my blogs which were once talking about now! never see the light of day nor do they ever make a single red cent, no matter how hard i worked on them or how much time i wasted making them it was all in vein

      fanbox choose the money only over originality and incentive for creative members when it comes to blogging, that really did piss me off

      As i said i have had my say now and i am not interested in going anymore rounds with you over the subject mate, to be honest i am very much over it

      So good luck to you Rhumour and i am glad you have had such success on fanbox, sincerely good luck

    • profile image

      It's not me 4 years ago

      Hey!, I've had my say ...So just for the record he is not me ..i'm me ....not him

      just so we're clear O.o Lol

      But let me ring the bell boys - in the black corner weighing in at 3298lb anonymous haling from parts unknown "the invisible mannnnnn" Vs the champion of fanbox, the hubpage terror from tuscany Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhumour!

      ding ding - Round 1 ...have fun


    • Rhumour profile image

      Rhumour 4 years ago from Lincolnshire

      Oh dear, have we found another nameless complainer - what screen name did you have on FanBox then? Doug is happy to post under his own name and be judged on actual ongoing experience. I post under my very well known name, the same name I have used for many years to post poetry and many other items such as my Wikizine on climate change, my posts on pressure groups such as Care2, 38 Degrees, etc, etc, my published poetry. Why be shy if you are genuine? Only hackers, trolls and scammers have any need to hide their identity! I am easily found anywhere because I have nothing to hide - why are some so shy of doing the same?

      Is FanBox losing traffic? Rubbish - easily found stats show " has received an estimated 2,196,700 visits over the last 30 days." A period that included some technical hitches that lowered traffic somewhat below normal, plus the holiday week when a lot of members (including me and most of the other SC’s) took time off to spend time with their families over Xmas & New Year.

      By any maths that does not equate to 55k/month - nor 500k/month. If you wish to dispute it show the source - Google is good at that...

      No site has done more to close the door on pests and predators than FanBox - and nobody has more reason to complain about FanBox and fling mud around than the frustrated criminals who found they were dumped out. We happily allow them to waste 2 or 3 months before turfing them out before they can steal a cent - a great discouragement for them trying again, but also the motivation behind the slanderous accusations made by people with no name. Do we trust anonymous people as reliable posters?

      Those that earn well from blogs and photo posts are not the ones cribbing from any old place, but those who create original material.

      So much nonsense has been added into these scam and conspiracy theories - if it has been such a disaster why are there people selling invitation codes to FanBox via other sites? $100 each people are willing to pay to join the site - none of which is going into the FanBox coffers. And why would the site still be going after 7 year if it was such a failure as FF says?

      ‘Man never landed on the Moon’ - yet in 2008, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) SELENE lunar probe obtained several photographs showing evidence of Moon landings… There are no end of people who believed Von Daniken when he wrote his proofs of alien visitation in his late sixties book and the later film ‘Chariots Of The Gods’ . And Elvis lives...

      No matter what silliness is posted, the very fact that FanBox has queues of people joining shows the lie from ‘Former FanBox.’

      Look at where our members come from - far more come from Asia than from the US for instance - well over 30% are from Philippines & Pakistan & Vietnam, 3 countries that have limited access for a whole pile of reasons, such as intermittent access to the web, intermittent power supply, lack of credit card and PayPal access for many - yet they are a continually growing percentage of the membership, they can earn more than they do locally & they have enthusiastic members who are translating the site guides into Urdu, Vietnamese, Tagalog, etc.

      And we have growing numbers from Nigeria, another country where PayPal and the card companies cannot operate normally. Those people are succeeding because they seize opportunities and spend more time on positive efforts than those who blame failure on everyone other than themselves. Given an obstacle, they find a way around it...

      While monitoring our message traffic, it is amazing how those who provide a low rating on their monthly surveys are very nearly all members with less than 50 fans and friends, less than a dozen photos and blogs posted and very, very little social activity between them and the real active members who are posting loads of content.

      Meanwhile the successful members are building thousands of fans and posting hundreds of posts and photos, gaining hundreds of comments and likes, etc.

