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Things To Know About The New ExpertsColumn

Updated on December 26, 2013

ExpertsColumn Is Coming Back

What Is

ExpertsColumn was a website where writers could join, write an article and publish it. The site closed its doors for a little while, and then decided to re-brand themselves. Experts Column has not announced when they plan on opening their doors to writers again, but it could be in a few weeks.

EC used to share its ad revenue with its writers, but the amount of money they paid out to their writers, from ad revenue, were not disclosed. At that time writers also needed to reach $5 before they were able to request payment to their PayPal accounts.

How Much Is The New ExpertsColumn Going To Pay

ExpertsColumn never disclosed how much they paid their writers in the past, and that is not going to change, at least for now. According to the site's FAQ, they do not discuss how much writers will be paid per view. Were writers making good money on the old EC? Some say they were, but that is hard to believe, and most people would have been very, very, very lucky to have earned even $50-$100 per month there.

As for if there is more money to be made this time around at EC remains unseen so far, mainly due to the fact that it has yet to officially relaunch.


Are You Going To Write For The New ExpertsColumn

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The New ExpertsColumn Features And Rules

The rules appear to be the same for the new ExpertsColumn, with the exception of maybe one, but below are a few of the features and rules for the site.

The Design- As of now the only page of ExpertsColumn that is available to view is the homepage and well as the FAQs section.

New Identity- It seems that EC does not want to be known as an article writing site anymore. at the time of writing this the site is classifying themselves as a blogging and social networking platform.

Review Of Articles And Length Requirements- Even though the new Experts Column is classifying themselves as a blogging and social networking platform, they require writers to submit articles no shorter than 400 words in length. They will also review articles before posting them. At the time of writing this, the length of the review time is up to three days.

Get Paid To Post On Walls- This is probably why Experts Column now classifies itself as a blogging and social networking platform. The site claims it will pay writers for social networking.

Is The New EC Worth Joining

The old ExpertsColumn did not pay well at all, and there is no information on how much the new EC pays its writers. If a person is wanting to join Experts Column as a way to make some extra money and not just penny and nickels for a lot of hard work, then look elsewhere.

If you write for fun, then by all means go and join EC when it allows new writers to register with them.

ExpertsColumn Sketchy Past

ExpertsoColumn has a checkered past. Below are a few red flags that have occurred in the past.

Discontinued Revenue Sharing Program

EC ended up discontinuing their revenue program with very little warning. One day the revenue program was there, and then the next day it was completely gone. It would have been the decent thing to do to let writers know that the revenue sharing program was going to be discontinued far in advance.

Prevented Writers From Deleting Their Own Content

One of the reasons why Experts Column didn't tell writers far in advance about it discontinuing its revenue sharing program is probably because they didn't want all of their writers to pack up and leave and take their content with them. This is also why EC probably prevented writers from deleting their content or even editing their content. Writers had no choice but to leave their content on EC, whether they wanted to or not, and there were writers with hundreds and hundreds of articles, and they too were not allowed to delete them.

Kept Content On Site After Writers Accounts Were Deleted

Another red flag was that after ExpertsColumn decided that writers were not allowed to edit or delete their content, if accounts were deleted, then the content remained published.

Final Thoughts About ExpertsColumn

Join Experts Column at your own accord. It may be for you, and it may not be for you. Hopefully this Hub has helped you in making the and inform decision on whether or not you should join the new ExpertsColumn.


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    • profile image

      davaughn white 4 years ago

      Check out . A site like Hubpages and EC, but better. There is no minimum threshold to cashout earnings and you can get your earnings anytime you want it!

    • AlexK2009 profile image

      AlexK2009 4 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

      I found EC very restrictive and dictatorial. I never earned anything there and when I learned they were about to discontinue revenue sharing I closed my account. This hub has given me no reason to change my decision and indeed has shown it was the right thing to do.

    • Ceres Schwarz profile image

      Ceres Schwarz 4 years ago

      I've never heard of this ExpertsColumn site but, from what you've said, it doesn't seem to be worth it to join this site, not if they don't even tell you how much you can earn and if they can just keep your articles even if they delete your account. Does this mean they now own the copyright of the articles that are posted on their site? Was this written in their terms of use?