      It is of course far easier to sling mud and misinformation than to put in the positive efforts than have transformed lives for many more members than have ever complained.

      But if the objective is to undermine the lifeline that has given to all those people, I’m sure it will transpire that the motivation is nothing other than malice from people who hide behind VPN's and Proxies in places such as Ghana & Nigeria where a large percentage of scammers operate their 419 schemes.

      What does Wikipedia tells about those people?

      “Anonymous communication

      Since the scammer's operations must be untraceable to avoid identification, and because the scammer is often impersonating someone else, any communication between the scammer and his victim must be done through channels that hide the scammer's true identity. The following options in particular are widely used.

      Web-based email

      Because many free email services do not require valid identifying information, and also allow communication with many victims in a short span of time, they are the preferred method of communication for scammers. Some services go so far as to mask the sender's source IP address (Gmail being a common choice), making the scammer more difficult to trace to country of origin. While Gmail does indeed strip headers from emails, it is in fact possible to trace an IP address from such an email. Scammers can create as many accounts as they wish and often have several at a time. In addition, if email providers are alerted to the scammer's activities and suspend the account, it is a trivial matter for the scammer to simply create a new account to resume scamming.

      Email hijacking/friend scams

      Some fraudsters hijack existing email accounts and use them for advance-fee fraud purposes. The fraudsters email associates, friends, and/or family members of the legitimate account owner in an attempt to defraud them. Variety of techniques such as phishing, keyloggers, computer viruses are used to gain login information for the email address.”

      Now does that sound like a web site that has been at the same place for years and was set up a group that goes back 12 years?

      And after so many years, why is FanBox not listed on the Scam Websites listings? Why is it rising in the BBB ratings? Why after years and years of development and many patent registrations granted is it still not prepared to sell out to big bucks investment companies? Why has it given away control of the site to members?

      Fact is that is a whole lot easier for a small number of hackers and scammers to blacken a name in revenge than it is for a world wide community to wash the mud they sling off again. Any discontent that ever posted any rubbish anywhere has left something Google can find. But as anyone in the media business can tell you, there are usually scores of complaints for every compliment received - because it is the nature of people to get fired up to complain, yet happily sit back and forget to offer compliments.

      Despite that, FanBox has endless compliments and positive posts available for all to see - just go to the log in page and scroll down through all the examples - you can contact those people if you wish. Or use the learning Center to locate a small fraction of the proofs of cash outs shown.

      Well that’s enough for one visit - I wonder what further trolling will emerge next from the nameless?

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      Former FanBox: Hope you are being sarcastic about earning with photos/vids. I was earning some before the new $900 IPL boost rules.

      Now you need to do $25 a day in non IPL/boost to pay for it and power user level etc. Very very few earn that. The rest of us are being scammed!

      Or so close to it you may as well say scammed.

    • profile image

      Former FanBox 4 years ago

      Whoa what a load of rubbish in the comments here.

      FanBox has been in start up mode over 7 years. If that place was going to fly, it would have done so by now.

      Their traffic has fallen immensely from over 500K monthly in February 2013 to barely 55K in November 2013 and the slide continues. You still want to tell everyone the outlook is good for this company? You're looking at the death throes. Don't say it's because they cut off traffic and made the site invitation only. The traffic was limited months before that. People are leaving a bad deal that's what is happening here. But that's okay, there's always one more sucker at the door ready to drink the Kool-aid. As long as people think there is free/easy money.

      Hey Everyone! FanBox will pay you to post videos off YouTube and photos from the Internet!

      Hell of a great business model there!

    • Rhumour profile image

      Rhumour 4 years ago from Lincolnshire

      Happy New year to you too Mr Anonymous. Good to see you finding something positive to say. And yes, I agree Google is great, a resource I have found very helpful for a lot of years. :)

    • profile image

      Rhumour the rambunctious one ;) 4 years ago

      oh!!, we could do this all day Mr rhumour, neither of us is going to give in, who are we kidding?, i mean're full of shit, ...and, well ....I'm mildly full of crap ...your self-righteous ...i'm partly right most the time have self interests ...while i have everybody's interests on fanbox at heart ...rhetoric ..sure! ...why not ...I'm right on the money? ..definitely

      i can't blame you for having blind loyalty to scambox for whatever reason you have it, that's your right to do so i suppose.

      btw, nice short comeback though, isn't google GREAT! :p

      Happy new year Mr rhumour heeh =;0)

    • Rhumour profile image

      Rhumour 4 years ago from Lincolnshire

      Mr Anonymous - well the rhetoric from you doesn't rise in standard does it? I marvel at how you shoot yourself in the foot so skilfully. :)

    • Rhumour profile image

      Rhumour 4 years ago from Lincolnshire

      Well whatever you ultimately decided to do Doug, I wish you luck with it - maybe an income generation site you will approve of will print money rather than follow the convention of earning it - apparently you believe FanBox should magically create it for you - and you repeatedly claim that FanBox is greedy despite the total lack of any evidence of that.

      Just how your logic concludes that 'FanBox knew they would not have many takers' is far from clear. Tell that to Wordpress or other blogging sites and they are unlikely to see any reason for that supposition.

      Let's face it, there are millions of sites out there who have maintained their presence on the net for a decade plus and never reached anything remotely close to a million members. Dozens of poetry sites restrict their numbers to under 100 just so they can manage them efficiently. At the other end of the spectrum has around 7 million. Small meat compared to FanBox, but like they have ways of using their member content to provide them with income that they do not share with members... Not a cent - yet the content is entirely the copyright of the poets!

      The current numbers of FanBox members is not a statistic I have had any recent updates on and didn't seem especially important to me. I am aware the numbers of members joining peaked at around 1 million per month before the decision to 'close the doors' and only allow invitations from existing members. The separate mobile business had over 50 million subscribers worldwide last time I heard.

      In view of your stated intention to leave the site, and the continued antagonism you show to a site that has uniquely comprehensive support for members, a site that does give a tangible income to members that no one else offers a parallel to - well you are plainly a hard man to satisfy Doug.

      FanBox remains a provider of a platform to build a small business on. It provides the information needed to make things work. However, just as would be the case if you started up a small business such as a shop or an office based venture, it remains the responsibility of the members to make the best use of the facilities - FanBox has never claimed the all too common 'just sign up, sit back and it all works for you' that the real rogues of the internet claim will make you rich without effort.

      Business success requires aptitude, effort, time, a positive attitude - and for most people, investment. When non English speaking people from far flung villages in Asia where they are lucky to have 12 hours electricity a day and have no prior experience of blogging or investments can succeed in cashing out thousands of dollars there must be a serious question mark why English speaking people with full access to internet, electricity and a long time familiarity with credit systems fail...

      Perhaps it is the same with the internet now as it was with the 'corner shop' here in the UK. Forty years ago those shops were still mostly run by families who had passed the business down for a generation or two. Supermarkets began to make it hard for them to compete and many closed forever.

      Yet those which remain still thrive today - and many are being run by Asian families who settled here after the war and have found they can compete by offering convenience factors that the big stores do not provide. I grew up in a town next to one with a large immigrant population - the people there were friendly, keen to do business and hard working - the town flourished, the shops were busy, the 'buzz' was there to see.

      Sometimes it is harder to know why people fail than why they succeed. Maybe you will find another opportunity to take up Doug - but will you still think that it is they who fail you if you don't earn enough?

      Your assertion that poorer members are paying the most is arrant nonsense - the poorest are the very people who use earning options which don't cost them anything. They are even given a guide on how to do that so they are able to start off easily!

      And you fail to grasp the most fundamental factor in any growing economy - it is the rising buying power of the masses that fuels growth for everyone else. If you care to take a look at how any economy with millions of participants runs, it is invariably by having sufficient cash flow - the same holds true whether you are looking at the economy of a country or an economy such as that which FanBox has been building.

      Have a Happy New year Doug, whatever you do.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      I am going to try some ads that don't promote a product or go outside fanbox to see if there are no charges like before shoved back out of sight out of mind. Blogs even state that ads are free. Oops, we forgot to tell you that not all ads are free. More deception. And ads that do cost, as you mentioned on other sites have a counter so you can stop the ad if it is unproductive. Not that 1,000 to start seeing it crap. So what is fanbox's excuse? Sounds like greed to me. They used to have a counter a year or two ago. Why did they take it to 1,000 if not for greed?

      Now we have to earn about $500 cash outable money to get past the

      $500 IPL boost amount fanbox has fousted on us. That takes a hefty amount of power user level money that is out of reach for the masses. The fanbox elite have had all those special accounts given them and are set till the end. Whenever that happens.

      Another fact is there are plenty of credit cards charging 12 or 14% as opposed to fanbox's 18.84%. I am sure I can find banks and credit unions charging a lot less too. Oh, and I can pay them back the same day if I want and with money that I turned around that same day using that money I borrowed from them.

    • profile image

      Rhumour + donkey = 2 legged jackass 4 years ago

      You're completely full of shit Rhumour, as doug just stated with actual facts in his 3rd last post, you're that one guy out of many few that can literally sell ice to Eskimos ...LOL! you are comparing fanbox to facebook in the order of size? hench to why more complaints, you fool ..but the percentages still do not stack up as you have stated, i did check

      as usual the facts and figures are manipulated buy the master manipulator and you're hardly worth my time

      douche.. anyone with that much time on their hands that puts that much cow shit and blindly arrogant thought into his long!!!! pompous posts has gotta be a douche, surely lol =;0)

      we will just see what we see wont we, so i'm done with ya for now.. i can't possibly survive anymore drawn out dibble bordering on complete yawncap essay type posts from you anymore my friend

      luckily for you stupidy isn't painful

      happy newyear anyway, chief

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      I am seeing a huge problem looming with the new $ 900 IPL boost. Fanbox is utilizing at the rate of $500 a month. So, in 90 to 120 days when cash out comes there will be accumulated $1500 IPL and only about $650 earned at my present $3.50 a day orange power user level. So I have to either turn off IPL and get crappy earnings or be a red or higher power user. I can not afford a higher level and people less fortunate then I around the world can't either. We don't earn nowhere near as good as before the new rules of Nov. 22 if we turn off IPL. So fanbox has screwed up photo earnings for the poorer people after sucking them in. And I bet 99% of them don't realize this. Fanbox keeps stringing them along. As soon as I break even I am leaving fanbox.

      I don't want to be a part of a program that is constantly deceiving the not so learned or gullible. Somebody has to pay for things and it appears to be the poorer members paying the most since there are so many times more of them then those earning any money.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      If I would have known in the beginning that fanbox was primarly a blogging site I would not have bothered to join. Fanbox knew they would have very few takers. Now that I am here and photos is working and does not get screwed with too much I will stay. You still have not answered my question about how many fanbox members there are.

      When I read up on fanbox I thought they got most money from patents and ad space to Sony and such. Like they bragged about just at the time they left the condo. Thought they were sharing that with members and really were interested in helping those unfortunate people. Not taking their last dollar. Those poor unfortunates, as it turns out, are the main source of fanbox income. Being led along by promises of actual earnings and not just fanbox funny money earnings.

    • Rhumour profile image

      Rhumour 4 years ago from Lincolnshire

      Mass Exodus - lol. The nearest thing to a mass exodus was the deletion by FanBox of the multiple accounts set up by those people who aimed to cheat the system. Personally I saw a few thousand accounts get added to my fan numbers in the few weeks after IPL was launched - & a big chunk of those were later deleted. When we looked at the huge numbers of new people with no photos, no details, no activity - were they real people or the very people who were bent on stealing from genuine members who kept to the required single membership. Some of those arrogant idiots had tried to register 100+ Identities & some of those were shown to be stolen.

      On any system where the revenues are going to be shared among the membership, you must ensure the fraudsters are removed & FanBox certainly upset a lot of fraudsters who couldn't hide their multiple registrations long enough to cash out.

      You only have the criminals to blame for the cash out period being 90days+ since that is the time needed to prove beyond doubt the fact that those accounts were fraudulent. Everything checked & verified so that they were never going to be any legal challenges. FanBox already had patented technologies to protect us as they had developed those years before - yes there are multiple patents granted & more in the process, patented technologies that are used on many web sites & by the mobile phone companies.

      Yes there are vocal enemies of FanBox - the very same enemies of you & me & every other genuine FanBox member, the very people who were never interested in following the system fairly - they just wanted to grab as much credit as possible & expected to cash out before they were discovered. Tough - they didn't & now they are the people who bad mouth the site - they are the nameless critics who expressed their frustration at having wasted their time on schemes doomed to fail. You will find that nearly all the 'scam' accusations were posted after people found they weren't going to cheat the system after all...

      You are surely not going to feel sorry for those people are you?

      Or feel sorry for the hackers who took over 'dormant' accounts only to find their behaviour gave them away.

      As you know FanBox has been accused of spamming people - yet the only email addresses they know are those which members grant them access to use. And now with the membership by invitation only policy in place, that accusation looks even more hollow. We are certainly not spamming people by telling them they can't join without an invite & we are restricting the numbers of invites allowed.

      Is FanBox a social network? Not in my eyes - I have always known it as a blogging site, not the same animal is it. When I joined it was a site where I could blog & build a wider fan base for my poetry. They tried adding a few things like a chat facility & removed it because of scammers. They removed the 'broadcast' feature for the same reason. Those & games were the social features that made the real social networks distinctive & you would struggle to think of those as blogging sites, or sites to earn a dime from...

      I already had poetry on a dozen plus poetry sites where the majority of the members where also poets - fine for critique, but small numbers of people who would be buying books.

      So for a year I was adding typically a poem every day. People came & fanned me with little effort on my part at the time - I chatted with those who left comments & went & posted the same poems on a whole host of social networks - Myspace, Facebook, Tagged, Zorpia, Hi5, Hoverspot - others less well known, plus I was using Triond & a bunch of those sites that claim to pay for content. I didn't join thinking FanBox would earn directly for me - just help me reach an audience of people wanting to read blogs of whatever kind they sought.

      Reality is that only FanBox has evolved a system that pays for the kind of content I was posting - dozens of sites with the same content from me & only FanBox paying - how does that square with the accusations I see posted by disgruntled Mr Anonymouse? Is he even a real ex member or just another of those who set out to bad mouth the site after they were discovered to be trying to steal from you & me & every other genuine member?

      Name me a business where all the sales reap 100% profit?

      You repeatedly raise the topic of distorted data, yet the only distortion is within your expectations which are plainly unrealistic! Exactly how would anyone make the assumption that for a very small investment (the monthly IPL fee) they could reap the gross figure? On what planet does that happen Doug? I’m sorry, but a lifetime of business experience makes me question everything. If it looks too good to be true then that is the time to raise questions & ensure you understand exactly what is on offer. That is exactly why the site had invested in training the SC’s up front, in writing the launch posts & the guides & making the videos. Remember also, that IPL was added long after Boosting had been introduced & understood. I for one already had boosts in their third re-investment cycle, funded from my Blog earnings. I didn’t run to use IPL for funding, in fact I only used it at all just to be sure I had hands on experience that members would rightfully expect me to have before I advised them.

      It is like this - we make a profit if we sell goods or services - those are not going to be 100% are they? We invest & earn a profit - just the same as if you had placed money into a savings account or some other investment. That was never going to be 100% in anyone's mind set - surely you don't expect that from your bank or investment house?

      We post blogs & photos & video links & those have no cost as such. So whatever you earn is 100%.

      Where exactly is FanBox making all those profits for sharing content from? A little from ads, yet they pay out more on ads for blogs than they charge! Only ads for external sites or product listings have a net cost & that would be true anywhere. Video links - if people click & watch the video may earn a small amount through the feed system. If the video is stopped after a few seconds then the host site isn't going to recognise that as a viewing. Reasonable? Or is FanBox going to magically create a profit some other way?

      Blog posts - it is apparent that blogs have peak views in the first 24 hours. That's true on all kinds of blog sites - people want to read the latest content - just like newspapers. Yesterdays news had little value outside of the library & soon became the wrapping for fish & chips...

      We won't maintain daily visits for old content in the required volume - yet you can still earn if you keep ads running for blogs, or if you sell premium blog packages of quality content, or if you take the alternative approach & convert your blog posts into eBooks. I put a great deal of my time into providing free image resources for blogs & ads, plus tutorials on how to create images & animations. They don’t earn me a cent, but that’s fine, I update those & my other guides as needed purely because this is a community I believe in supporting.

      The biggest source of revenue for FanBox will probably always come from the sales facility - & revenues from patents. IPL credit is charged at such a low rate it won't make anyone rich - banks charge more!

      No Doug - all those many conspiracy theories & the mud slinging from the fraudsters won't wash. FanBox remains primarily a blogging site which has diversified into a marketplace & listened to it's members, providing earning opportunities for those who cannot afford to buy products to sell, don't have the writing skills to blog, but billions of people have a phone with a camera so they can post photos. I have yet to see any way in which the photos actually earn for FanBox, so those remain a ‘loss leader’ as I see it. Do I mind that they provide a little income for others? No of course not, because this is a community for sharing & if people want to share in the ethos of the site then they are not going to object to the field being levelled.

      BTW, all these opinions are mine, not fed to me by FanBox.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      I heard fanbox had 16 million last year. Then the mass exodus. So of coarse there will be less complaints. How many members do they have now? Facebook has 1.19 billion. Fanbox isn't even mentioned in the list of 340 social media type sites. 1,190,000,000 divided by 16,000,000 = 74.375. This how many more times facebook should have to be even. The ratio says fanbox has 5 times the complaints per million users. And the member count isn't even 16 million ant more. So that even makes it more then 5 times. Maybe you can fill in the answers. Well, I haven't bothered to add my complaints to BBB because it is a known fact they have no power. Other then warning people about scams and such. I can do the same to those overstated leaderboard earnings too. Earnings has no relation to cash out profits. All depends on what the earnings are from. The 5% average profit from boosting or the almost 100% profits from uploading photos.

    • Rhumour profile image

      Rhumour 4 years ago from Lincolnshire

      In business, experience shows that those who can, do - and those that fail moan about it. A prize example above from someone who is too shy to reveal their identity...

      The multiple negatives you attribute to me, a person you do not know in the slightest, are frankly rather more damaging to you than they could ever be to me - but as ever I would allow that you are entitled to your opinion, however uniformed it remains.

      Question is, why did you apparently fail on FanBox when others from around the world, many of whom have overcome the obstacles of language and unfamiliar concepts have succeeded?

      It's evident that people generally prefer to take advice from those people who have succeeded, rather than from those did not...

      Why do 'ex' coaches also complain? The vast majority because they didn't manage to do the job well enough and didn't like it when they were removed from that role.

      The sheer nonsense you troll out is better suited to a novel than a documentary!

      Contrary to what you say, FanBox has a rising reputation as demonstrated by the recent improvement in their review status by the BBB - 2 months ago it was "B+" and now it is" A-". Meanwhile the numbers of complaints they investigated has fallen over the last 3 years, averaging far less than 1 per week...

      Go and look for yourself and ponder this - why would the Better Business Bureau be showing FanBox with such a high grade if there had been shown to be any unresolved substance in complaints?

      The fact is that FanBox has far fewer complaints against it over the last 3 years than for example Facebook which had more than 15 times as many complaints. Are you expecting them to be closed down? Every business gets complaints - and FanBox has closed the complaints against it to the satisfaction of the BBB on behalf of those members - all of them...

    • profile image

      Rhumours teacher 4 years ago

      See, i told you doug, he is protecting his bank balance and not the interests of members

      all i got from all that load of verbal diarrhea (figuratively speaking) was....

      blah blah blah, fanbox rules ...blah blah blah car salesmen speak ..yada yada ya....

      all we get is how fantasic fanbox is and that do no wrong (ca-ching!) nice little fanbox bonus for special little sycophants

      The only problem with your assertion@ (Me having unresolved issues) because of my outburst which was not at all steeped in facts, i am far from the only individual to be saying these exact same things, even many EX! success coaches have spoken out we are all making it up are we Mr Rhumours??

      You're beating a dead horse my friend, the truth is already out and you can be the political hand puppet for fanbox all you wish, get ya money+ bonuses and go about your business with a smile ...others on fanbox are not doing so well as the happy go lucky you and you can spout facts and figures until you're blue in the face

      fanbox is a disgrace and sooner or later the shit will hit the fan (I just hope you're standing right under it when it finally does) ..don't forget to pack a rain coat =;0)

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 4 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      I earn with photos mostly. Because it pays the best for effort put in. I don't like the fact that fanbox has made it harder with the new rules then it was before. Mostly I don't like the way fanbox has tken my money out of my paypal one month and my credit card the next without asking. Another thing is showing only the ads that I earned a profit on and hiding the unprofitable ones. Screenshots tell on that too. Fanbox would have a lot less people complaining if they were more open to these issues. A couple months ago most of the learning center was taken down and I couldn't find even the poor help that was there before. Still can't find what I want. Can't trust the blogs that are in need of updating by their authors that fanbox lets continue to be advertised with wrong info. While at the same time rejecting some of my blog/ads. That is why I started the "Fanbox Glossary" blog. Still got a long way to go on that.

    • Rhumour profile image

      Rhumour 4 years ago from Lincolnshire

      Oh dear - the mud slingers are out to play - should it not be snowballs at this time of year?

      You can always tell when people are losing the logical debate because they sink into the schoolboy tactic of name calling... Well the bully boys tried that on me at school & found I never would back away. I still don't. I do reserve the right to spend some time with family & friends over this holiday season however, & would hope that those who have posted above would also have enjoyed some time in those activities. :)

      Now I am back & I will state categorically that no one who has comprehensive knowledge of FanBox could form the biased opinions being displayed above. I can claim far more knowledge than most because I've witnessed all the systems evolve over several years & I personally researched the company & the people behind it before I began to suggest it to anyone else. Why did I do that? Simply because I have never invested money into anything without checking it out first.

      Anyone care to return to a reasoned debate now?

      Mention of the Better Business Bureau has been made previously - their unbiased assessments of FanBox are surely worth rather more than the negative posts of people who have an unresolved grievance? Go & read what they say - FanBox don't pay them to say anything, which they make clear:-

      The difference between knowledge of the way FanBox works, their long time support of many charities & their rejection of the big money offers on the one hand & wild imagination on the other hand is apparent to anyone who cares to look beyond the prejudiced rantings of trolls that often neglect to leave their names.

      Sure you can find negative posts against FanBox - so what? I could find a whole bunch of rants against Facebook, Myspace, Tagged, etc, etc. Equally I would struggle to find any posts from members of those sites about earnings they are making - because they don't offer to pay you a cent. FanBox does make it possible to earn - they provide the platform on which to base your own small business activities.

      They give you the training resources too. They allow anyone who joins to use credit facilities called IPL. They provide a facility to create ads for internal & external purposes. When you buy ads anywhere you expect to pay for them don't you? It might be the small ads in the local paper to help you sell the toys your kids no longer use, your old car or bike, some furniture, etc. You pay & they publish & if you are lucky you find a buyer. On Fanbox you can do the same - but you can also list items for sale for free. You can also make money from ads for your blog posts or the posts other members made - yes, you make money by creating ads, around 5 to 7 % is typical. Where else do you earn from placing ads for something you don't even supply? You can pay for those ads with your own money or you can use IPL credit. Your choice.

      Of course if you use credit there is a cost - a very modest monthly cost around 1.5x% of the amount you have utilised that month. How much does your bank or credit card company charge?

      The fact is that people who join from poorer countries such as Pakistan form a large percentage of those who are cashing out, even though they face difficulties that members in the western economies do not. For instance, if I want to buy anything, be it items for sale on the site, Ads, a Power User subscription or a boost investment, then I can add funds in very easily through PayPal. Or I could use a bank card.

      For many members it is not so easy because their country does not have PayPal, & bank adds are harder to get too. Yet we have many thousands of members from Pakistan, & they have earned because they do two things:-

      1) They follow the best advice possible - they use the dozens of guides FanBox provides to ensure the learn how to earn. They ask questions through their friends & their success coaches & they use the advice.

      2) They put in the time and effort to create their fan & friend numbers, so that when they share photos & blog posts & video links there are people viewing them.

      Doug tells us in a new post on FanBox that the top earners income didn't come from sharing photos & video links. Quite true - but then as those opportunities were only added in the last few months, how could they possibly figure highly in the figures of people who have been earning for years? It is also avoiding logic because he is not comparing like for like in the other glaringly obvious way - photos & blogs earn without investment. The ads & Boosts that earn from investing report back a gross income, the net income from investing $100 might be $5 or $6, the headline figure would be $100 higher. Like any business activity there is a gross figure (often referred to as the turnover of a business) & there are the net profits or loss that business makes over time. The gross would be the total returned investment in a boost (say $106) & the net profit would be the returned figure minus the investment ($106 minus $100 invested = $6). $106 looks big because it is turnover. $6 is comparable to the earnings of those who share photos & videos & blog posts where they didn't invest a cent...

      Where earnings from photos do figure more highly is in the earnings of newer members who joined since the totally cost free options to earn by sharing photos & video links was added to the long time option to earn from posting blogs...

      Look at a much newer member here in the UK - not a Power User, just someone earning from sharing their posts and photos:- - Note how their earnings are 100% from photos & blog posts & they didn't spend anything so that is pure profit.

      They've only been on the site 2 months judging by the activity I can see, but have been adding fans and friends and taking a positive approach. And as anyone who has ever succeeded in any business will tell you, positive attitudes count for more than anything else. You may have the best product in the world - but will never sell any if you fail to act positively.

      When I joined FanBox about 6 years ago, there were no earnings being offered for blogging. I posted there just to share some of my poems as I have done for many years on other sites and I did not leap at the first chance to switch to the 'Premium Blog' system when it was added. I was sceptical at first because other blog sites had claimed to pay and I had managed just a few dollars from those, whereas technical writing had paid me a very good income for many years. But gathering a few thousand fans was a good thing and when I published a collection of poetry, there were people waiting to order copies from day one.

      Meanwhile friends on FanBox did try the new system and they did earn from posting. So I started to use it and I watched the dollars mount up over a few months, slowly first, but when it reached about $400 I cashed out via PayPal. That was the point at which I began to take the site more seriously and looked into the background of the people as well as the company.

      I've cashed out many times since then & I've also invested some of my own capital into boosting on FanBox because it earns more than my bank pays, especially when you follow the very clear advice to keep re-investing the mature earnings so they develop compound interest.

      There is the key point! Follow the very clear advice of those who have been earning and you will too. It's not rocket science - when you ignore advice provided by the successful members you haven't really got any reason to complain when you don't earn.

      Some links to take a look at:-

    • profile image

      My Rhumour buddy ....NOT! 4 years ago

      Ofcourse he has not come back on, It's because Rhumour has just been called out on something he knows to have atleast some truth to it, he ofcourse will not admit it because it would mess with his free ride that he is taking right now. nobody cares unless it effects them, thats human nature and sadly a complete fact of life, Rhumour is not going to admit anything that can mess with that.

      Some times i figure "what is the point" in letting it be known just how morally bankrupt and greedily dishonest fanbox is being ..but then i think of that old saying "Evil prospers when good men do nothing"

      I might not be able to accomplish much as 1 person but i wont just sit here and let it happen without atleast letting as many people as possible know the facts about this corrupt and greedy site and owner and whats going on from the inside.

      Merry christmas rhumour & fanbox owners, i hope you choke on the eggnog :D

      And a sincere merry xmas to you doug :)


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